The Evil Eye Update Wednesday 30 June 2021

The Evil Eye 30 June 2021: Madhu recalls what happened. She comes to witch tree ands screams Palak. Palak makes Appu wear a locket. He says would the witch stay away? Meher says yes. He sleeps. Madhu calls someone.Urwashi says I was so angry at you after what you did with Palak. But what you did today by saving him, thank you for that. If you weren’t there Appu would have been.. And that witch is back. Be careful. She can attack at any time. Palak says in heart I have to tell her about Madhu. Palak says I had to tell you something about Madhu. Madhu comes there. Urwashi says she came. Madhu says what did you have to say? Palak says you weren’t there when the witch thing happened. I was worried about you.

Madhu says I went for some work. Urwashi says what work? Madhu says something important. Hema and Malani told me how you save Appu. thank you for that. She touches her hand on the ring. She leaves.Madhu comes to to someone and says I came to you because I can’t tolerate that Palak anymore. I don’t want anyone to doubt me. You can change your face and do it easily. She gives him the ring.Next morning a joker plays with the kids? He locks a kid in a balloon. Appu and Palak are there. He says I play on these rides. He says I want to play with the joker as well. Naina calls Palak. Palak says are you okay? Appu runs and goes to the clown. He says I want a balloon to. He looks at Palak. Palak says you can’t take balloons from strangers. I will get you balloon. Don’t leave my hand. Let’s go now. The clown says let him have the balloon. Palak says I will get him one. Palak leaves.

The clown tells Madhu I saw her. MAdhu says soon she will be out of my life and no one would know where she went. Appu says I wanted the balloon. Dadi says where did you go? Palak says we went to the park. Dadi says didn’t you have to ask any elder? Did you see what happened at the park? Don’t take him. Urwashi says it’s okay. Dadi says what if the witch attacked him? Urwashi says they are fine. Palak sees a scar on her hand. Pandit ji asks Palak to come to the terrace.

Pandit ji says I don’t know what scar is this. Palak says the clown did it. Pandit ji says he’s black power. He is sent with a mission. Palak says Madhu could have sent him. Naina calls Palak. She says the people who mama mami took a loan from kicked us out of the house. Palak says I am coming. Naina says don’t come here. Pandit Narindra ji is taking us to his orphanage and he is here himself. Palak says Pandit ji is there? Then who is here? She looks back. It’s the clown. Palak is scared.Dadi says the witch couldn’t stop Palak’s wedding with Appu. The witch must have planned all this to kick Palak out of the house. Palak is a blessing for Appu. Why did she save appu in holi? Palak tries to run from the clown. Urwashi says I don’t think Palak is a danger for Appu.

Dadi says I can’t trust her so easily. Keep your eyes open. The clown shoves Palak from the terrace. Appu comes there. SHe says Appu save me. Appu says Palak.. He tries to pull her up. Palak says please save me. Appu brings her up. Madhu says how did he pull her up. Palak hugs Appu and cries. Appu says how did this happen? You’re scared. Don’t cry. Palak hugs him and cries.Madhu says to the clown I gave you one task and you ruined it. You ran from there. Madhu cuts his hand and says this is your punishment. He grows his hand back and says you can’t do this. She says I can behead you. If you don’t do it I will kill you. You have only time till tomorrow. Either you or Palak will see the day after tomorrow.

Palak says he looks like a human. Pandit ji says it was a chameleon. Palak says why does he want to kill me? Pandit ji says I don’t know but I will find out how will you find it. Stay careful because chameleon can take anyone’s face.Appu laughs at Palak. Palak says why are you laughing? He says my birthday is coming so I will have a party. He plays with balloons. He dances with Palak. Everyone comes and wishes him birthday. Dadi says cut the cake. Appu says I hope I get many colored eyes. He cuts the cake. Hema Malani sing happy birthday. Appu makes Urwashi eat the cake. He says Hema Malani get in line. Appu smashes cake on thei face. He runs. Hema Malani run after him. Appu says I will have a surprise birthday party right? Madhu says yes and we will also have a fancy dress competition. I have called clowns and jokers too. He says I will win the competition. Palak says I will help you win.

The party starts. Madhu says who are you looking for? Palak says no one. Madhu says I know who are you looking for. Palak sees the clown. A kid gives Palak ice cream. Palak runs. The waiter gives her drink. Palak looks in his eyes. It’s the chameleon. Dadi comes. Palak gets scared. She says where did he go? Dadi says what are you saying? Go and see if Appu is ready. Palak comes downstairs. The magician comes and shows kids tricks, he says now my last one. He He locks Palak in a box. The magician says now I will make her disappear with magic. Music plays. The chameleon gets scared and stops. The man playing trumpet comes downstairs. It’s Appu. Everyone smiles. Madhu says this is hurting the chameleon. I have to stop Appu before he comes in his real face. Appu brings Palak out. Palak smiles. Madhu says she isn’t as weak as I thought her to be. She gave peacock fin to Appu.

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