The evil eye update Tuesday 23 February 2021


The evil eye 23 February 2021: Vedsheree says to Ansh that I dont like Devik as a daughter in law so I made her die. Ansh says she cant die, I will bring her back, where is she? Priest comes there and says she wont answer, she must have used her hair to make Piya a witch.

There is only one way to bring Piya back, to kill her. He brings out trishul. Ansh says no she is my mother. Priest says she is a witch, she is of no one. Ansh says no, we should find another way. Priest says we dont have a choice. He throws trishul at her but Vedsheree throws it away. She turns and smirks. Family sees Piya coming there but she is in witch avatar and has long braid too. All are shocked to see her. Vedsheree says you are late but its good that you are a witch. Piya says how could that happen?

Vedsheree says you dont have to act innocent, you are a witch and now we are together against them. Chitali asks Ansh what is all this? Ansh says I know what to do. He brings patal liquid. He asks Neha to mix it in water and pours it in a pump. Neha does it. Vedsheree says to Piya that now we are powerful. Piya says you are right, I can use my powers for myself only. Vedsheree turns to fmaily and says you people cant do anything. Ansh and everyone else points pump filled with patal liqud at them.

Avi comes to Tara’s room with forces. He asks where is he? Jiji and Koel comes there too. Avi asks what happeneD? Jiji says we are going back. Avi asks Tara why? if there is something then you can tell me. Tara cries.

Vedsheree throws pumps away frm family. Piya tries to take Vedsheree’s braid but Vedsheree turns to her and says so you are with them too? you wanted to take away my braid? Piya says no, I am a witch now so I am with you, I was scared of patal liquid and hiding beind you. Vedsheree says prove that you are on evil side, take Munna. Piya says why? Vedsheree says if Munna becomes of stone then it means you are evil, go now and prove it.

Piya thinks that if Munna doesnt become of stone then she will know truth. Piya starts going towards Munna but suddenly heavy winds blow and Dilruba comes there. She takes Munna and says he is mine. Piya says give my son to me. Dilruba asks them to stay away otherwise she will throw Munna in fire. She stands over holika fire. Piya says he is my son. Dilruba says he is with me now. Ans tries to go to her but Dilruba attacks him and pushes him back. Chitali says to Vedsheree that use your powers to save him. Vedsheree takes Munna from Dilruba and gives him to Chitali. Chitali runs away. Dilruba goes behind her.

Scene 2
Avi comes to Mayank’s house and says you thought you could blackmail Tara to marry her? I am here to protect her, dont be seen near her. Mayank says I want to show you something. He brings shagun and shows him wedding cards of Mayank and Tara, he says do come in our wedding.


Dilruba is outside Chitali’s room as Adi is with her.Ansh, Vedsheree and Piya jump on wall together as witches.
dilruba opens door and goes in Chitali’s room. She asks her to give Munna to her. Chitali shows her Ansh, Piya and Vedsheree surrounding her. She gets tensed but laughs and says I am fast. She keeps running here and there. Ansh hints at Piya. They switch positions fooling Dilruba and suddenly throws net on her. Ansh says you are a fool. Piya says your end is here. Dilruba says you cant kill me. Ansh says we can together kill you. Priest throws arrow to Ansh. Ansh hits dilruba with it. Dilruba vanishes.

Chitali says to family that thank God Dilruba left. Ansh says Vedsheree’s goodness is still there. Piya asks Vedsheree to choose goodness, I did
it after becoming witch too, you are nice too. Ansh says you made me stop going to evil side, you are our mother. Chitali says you are mother for this family, you are not like this. Vedsheree takes witch avatar and says look at me, I am a witch. Ansh says but you have mother’s heart. Vedsheree says your real mother didnt love you. Ansh says you are my real mother. Vedsheree says no. Piya asks Vedsheree to hold Adi, she says no. Piya brings him and gives him to Vedsheree. She takes him. Piya says he didnt become of stone because he knows evil cant take you over. Vedsheree hugs him.

Piya brings family to river and says we have to throw these braids in river. Piya grabs her braid, she screams in pain but takes it off. She throws it in river. Chitali asks Vedsheree to do it too. Vedsheree cries and says I cant do it. Piya says you have to do it, no one else can take it out. Vedsheree grabs her braid, she screams in agony. Piya says she has to bear it. Vedsheree screams that I cant do it. Ansh asks her to try. Vedshere grabs her braid and pulls it hard. It comes out from her hair. she gets dizzy. Ansh says throw this away, its not needed in our life.

Vedsheree throws it away and says forgive me, I didnt do it deliberately. Chitali says we are a family, we will stay together. Vedsheree says thank God you people brought me back. Ansh hugs her and says we wont let you go away from us. All hug her. Braids suddenly vanish from river.
Scene 2
Nishant gives weapons to Naman and Saanvi. Naman says Tara wont agree to marry Mayank. Nishant says he will force her.
Ansh gets Mayank and Tara’s wedding card. Avi says she said no but still he is sending these cards, I have a plan, we have to put Tara in safe place and call Mayank here. Piya says today is holi and we can use that occasion to take Tara’s family away from him.
Family starts holi function. Avi tells family that there are cameras around here. Ansh sees Adi and says I am best dancer. Piya says I am best dancer. Vedsheree says let him decide.



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