The Evil Eye Update Tuesday 11 May 2021


The Evil Eye 11 May 2021: starts with Vedashree stabbing Piya and Ansh shouting at his mom. Dev asks Piya that will she not stop them. Piya nods no and says thar she’ll not as its him who’s making them do this. He agrees and expresses his hate on human. He removes all his weapons and asks Piya to attack him but only after killing her family. Piya stands worried when Ansh releases himself from Dev’s hold and is about to take him. But all of a sudden Vedashree pushes Piya towards Dev and he leaves with his Dayan partner taking Piya with him. Everyone gets shocked.

Mohana wonders about the Dayan which supported Dev. Ansh asks everyone to go in different directions and search Piya. Nishant and Pandit too leaves to find a way only to get stopped by the Rathods. They say that they are instructed by Dev to stop
him. Ansh falls down defeated as he couldn’t find Piya anywhere. He finds a firefly on him and recalls meeting Piya for the first time with the help of fireflies. He understands that they are showing way for him to go to Piya. Nishant pours holy water on the Rathods but still they remain unaffected and keeps saying that Dev has asked them to stop him. Nishant tries explaining but they say that the moment Dev ties Kalasutra around Piya’s neck and when she looks into his eyes then she’ll become evil. Nishant after thinking for a while drops the plan of leaving and returns back.

Ansh after following the fire fly reaches a place where he finds Piya unconscious. He tries going near her but a shield stops him.
Dev comes there and says that he can’t enter the shield as he’s a black magic. He enters and Piya wakes up. She tries to fighting Dev but her powers doesn’t work there. Nishant says Pandit that according to the family’s sayings Piya will join evil only if she looks into Dev’s eyes. They decide to stop Piya before that by informing them Adi.Adi using it telepathy informs it to Pari. Pari says Mohana and Mohana goes to inform Ansh. Dev seeing Piya’s adamancy locks her in a place. Mohana also couldn’t enter the shield. In the meantime Saanvi asks Dilruba to change Naman but she says it’s not possible. Saanvi herself leaves to find a way to change him back to human.

Ansh and Mohana tries together to break the shield and starts running. Dev sees it and ties the Kalasutra around Piya’s neck.
Their combined efforts too can’t able to break the shield. Ansh asks Piya to not look into his eyes but she couldn’t hear. She looks into his eyes and gets hypnotized by him shocking Ansh. Saanvi comes to cut the ring around Naman’s neck but he does various chudail stunts and acts all mad. Dilruba says that one can’t control their powers being chudail and Saanvi gets irked.Dev makes Piya wear the mangalsutra and turns her to his side, he says now your powers have increased. Piya says my powers will work in this cave too? Dev says yes, try them on these people. Ansh tells Piya that you can’t break our love and relationship like this, our love is stronger than this.

Piya smirks and tells Mohana that I am way more powerful than you now. She tells Dev that you were right, being good has a burden on you, wish Ansh had listened to me and came on the bad side, we could have ruled the world. Ansh says stop pretending, my Piya can’t go the bad side, you can’t change like that. Piya says my connection is with Dev now. Ansh says you have too much goodness, we still have the connection, my eyes will still glow when I touch you. Piya says I will end all the connections with you, she asks Dev if he will marry her? Dev says I wanted that only. Ansh looks on.


Naman is wearing the jewelry and says I like jewelry too. Dilruba says these are mine, you have to go a wrestler if you want yours. Piya asks Dev to make her wear the garland for the wedding. Ansh says you can’t do it. She makes him wear the garland but then brings out her Trishul and hits him with it. Nishant comes to family and tells them that Dev took Piya with him and Ansh went behind them. Vedsheree says Dev fooled us and made us believe him, Piya was right, Dev is on the bad side. Shekhar says Dev is with Piya so we have to save her. Nishant says no if you people came out of there then Ansh and Piya will be safe too.

Dev asks Piya that you went on the bad side then why this? Piya says like a devik can rejoin a devik’s knife, same way a devik can make another devik lose and I listen to my heart only, nothing is bigger than my love, his mangalsutra has powers way bigger than you, my eyes only see Ansh and his goodness, God gave you these powers to be useful to others but you tried to end the goodness from this world. Ansh says I had a choice but I chose goodness as it took me to Piya and my family. Piya says my relationship binds me to him. Dev says that relationship is stopping you from growing. Suddenly Dev starts freezing. All look on.Dilruba’s mother asks where is Naman? Dilruba says he wanted jewelry and I told him that he will get the jewelry from Guccha wrestler. Mother says what? You didn’t tell him that he can touch anyone and make them of gold? Dilruba says he was taking my jewelry so I sent him away.

Piya and Ansh come back home. The family hugs them. Vedsheree says we are sorry for not trusting you Piya, Chitali says We are sorry for forcing you to marry him. Piya says Dev was making you all say that. Piya says sorry to her Bua and Ruchi. Nishant says Dev had dazed and spelled them too, Dev had locked them up in a storeroom and created a protected wall around the house but Adi helped us in getting inside and we found Bua and Ruchi in bad condition so we had to take them to a hospital. Vedsheree says good thing is that we are all together. Suddenly heavy winds blow and diyas light off. Chitali says one problem is gone and another one is here. Mohana comes there and says the family is not complete without me. Ansh glares at her and says this is not your family, you can leave. Mohana says That Nishant didn’t tell you about my condition? Nishant says we needed her help in defeating Dev and she had a condition that she can stay here. Mohana says I was thinking of a grand welcome. Piya says if Nishant allowed you here then you can stay here but my eyes are on you. Vedsheree says you can have a place in this house but not in our hearts. Mohana says we don’t know about tomorrow.

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