The Evil Eye Update Thursday 11 February 2021


The Evil Eye 11 February 2021: Nishant asks Mohana to do his work. She says free me first. Naman and Saanvi points arrows at her. Nishant says I dont have that paper but I read it, I remember everything, you want my help? it was paper to get that creature. Ansh and Piya are in mall. Piya says he needs water and leaves. Ansh nods. Piya comes back and sees Munna missing from cot. They both look around to see Munna sitting on bench.

Chitali sees a girl hanging from their balcony and asking for help. She ignores her and leaves. In mall, people start running away seeing zombies. Zombies try to attack Munna but he climbs wall and goes on a plank. Piya says our baby has powers. Ansh smiles. Mohana jumps on plank and smirks. She goes to baby and smirks. Flashback shows how Mohana asked Naman if he became witch hunter too? He looks away. Mohana says I need water, he goes to bring water. Mohana grabs Naman. Saanvi comes there and says leave him. Mohana says I will kill him. Saanvi free Mohana. Flashback ends.

Mohana is in mall, she grabs Munna and starts eating his life. Piya asks Ansh to try and stop Mohana, I will find something to stop these zombies. Ansh stands on plank. Mohana says let me deal wit father first. Munna grabs her braid and doesnt let her go to Ansh. Mohana falls down. Ansh takes Munna and leaves. Piya is surrounded by zombies. Ansh and Munna comes there. Piya takes baby, Ansh asks her to leave. Ansh tries to fight zombies and save people. Someone pulls Piya in train. Ansh throws them out and goes to Piya. A girl saved Piya from a zombie when she pulled her in train. Her daughter Juhi gets scared of zombies, her mother says dont worry, this is a bad dream. Train leaves from station. Some zombies are trying to get inside. Mother says we have to do something. Ansh says we have to cover glass. They all put cloth over glasses. Woman asks who are they? Ansh says they are humans but became zombies because of magic. Piya says we have to leave. She stops train.

Creature gets a girl and hits her with his nail. Zombies break train and goes inside. Ansh breaks glass and takes everyone out.
Vedsheree brings girl who was attacked by creature. She says this girl was running on road. Girl says I am Shraddha, a man grabbed me but I ran away. Creature enters Vedsheree’s house and creates smoke around. Piya and others try to leave station but some zombies stop them. Piya asks everyone to leave, we will handle them.
Vedsheree and family goes to open windows. Shraddha is sitting in lounge.
Ansh is beating zombies. Piya takes out her knife and starts stabbing them.
Juhi is scared. Her mother asks her to not worry. She sees Ansh’s baby in mall. She runs and sees zombies surrounding him.

She runs and takes baby. Zombies try to go to her. Ansh plays alarm on his phone and throws it away. Zombies run to that side but Piya makes noise. Ansh and Piya runs from there. Zombies are following them. They go to one section and lock glass doors. Ansh asks them to leave. They all go in train but there zombies there too. Piya puts Munna in cot and goes to that box in train. Ansh comes there with with mother, she says I will go with you. Ansh says we have to be prepared. Piya uses her powers to beat them. Woman and Ansh throws water at them. A zombie bites woman, she covers her hand with dupatta. She goes to her daughter Juhi.

Creature brings Shraddha on balcony and tries to throw her from there. Mother falls down. Ansh sees that she was bitten by zombie. She says please take care of my Juhi, mother hugs Juhi and says you are a strong girl, you will have to live without me, she asks Ansh to take her away. Juhi cries for her mom. Ansh holds her and leaves with her. Juhi’s mother Devika’s eyes blaze.
Family comes on balcony and sees Shraddha standing there, creature have removed her memory. Vedsheree says you were running on road, she says I dont remember anything. Avi says I will take you home. A woman is hiding in train with her babies. Both girls fight. She calls and says that woman sent someone against us. He says we will leave from here, I am coming there. Woman sees zombie coming towards her. She says dont come closer.


Zombie stops. She tries to run but her daughter throws water at him, he burns out. She hugs her babies.Family is playing with Munna. Chitali says they saved Munna. Vedsheree says he must be scared of Mohana. Chitali says he must have been crying. Ansh says no he was strong. Chitali says but he is a small baby. Munna starts following his ball, he gives order for sofa to move in air and takes ball from underneath, all are stunned to see his stunt. Piya says our Munna have powers. Ansh says he saved us from Mohana. Piya says I didnt know he had powers like these. Shekhar says that is a good news. Avi says I cant believe it. Vedsheree says he must have powers, he has Ansh and Piya’s powers.

Munna crawls and goes on wall, all are scared that he might fall down. Neha says he is spiderman. Vedsheree sees a black cat sitting on wall.Nishant says to Saanvi that Naman made Mohana leave.Saanvi says I have Mohana’s hair, we can find out truth. Nishant says Mohana is free and can attack Munna.All family members are in car going to mandir. Suddenly some bats attack their car. Vedsheree says what is all this? Avi says this is not safe, I will try to scare them. He goes out and tries to fire them. Bats are hovering over them. Piya covers Munna in cloth. Bats leave. Vedsheree says they left when we he hid Munna.

Saanvi says to Naman that you are a fool to let Mohana go. She sees something and goes to it.Ansh tries to start car but it breakdowns. Shekhar says what we will do? Avi says there is a bus stand nearby, we will go there. They put Munna in pram. Vedsheree says cat was staring at Munna. She sees someone behind tree. Ansh says there is no one there. They around to see tree walking towards them, they are stunned. Chitali says this is ghost. Munna’s pram starts going towards glowing tree. Piya and Ansh runs to it. Piya tries to use her powers but pram goes near tree and Munna becomes of stone. Tree vanishes and Munna becomes fine again. Piya runs to Munna and takes him.

Saanvi says to Naman that I will use Mohana’s hair and tie it to witch tree and we will know what she read in paper. She does it and finds out what was in paper.
Piya says there are some good powers and bad powers but they were bad powers. Nishant comes there and says Munna has danger from all bad powers as he has powers that they want. Piya says he cant live a normal life. Nishant says we have to snatch his powers to give him a normal life. Piya says but he saved his life using his powers. Ansh says Nishant is right, this is all happening because of his powers. Piya says Munna saved himself using his powers, what if we take his powers and then someone attacks him? Vedsheree says when he doesnt have powers then nobody will attack him, he cant live life that, danger will keep coming to him. Nishant says these powers are a curse for him. Piya says no, we should think about it. Ansh says he will remain near danger, I want to give him normal life, he would not get any friend, he will be confused like me, I dont want my son to live that life. All family members ask Piya to agree. Piya asks Nishant how he will do it? Nishant says I have a solution.

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