The Evil Eye Update Sunday 18 April 2021


The Evil Eye 18 April 2021: Moahana says to Ansh that Adi should get a good mother like you did with Vedsheree, what if Vedsheree didnt accept you? You would have been like Karan and your fate would have been same, do you want that for Adi? For him to cry for his mother? You dont want a mother like Vedsheree for him? Ansh says but Adi doesnt like Urvashi. Shekhar says you took a time to open up to Vedsheree too. Mohana says Adi needs a mother. Ansh says okay, I will marry Urvashi only when Adi says yes and accept her, he leaves. Urvashi looks on.

Pari is running around and playing with Piya, she suddenly grows a braid. Pari says I want to save my friend, I can jump high. Pari says if I help someone then you wont be angry? Piya says why are you asking so many questions? She says nothing.
Urvashi says I wont let Adi stop our plan. Mohana says do anything but make Adi say that he accepts you as his mother.
Vedsheree’s family starts pooja. Ansh dresses Adi as Krishna. They all do pooja together. Piya does pooja with her family too. Piya recalls how she did it when Adi was a baby. Pari thinks that I have to go to Adi’s house to help him. Piya asks Pari to not worry Guru Maa, I am going out, she leaves. Pari tells Guru Maa that she is going to meet her friend. Urvashi hangs Adi from balcony. He cries for help. Urvashi says say yes to me or else nobody would help you.

Pari comes to a rickshaw and gives him address to Adi’s house. She arrives there and sees celebrations going on. Urvashi is still handing Adi from balcony. Pari sees it and tries to help him. Naman is sad and says dont know where Saman went. I cant forget her. I am yours. Suddenly he sees a light raising in sky and says this means trouble for hunters.Pari sees Adi hanging from balcony. She climbs the building like Ansh and asks him to give his hand to her. He moves towards her but falls down. Pari holds him with her braid and bring him down. Urvashi comes on balcony and sees Adi gone. Adi thanks Pari and tells her about an evil woman trying to become his mom. Pari says we will teach her a lesson.Naman comes in jungle and sees footmarks going towards patal waterfall. He jumps inside waterfall and sees Saanvi and Nishant dug inside a dig. Naman says let me save you.


Family is worried about Adi but he comes back. Ansh says were worried about you. Adi says I have stopped worrying so dont worry. Urvashi thinks he was scared and now he is smiling? Pari hides in kitchen and gives him a thumbs up. Mohana says to Urvashi that find out what he is upto.
Family comes on balcony for rituals. Pari comes there and sits with kids. Vedsheree sees her recalls Piya used to draw on pots like her. Adi shows Urvashi to Pari and says she is evil one. Urvashi says I will help Adi. Pari leaves from there. Urvashi says hi Adi, sit. He is scared. Urvashi says how did you jump from balcony? if you dont tell me truth then I will throw you from balcony this time, dont tell anyone, also I will break that handi so dont even try, she leaves. Pari hints at Adi. Adi gathers courage and says to Urvashi that what if you are not able to break the handi? Urvashi says you think that? if that happens then I will leave your and Ansh’s life.

Naman is breaking ice on ground with a knife but its not working. Saanvi says look behind. Ukayan’s braid catches him. Naman cuts it with pata knife. Nishant punches ice ground and breaks it.
Ansh is playing with kids and let them try to break handi. Urvashi says I can try. Vedsheree says why not. Pari hides and looks on. Urvashi asks Ansh to help. Ansh lifts her, Urvashi is about to break handi but Pari holds handi away from her with her braid, all laugh at Urvashi. Naman brings Saanvi and Nishant up. Naman says what are you both doing here? Saanvi says doing picnic, we are witch hunters. Naman says I can help you but I want help too, my wife is missing. Saanvi says your witch wife?Naman says stop it, she wants to marry Hirthik now.All look around but Pari hides and keep moving handi away.

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