The Evil Eye Update Saturday 13 February 2021


The Evil Eye 13 Saturday 2021: Chitali is surrounded by tree. Family says where is Chitali? That leaf goes in house. Avi says Munna must be cold. Munna cries. Ansh takes him from there. Neha and Kajal gets touched by leaf, all family members get surrounded by tree. Ansh and Piya goes to their room without seeing them.Saanvi sends fake light to creature so he goes to otherside to get locket. Naman says we fooled him.

Ansh says to Piya that we should prepare before Munna wakes up. Piya hears some noise and goes to check. They come in lounge and see it covered by tree branches and all family members missing, they run to Munna.Nishant looks at Divya’s pictures and sees locket in her necklace. Saanvi says she used to have that locket?
Piya says to Ansh that we stopped tree from getting Munna so its taking revenge. Ansh says we cant touch family otherwise we will become tree too. Ansh says what to do? Piya says its all covered by tree, we cant get out. Saanvi says we can find something in box. Saanvi finds Divya’s diary inside. Nishant says she might have written something.

Ruby comes to Ansh and Piya and try to remove tree branches, she says go out, I cant stop it for much time. Ansh says my powers are related to Mohana, I can get them back, he asks Ruby if he can help her? Ruby comes to Mohana who is tied in beehive and says I need your help.
Nishant reads Divya’s diary which says locket matters to creature so we have to keep it safe and we have to give it to girl who is owner of it, I cant tell about that girl, its danger for her, Nishant I told you a riddle, remember it. Ruby says I need your blood. Mohana says you are nothing infront of me, say you need my help. Ruby says I need your help. Mohana gets free from beehive as Ruby helps her. Mohana says what if I take revenge from you? Ruby says we are of no one. Mohana gives her blood drop to her.

Nishant tries to remember riddle. Saanvi says what does it mean? Nishant says it means that girl’s face will be seen on Maha-shivratri. Naman says its tonight.
Ruby comes back to Ansh and says I have Mohana’s blood. She smirks and throws it away. Mohana comes there. Flashback shows how Mohana attacked Ruby and made her dizzy to do what she says. Flashback ends. Mohana smirks. Leaf falls on Ansh and Piya and they become tree too. Mohana takes baby and says Munna your family is tied but I saved you to kill you. Creature goes to light and doesnt find locket there, he breaks pot from there. Light goes back to Saanvi’s house. Saanvi says he knows that we fooled him. Nishant says we dont much time.

Piya and ansh turning tree.. Mohona take Munna and say you all should go and stay in forest, and let me take baby. Chaitali start vanishing with avi following… Mohona says soon you all too vanish… Slowly Vedshree, shekhar and others start vanishing.. Just then blood bottle arrive, flashback shows how ruby took mohona help with blood, mohona disguise and attack family.. Bottle cap open and ansh get free and get power back, flashback shows ansh saying Munna powers were due to our powers, and my power is connected with mohona.. Ansh try to hold piya but both vanish. Nishant says we should leave as soon as possible before that person find out.. As according to Divya dairy we shall see face of that girl today who has second part of key.. Devil come and find out where they left..


Piya and Ansh reach in forest with whole family.. Ansh try to free Piya but in vain. Ansh remember what Mohona said about returning tree.. He see Mohona, she smiles. Ansh ask about Munna? Mohona said that she we give body to you and soul to god as gift, and until no-one will able to find him.. Ansh get angry and say just pray to any devil, whom you like, if Munna get hurt, i take oath of same blood of being Davansh, I shall kill you with your every drop of blood.. Mohona says soon I shall be the most powerful Dayan in this earth.. Ansh say truth always win over evil, just pray that when I find Munna what will happen with you. Mohona show him throwing munna pram from clif, ansh shout munna and come to reality, and think to find munna.
Mohona see munna smiling and say you hurted me last time with my braid, now what will you do, she hold baby with it.

Devil reach same place and think about Nishant, Naman and Savi. They appear and say we left that diary specially for you. He try to attack, when Nishant show him key part. Ansh goes to maskshika pari and request her to find munna, and cry.. Many maskshika pari come and ask him to find real one before that flower bud turn into flower.. Nishant stop devil and give him key part, saying savi and naman did wrong, they took wrong step, but i shall rectify their mistake.. They all walk, devil follow them.. Nishant say if you want you can erase our memory, devil does that and nishant using mirror counter attck him, key fall and devil goes. Naman and saavi praise nishant..

Mohona walk taking munna, and baby in pram and throw it from clif. Ansh get tense and uses his davansh powers. Other makshika get scared and goes.. Ansh say you are that makshika whom have my munna power and know me, thats why you didn’t get scared. Makshika smile and say yes, i know you are good.. Ansh say please help me in finding munna.. Makshika say ok.. Nishant, Naman and Savi goes into temple and find shivling is not there, and come to conclusion that shiv ji hidden the temple knowing about danger.. Nishant say and even I don’t know how to bring it back, other than Divya.. After Divya and I aparted, she stayed her and did reserach, now we should find it.

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