The Evil Eye Update Saturday 1 May 2021


The Evil Eye 1 May 2021:  start with Naman shouting about his problems, when Saavi and Nishant try to calm him down.. Mohona try to run, but egg shout too much making Mohona fall down.. they hear sound from basement and goes.. Mohona hide behind box.. Nishant and Saavi are shocked to see that creatures are dead, surpised to see egg soaking their powers… When they try to see egg from near, mohona distract them by opening dilbruba door.. They see her and Mohona vanishes by taking egg ..

At rathod house Piya and Ansh make special liquid to free Aditya hands and he get free as well.. When Ansh notice redness in his hands.. Ansh, Avinash give Aditya gloves so that he can touch anyone and anything.. Pari laugh seeing videos on tablet and making Piya doubt on intensions.. Though Avinash, Chaitali and others calm down Piya saying Pari is just child only.. Ansh ask Pari to be with Aditya all time.. Pari agrees… Mohona reach near oldest Dayan cave covered with Patal liquid… Mohona see moon position and say that today is biggest New Moon night and if egg broke before reaching its place, that person will get angry and if I shall try to cross this liquid I shall be hurt.. She ask Pari to help her by reaching to her at any cost..Pari and Aditya are enjoying videos on tablet, when suddenly Pari act as Dayan and jump from balcony.. Aditya call Piya and Ansh, all are shocked to see this scene..

Piya and Ansh reach near Pari, where Mohona called her.. Pari try to run, when Piya stop her by capturing her in bushes .. Pari get hurt and ask to leave her.. Piya get emotional and free her.. Pari run away in other direction before Ansh and Piya acts.. Pari is than stoped by Aditya, he remove his glove and hold Pari.. Later Ansh and Piya hold hand of each other.. Piya says Family is one who protect each other.. Ansh says I shall not make you act as pawn of Mohona.. Pari again and again shout to let her meet Mohona..
Mohona realises that Pari is stopped by family, so she decide to cross Patal liquid cave, though she get hurt but reach inside..
At Rathod house Shekhar and Avinash inform how Mohona is freed, she ate life of barat and come to conclusion that due to Mohona shoes wore by pari, Pari got captured by Mohona evilness.. Ansh decide to make pari free at any cost..
In lab, Naman cries over Sanam death, when Nishant inform that Sanam has life even now just they need to revive it and decide to do that experiement.

Piya and Ansh put same liquid and free Pari and Aditya.. Pari try to run ‍ away but family stop her by blocking her all sides.. Pari ask them to let her run!! Avinash ask her why she want to run ‍ away?? Shekhar tell her to tell them, they will not say anything to her.. Pari laugh mysteriously and say you all not aware what is going to happen… At lab, Nishant start provoking Sanam for her death.. When Saavi ask him for this step, he reply saying book said that when anyone provoke Chudail or their love they get alive in anger .. Saavi also does so… Naman ask them why Dilruba is not waking up?? Nishant and Saavi target him by saying bad things.. Saavi even hold Naman neck to act as kill him.. Dilruba get up in anger and smiles …


Naman see her and cry contionously…
At rathod house Vedshree feed fruits of Aditya, she ask Pari to eat as well, but she throw it using her braid… Suddenly she smiles .. Ansh and Piya this, while Piya cry thinking Pari state… Ansh calm her down and tell her that Pari is in control of mohona due to shoes she wore, we know this but mohona doesn’t know that we are aware that Mohona has controlled Pari, so we can find out about egg and plan of mohona using pari… In lab Naman cry contionously filling a glass bowl with his tears.. Dilruba ask him if he want orange , showing apples ?? Saavi taunt she even doesn’t know wheather its orange or apple … Nishant ask saavi to bring Naman tears
and Candle.. Saavi give another bowl to Naman.. Nishant and Saavi does experiment and find that candle light can soak tears. .. They does this on Naman, while Dilruba warn them to kill if anything happen to Naman.. But experiment get good results.. Later Pari and Aditya play with powers so that Pari doesn’t go anywhere and stay busy by not realising what family is planning..

Outside in living room, ansh tell whole family about his planing.. Though vedshree, shekhar, avinash and chaitali are not ready as they think aditya, pari, ansh and piya has powers not them, but Piya convince them that they have trust on God, truth and blessing on them, so all can fight and win.. Later Dilruba, Nishant, Naman and Saavi arrives.. Chaitali get scared seeing Dilruba.. Though Nishant tell them that she is on their side but Chaitali still get sacred.. Family prepares for war by using weapons.. Nishant ask Naman to get ready, but realises he can’t listen.. But Naman say he is ready for any war.. Nishant come to conclusion, that due to heat he got fine.. Chaitali find Panchnag Arrow, and ask Avinash that she can use on Dilruba.. Dilruba says she will die with this, and will not be able to return this time, as it is my last birth… Naman ask her not to say this.. Dilruba get happy that Naman can listen now.. Both are about to cry , when saavi ask them not to bring flood here..
In cave egg break finally, and creature come out.. Mohona give her braid and it start to transform…

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