The Evil Eye Update Monday 28 June 2021

The Evil Eye 28 June 2021: Palak’s uncle says go back to your in laws now. They were great people. Kavita says go from here. Palak says where would I go? Kavita says this isn’t an orphanage. Naina says di.. Uncle says if you want me not to tell Naina about your crazy husband go back to your in laws and keep giving us money. Mohana picks Appu and says I should replace him before they come. She leaves him on the floor. Urwashi says how did he come here? Madhu says I don’t know. I came to the room and saw him like this. Palak calls urwashi. Urwashi says we have nothing to do with you. We married you to Appu to fix his life not ruin. Palak faints. Pandit ji and some people pick her.

Urwashi tells dadi Palak called. It told her we can’t have her back in this house. Urwashi says we thought Palak was good for Appu. And yet she did all this. Madhu says you will never know I did all this. I will become aikain.Palak comes to the temple and cries. Palak says please God. Trust me. There’s some harm in that house. There’s a black power there. No one is trusting me. Pandit ji comes and says I trust you. I know there’s a witch in that house. Whatever you see is real. Palak tells him everything. Pandit ji says was the mark on glass and stone the same? Palak says yes I am sure they were the same. He says there’s a witch who lives in that house as a human. Palak says who? Pandit ji says Madhulika. Palak says what? This can’t be true. She’s Appu’s sister. Pandit ji says a witch can never kill her son. She’s Appu’s sister.

Madhu says ma go and sleep. You will fall sick. I will call you once Appu wakes up. Urwashi leaves. Urwashi hears Appu screaming. Palak says I can’t believe Madhu di is a witch. And even if she is, how can I fight with her? Pandit ji says God has sent you to fight with that witch. Pandit ji says you are the one who’s going to help me.

Appu says Madhu di is a bad girl. I won’t talk to her. She hurt me. Madhu says we were playing a game. Appu says she locked me in a wall. Urwashi says what? She recalls what Palak said.Urwashi says why was Appu saying things that Palak said? He fainted. Pandit ji comes. Urwashi says you? He says yes. He says I had to bring someone. He brings an idol inside. Urwashi says we got Appu married to the wrong girl. She stabbed Appu. Pandit ji says did you believe she could do that? Madhu says she is relative of our servant. She never saw a house like this before. Pandit ji says the witch made her do it. Urwashi says but the witch is dead. He says there can be another witch hidden from you. She is inside your house. Let’s go place this idol in the house. Pandit ji says I hope this house becomes full of positive powers. He does Pooja. Appu joins as well.

Madhu holds her ears. Palak is hidden behind the idol. She looks at Madhu. Pandit ji says Matarani is in this house. She will always protect you. He says Palak used to say the same. Where is she? Let me look for her. Everyone leaves.Pandit ji says Palak you can come out now. He gives her a thread and says you have to keep an eye on everything in this house. Urwashi says Appu is looking for Palak? She attacked him? Madhu says he forgets things.

Palak comes to Appu’s room. She says you found me. But we are playing hide and seek. You have to help me stay hidden. If anyone finds me we will both lose. Urwashi comes. Palak hides. Urwashi says were you looking for Palak? He says no. Urwashi asks do you remember what Palak did to you? He says she told me a story and hid my toys. Urwashi says rest please. Urwashi leaves. Appu says come out. She is gone. Palak says we will play this game for three days.

Palak asks Pandit ji what do I have to do? He says you have to make the witch weak by placing this witch protection cloth on the door. Palak takes it towards the door. Madhu feels weak in the house. She says what is happening. Why can’t I walk past this door?Appu comes there. He says Palak.. Palak says what are you doing here? He says come play with me. Urwashi comes. Palak hides. Madhu makes the shake for Appu with ashes. Palak recalls what pandit ji said. Palak asks Appu to hide. Madhu gives the shake to Appu. Palak stops him from drinking it. She tells pandit ji about it. Pandit ji says this shake will tell us what is it doing to Appu.

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