The Evil Eye Update Monday 1 February 2021

The Evil Eye 1 February 2021: Piya is running in jungle but snake stops her. They both attack each other. She starts fire around fake Ansh. He takes snake avatar and comes out of fire. Nishant says to family that Ansh is weak, he might have hid Ansh somewhere, this patal liquid might help us to find Ansh. Nishant starts smoke from patal liquid and says we have to use it in less quantity as it can be dangerous for Ansh.

Fake Ansh throws mud at Piya and is about to attack her but Vedsheree comes there and hits him with stick. He faints.
All family members are creating patal smoke in house to find Ansh. Nishant asks Saanvi if she found Ansh? She says no.
Vedsheree says to Piya that Nishant told me about this fake Ansh, you are fine? Piya nods. Nishant sees sun going down and
says I have to find Ansh. He comes in his room and opens cupboard. He find shim inside. Piya and Vedsheree pulls fake Ansh to a tree. Vedsehree creates a circle around him with sugar. She says Nishant said to do it. Piya says how? Vedsheree says he asked to move back after that. They do and wait. Suddenly many insects and ants come there seeing sugar. Piya says they are dangerous. Vedshree says we are away from them so they wont hurt us. Ants move over fake Ansh. Piya and Vedsheree leaves.
Nishant sees Ansh’s neck purple. Nishant says snake attacked Ansh and bit him.

Shekhar says he will become fine right? His half body is green and half purple. Nishant says this has been happening with him because of two poisons, both poisons have filled his body, we have to stop it. Saanvi says priest asked to use witch tree roots to stop poisons. Shekhar says how can we take him there? Nishant says we can call witch tree here, we cant do it, only sarpika or witch can call it and we dont have both. Chitali says then what we will do? Ruby comes there and says who said it cant come? All are stunned to see her in real avatar. Ruby smirks and goes to Ansh. She says I can call witch tree here as I am a witch. Mohana says tonight is eclipse night and I can be saved tonight only. Dola comes there and says you are old so you should die. Mohana says dont forget that I saved you. Dola says you left me to remain in casket. Dola says I want to see you in pain, you wont be able to raise your age.

Mohana says you cant make me lose. Dola says you cant win from death. She ties Mohana to tree and smirks. Dola says you are going to die tonight, she leaves.Nishant asks Ruby to call it fast. Witch tree roots start appearing there. They sees poison filling Ansh’s body and suddenly his body vanishes. Nishant says how can this happen? Witch tree have taken Ansh.Priest says to Avi that Piya is devik so she can save herself, Ansh is in danger. Priest shows him milk which is red and says tonight is eclipse night and Mohana wants to eat Ansh. Mohana says how will I free myself? if I dont do anything then I will die.

She sees a man going from there and screams for help. She says to man that someone tied me here, she asks him to put flowers on rope, he does and says humans help humans. Mohana says humans help witches too. Snake attacks Piya but she uses her powers to throw him away. She touches her devik mark and gets trishul in hand. Snake takes real snake avatar and attacks her. Piya asks Vedsheree to run away. Piya runs with her.

Avi asks Priest how can we save Ansh? we dont know where Mohana is. Priest says Mohana needs moon light so she will be sitting at top place somewhere.
Piya and Vedsheree are running in jungle. Vedsheree stays behind and hides. She thinks I have to stay here to save her from snake. Piya looks around for Vedsheree. Piya sees snake coming and leaves. Vedsheree stops snake. He asks her to move back. Vedsheree brings out flowers which Nishant gave her to make snake dizzy. He falls down. Vedsheree takes stick and is about to hit him but he says I am your son Ansh. She says no you are not Ansh. He vanishes from there.

Avi and Priest are in car when Mohana comes infront of them. They come out and glare at her. Priest says I knew you would be here. Avi says we wont let you hurt Ansh. Mohana says you should go and protect him then, you cant stop me, Ansh is coming here himself. Priest says you cant win over good. Mohana says move back I dont have time. Avi points gun at her and says stop. Piya is looking around for Vedsheree in jungle. Snake comes to her and says where will you go now?

Mohana smirks and tells Avi that you think you can stop me from this gun? I am not that weak, move back. Priest says it will make you weak. Avi says dont move.. Mohana says try. Avi shoots her head. She is falling down. Suddenly her wound heals in and she catches Avi’s gun. She says I cant let you people win now. She hits them with glass and the faint. Mohana sees moon closer to mountain and says where is snake? Snake has fainted Piya in jungle. He brings faint Ansh to Mohana. Mohana smirks. Mohana says you got what you wanted, now give him to me, he moves back. Mohana grabs Ansh and starts eating his life. Piya wakes up and sees Mohana eating Ansh’s life, she cries and says Mohana please leave Ansh. Mohana says his death is my life. Piya cries for his life. Suddenly Mohana cant eat him. Piya smirks and wipes her tears.

Mohana has become blue and says what has happened to me? Snake behind Mohana says that whom you thought was a real Ansh was snake actually and I am real Ansh. Flashback shows how Ansh become fine and went behind Piya. Piya and him attacked snake and killed him, flashback ends. Piya says Mohana you are finished. Look that eclipse has ended, you cant eat Ansh now. Mohana cries and says Ansh you cheated me? Ansh says you did a deal with snake to hurt me and Piya, you forgot that I am davansh too. Mohana says witches live for themselves only, you are my son, you know I am dying in an year, I am your mother. Ansh says you wanted to kill me sometime minutes back and now talking about being my mother? Let me tell who mother is, mother can kill or give life, she can fight God for her child, mother is like this. He points back to Vedsheree and says you gave me birth to increase your age and this woman didnt give birth to a kid so her love is not divided, she is my real mother. He hugs Vedsheree and cries.

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