The Evil Eye Update Friday 5 February 2021


The Evil Eye 5 February 2021: Saanvi and Naman comes to room. Saanvi shows him circuit and says I sent this box to Ganga’s house, when witch touches it, we will know.
Mohana is cleaning in Ganga’s house. She is near box. She touches it and gets current. Saanvi sees on her circuit video of Mohana and says she is there in house. Ganga’s mother comes there and sees servant(Mohana) missing.

Family is leaving their house. Police is with them too. Mohana sees them going and says they are leaving? I will show who I am. A man in hoodie comes there. Mohana thinks its house owner and says sir do you need anything? She tries to make him dizzy but man’s nails grow and he strangles Mohana. Saanvi and Naman comes outside Ganga’s house, man hears them and leaves Mohana. Mohana runs from

Family is in police car. They stop to see a man lying on road. Only Piya is in car. Vedsheree sees man dying on road. They all see police cars getting blasted by bomb. Only Piya’s car is remaining. All are stunned. Saanvi and Naman comes to neighbors house, they dont see Mohana there and leave. Mysterious man hides and sees them. Police is trying to shoot at Mohana but she sits in car and starts driving. Piya is sitting behind. She passes checkpost and leaves with Piya. Ansh runs behind but falls down.

Saanvi shows picture she took in neighbor’s house and says there was someone there. Naman sees someone in hoodie and eyes blazing. Naman says thats why Mohana ranaway from there.
Mohana puts Piya in cage. Mohana says you did a mistake by leaving house, you will stay here till you give birth and then I will kill you. Piya starts laughing and takes her real avatar. Its actually chudail Dilruba in Piya’s avatar. Flashback shows how Saanvi called Piya and told her that Mohana is living in neighbor’s house. Ansh says we cant leave then. Dilruba comes there and laughs. All are stunned. Ansh says I called her. Dilruba says I knew he would understand my love. Piya says you have to do it to get revenge from Mohana. Dilruba takes Piya’s avatar. Ansh says we will fool Mohana this way. Flashback ends.

Dilruba says to Mohana that I fooled you so easily. Ansh comes home and sees Piya. Piya says you are fine? Ansh says yes,we fooled Mohana. Piya hugs him. Ansh says she wont do anything, we are together. Piya says I love you. Mohana says soon I will get Piya. Piya looks fireflies in a glass box. Ansh says these helped me to find you. Piya smiles and says I remember. Piya says we are staying at Ruby’s place? Ruby comes there and asks if they are comfortable? Piya thanks her. Ansh thanks her for giving place. Ruby says you will both be safe here, you both made me realize power of love, I will bring something to eat. She leaves.

Vedsheree and family prays for Piya.
Piya lights diya in her room with Ansh. Diya lights in Vedsheree’s mandir only. Flashback shows how Piya told her that she wont tell her where they are going, she gives her diya and says we will light it daily at our place and it will light here as well so you will know we are fine. Flashback ends. Lift opens and Mohana comes in house. Vedsheree glares at her. Saanvi and Naman comes on road and sees a place with flag on it. Naman says that place is safe for Piya and Ansh. Saanvi sees person in black and leaves from there.
Vedsheree says to Mohana that you will never know where Ansh and Piya are. Mohana says Ansh and I have blood relation so as soon as his blood drops on floor, I will know where he is so have some sweets. She forcefully makes her eat it.


Ansh is cutting apple for Piya when his hand gets cut mistakenly. His blood drops on floor. Piya comes there and says its bleeding a lot. Ansh stops her and shows how he cleaned his wound. He asks her to take care of herself. Mohana hears Ansh’s blood drip and says he called me. She leaves from there. Vedsheree says Mohana knows about them now. Saanvi says to Naman that I was not feeling right about that house, you are an idiot. Naman says you dont respect me, I am your partner. Saanvi asks him to move.

Vedsheree says we cant tell them that Mohana is coming behind them. Shekhar says we cant even contact them. Avi says I should have gone behind Mohana. Chitali says what to do now? Vedsheree recalls how Piya told her to use diya if there is some danger and she wants to tell them.
Piya shows house map to Ansh and says I used to live there, we can go there, Mohana wont be able to come there. It after a river and mandir, this is near river.

Vedsheree puts black oil in diya so it can signal Piya about danger. Piya sees diya turning black at her end and says we are in danger.
Mohana jumps in their house but finds Ruby there. Mohana asks her to move, you cant save them, remember what I did with you? Ruby says you have to face me before going to Ansh and Piya. They both start fighting.

Piya and Ansh comes on rood. Ansh says Mohana wont reach our baby. Piya holds Ansh, they start flying in air. Mohana comes on roof after fighting Ruby and sees Piya and Ansh flying in air. She jumps infront of them. She says your death is here. Piya says move away before I kill you. Ansh says I will forget who you are if you try to hurt my wife or heir. Mohana says I am your mother so I can kill you three. Piya says I am a wife and you dont know about my powers. Mohana says its time to go to your God. She is about to attack but Ruby comes there and grabs Mohana. Ruby asks Ansh and Piya to run, I cant stop more, go. Piya grabs Ansh, they jump from there. Mohana gets free from Ruby.
Saanvi comes to witch room. Naman says why you brought me here? Saanvi says wait. Naman says I dont know what is happening. Suddenly Saanvi is missing.
Piya is trying to call Saanvi but she doesnt pick up. Someone is dragging faint Saanvi from house.

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