The Evil Eye Update Friday 22 January 2021


The Evil  Eye 22 January 2021: Ansh says I am ready to marry chudail if its not Payal. Dilruba smirks. Ansh says Payal is ordinary but Dilruba is of my standard. Mohana says she is our enemy. Ansh says I am davanch not witch, Dilruba likes me a lot. Dilruba takes his hand. Vedsheree says have you gone mad Ansh? Mohana says he is davansh, he will do what he wants now and he wont listen to anyone. Vedsheree says stop it. Mohana says Ansh wont listen to you, understand.. she hints to Vedsheree. Vedsheree thinks something is going in Mohana’s mind. Vedsheree says Ansh I beg you to not marry her. Mohana says Ansh will do what he wants. Ansh says dont waste my time, I will do this marriage at any cost. Mohana says he wont stop and if we try to stop him then.. she hints at Vedsheree to leave. Vedsheree says okay if he doesnt need our blessings then we should leave, she takes family from there. Ansh says now we can get married easily. He holds her hand. Mohana looks on.

Naman says Maa you cheated me. Priest makes Naman a snake and puts him in a bucket. Saanvi takes it away.Vedshree says to family that Mohana can fight chudail, I am sure if she sent us here then she must have a plan to stop her. Dilruba says to Ansh that now we can get married easily. Ansh’s heart starts paining again, he recalls how Mohana said that love is making him weak and if he wants to stop it then he has to marry someone. Mohana says I will get you both married, Dilruba says you? Mohana says if my son likes you then I am ready to make you his wife. Ansh says you can trust Maa. Mohana says lets start varmala.Neha sees them starting wedding and tells Vedsheree. She says no Moahana must have a plan. Avi says she can lie to us. Vedsheree says she hates chudail and she wont let this marriage happen, we have to keep faith.

Ansh and Dilruba are about to exchange garlands. Mohana asks Dilruba to stand beside Ansh, not fly in air. Dilruba says I will never come down, I will never put my feet down. Dilruba says I dont break my rules for anyone. Ansh pushes her down and brings her on floor, he exchanges garland with her but stops recalling his marriage with Piya. Otherside Piya is vanishing. Ansh controls himself and makes her wear garland. Ansh says lets start pheras but Mohana says not right now, first she has to take permission from witch tree. Mohana calls tree there. She asks Dilruba takes 7 pheras around it. Dilruba starts doing it and pours water on floor. Mohana thinks that its easy to fool her, chudail cant walk on floor, her energy will die down. Chudail gets dizzy and thinks she fooled me, witch tree grabs chudail.BPriest locks Naman’s snake in casket where there is Ruby’s ashes.

Saanvi says they are in casket now, we have to know if its dangerous.
Ansh says to Mohana that you fooled me. Mohana says you marrying her wont benefit, witch thinks about her benefit only, relations dont matter to me. Ansh takes his kajal and throws at Mohana. Mohana’s hair turn pink and she loses her witch powers, she screams no. Family hears it, they break the door. Mohana says to Ansh that how can you do this with your mother? Ansh says you said that witches think about their benefit only, see I am not weak now, human in me died. Ansh breaks tree and sees Dilruba in sleep, he asks her to wake up. He calls bats and it makes Dilruba wake up.


She laughs evilly. Mohana is lying on floor weakly. Family breaks door and come out to see Dilruba with Ansh and Mohana lying on floor. Shekhar asks Ansh to stop. Ansh glares at them.Vedsheree takes ganga jal.Ansh freezes family so they cant stop marriage.Saanvi reads book and realizes that if some alive person is put with witch’s ashes then witch takes that person’s body and becomes alive again.Ansh freezes whole family to marry Dilruba. Vedsheree comes there and sees it. She tries to stop him but Ansh pushes ganga jal away and says lets marry Dilruba. Vedsheree says to Mohana that everything is finished.

Mohana says no, I have an option, I didnt want to do it but I will now. She asks Vedhsheree to bring box, she does. Mohana says its nitin mani, put it on her forehead, Piya will comeback from dishak lok, only she can stop him right now. Vedsheree starts leaving with it, Ansh sees it and runs behind her but Vedsheree is gone. Ansh says to Mohana that you cant stop my marriage with Dilruba. He does gadh bandhan with Dilruba and starts feeling Piya’s pain. Mohana thinks that if Ansh marries chudail then she will take his powers thats why I have to get Piya back, I will see hervlater.Piya starts vanishing again. Guru Maa says we cant stop this now.

Ansh starts black fire.Guru Maa says Piya will start vanishing more fast. We have to do something. Priest says Mohana has nitin mani. Vedsheree comes there and says I have it. Guru Maa asks her to put nitin mani on her forehead. Piya’s whole body has vanished, only her head remains there. Otherside Ansh feels her pain.
Vedsheree tries to put mani on Piya’s forehead but Piya completely vanishes. All cry. Priest says I think we were late, Piya is gone. Ansh faints, he recalls Mohana telling him that he has to marry someone else to become strong. Ansh wakes up and starts pheras with Dilruba.Piya has gone to dishank lok, she says what is this place?

Vedsheree comes to Mohana and says I couldnt stop Piya, she is gone, she cries. Mohana says we still have another option otherwise we will lose Ansh, only you can do it as I cant touch nitin mani. Vedsheree takes mani and goes to Ansh. She puts it on his head, he screams in pain. Suddenly otherside Piya appears on table again. Piya wakes up and hugs Saanvi. Piya says Ansh is in danger. Otherside Ansh pushes Vedsheree away and she becomes a stone statue. Piya goes from her house.
Ansh looks at Dilruba and starts taking pheras with her. He is about to make her wear mangalsutra. Mohana says stop.. Suddenly Piya screams Ansh.. He is stunned to see her. Piya looks around and thinks that Ansh might have gone towards evil side. Ansh recalls how Mohana said that he has to marry someone else.
In casket, Ruby takes Naman’s body and wakes up again.

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