The Evil Eye Starlife update Wednesday 20 March 2024

The evil eye 20 march 2024: Scene 1Shekhar asks family to leave if they cant respect Mohana. Vedsheree says okay we will leave if we dont have respect here. She cries and looks at Shekhar but he looks away. Mohana smirks.

Ansh takes her from there. They all silently start leaving house. They try to get in lift but lift pushes them out. Mohana comes there and says I have tied this house with witch eye so Piya is safe, dont worry, it was a small fight, you all can go to your rooms. She glares at them and says leave otherwise.. all are scared.

Saanvi and Naman comes to Ganga’s house. Her mother asks her to come inside. A girl is tied in their house behind sofa. Ganga’s sister Neelum comes there too. Saanvi gives them parsad. Naman is looking around to find something.

Avi says to family that Shekhar asked us to leave? Vedsheree says I feel like he wanted us to leave to protect us from Mohana. Chitali says what Mohana wants from us? Ansh says there is one way to find out.Saanvi says to Ganga that we will leave now. She asks Naman to leave. Naman doesnt see girl tied and leaves.

Ansh says to Piya that we have to call witch tree and ask what Mohana wants. Piya asks him to be careful. Ansh calls witch tree there. He grabs its roots and imagines Mohana saying to Piya that I will kill your baby before birth as he is danger to me. Ansh screams Piya. He is pulled by witch tree and goes in another world. Piya screams and calls family.

Mohana meets Ansh and says I knew you would call witch tree, its written in my kundli that your heir will kill me so I have to kill your heir. Ansh says how can you kill your heir? Mohana says I am not that bad, I will kill Piya and baby but not infront of you, you cant do anything. She leaves from with tree so Ansh is stuck there.

Naman comes out of house and says to Saanvi that they didnt even offer us anything. Saanvi says I gave them parsad so we know what is going on there. Priest comes there and says Mohana is behind Piya and her baby, we have to give her these herbs but Mohana has protected that house so I cant go inside, someone has to climb to roof. Naman says its 40 floors. Priest eyes. Naman says I am not going.

Ansh tries to call witch tree but Mohana smirks and says he is a kid and cant win against me. Piya comes to Mohana in kitchen. Family is with her. Piya asks where is Ansh? Mohana says you should know about your husband, he cant go out. Piya says you are behind him vanishing. Mohana says what was he doing? Piya is tensed. Mohana says he will be back soon, dont worry.Ansh is running on road to find way. He sees Mumbai’s direction and runs there.

Mohana says to family that I have made kheer for you all. Vedsheree says to family that dont eat her kheer. Piya says where is Ansh? Vedsheree says he will come soon. Mohana brings kheer there.Ansh is running on road. He stops a truck holding it.

Scene 1Vedsheree says to family that we wont eat her kheer. Mohana comes there with kheer. All look on. Mohana says you all are here. She asks them to eat kheer. Piya is angry but Vedshree stops her. Mohana says you all eat. Vedsheree says Piya is tired, Chitali starts taking her. Mohana glares at her. Vedsheree leaves with Piya. Chitali says I need medicines, she leaves with Avi. Neha and Kajal takes kheer and leaves. Shekhar says they didnt eat it, I will bring them back. Mohana says dont worry, I will handle them, he leaves. Mohana says its fun to see them worried like this.

Vedsheree says to Piya that Mohana must have mixed something in kheer.Mohana says game will start now. She throws her hair on floor and it becomes small snakes. She ask snakes to go and show them my powers.Avi says to Chitali that she will do something. They see a big snake there. Chitali is scared.Piya and Vedsheree see two big snakes in room. Piya grabs her knives and stands infront of Vedshree. She says I will handle them. She cuts them in half.

Naman, Saanvi and priest comes outside Ansh’s house. Naman says I cant climb up. Saanvi says you have to become witch hunter so you have to work. She throws arrow on building and ties Naman’s body with rope. She gives him sticks and asks him to climb up using rope. Naman starts going up. He loses balance and says I can fall down.

Vedsheree sees Naman climbing up house.He meets Shekhar on balcony and says priest send this bhasam for Ansh, please give it to family and Piya, I will come later as Mohana is inside. He goes back down again. Shekhar smirks. Vedshree comes there and says what is this? Shekhar says this is for Piya, I will give it to her, Vedshree says no. Shekhar says I am not controlled by Mohana, I am doing drama, I was out of her control when Piya saved me, I did drama to know why Mohana is here. Vedsheree says sorry, you had to bear so much. Shekhar says lets go to Piya.

Scene 2Piya says I hope everything is fine. She comes out of room and sees half of family tied by snakes. She is stunned. Vedsheree and Shekhar comes there. Shekhar gives her bhasam. Mohana comes there and says wow, I was a fool to trust you all, but someone is with me. Shekhar says I was fooling you, I was never with you. Mohana says I am not talking about you, I am talking about Vedsheree.

Vedsheree says she is talking about me. She runs to Mohana with Bhasam and says I am with her. Flashback shows how Mohans used her powers to control Vedsheree. Shekhar asks her to give bhasam. Vedsheree throws it in air. Shekhar says it was for Piya. Mohana grabs Shekhar as well.

Ansh reaches home in truck he stole.In house, Piya is tensed. Mohana says to Piya that I am here for your baby, I did everything to increase my age, your heir cant kill me, I am here to kill him before he can kill me.

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