The Evil Eye Starlife update Thursday 14 March 2024

The evil eye 14 March 2024: Scene 1Piya is going to open the door, Ansh is sleeping while Fake Ansh is outside with Vedsheree. She opens it and is shocked to see another Ansh standing there. She says Ansh? She looks in room and finds Ansh missing.

Vedsheree says he should be resting, he was not feeling well yesterday, you have some herbs? give him some and make him sleep, she pushes him in room and leaves. Piya asks why did you leave bed? Dont get up now. She puts fake Ansh in bed and leaves.

Dola is in casket and thinks that Mohana cant leave now. Mohana says this patal liquid cant stop me. He uses her powers and get out of casket. She jumps over patal liquid and is about to jump out of room but gets stuck.

Piya comes in room and sees Ansh coming out of washroom. She says you woke up again? I will bring kaada for you. Ansh says I will get something sweet from you too. Piya gives him sweet tablet and says you will sleep for 6 hours now, she leaves. Snake is hanging from roof and thinks to remove Ansh from his path.

Nishant calls priest and says I feel like there is a snake in Ansh’s house, find out how we can find if there is a snake there or not.Fake Ansh sees snake powder on door and says I cant go out like this. He sees priest leaving house. Vedsheree stops him. He becomes snake and hides in flower basket. Priest takes flower basket and leaves from there.

Mohana’s braid gets stuck in casket, he is hanging above patal liquid on floor. She pulls and lands on a casket. She sees someone coming there. She is stunned to see its Ansh. She sees him standing on patal liquid. Ansh says I think you need my help Maa.Priest calls Nishant and says if milk is missing from house then there is snake in house.

Mohana asks Ansh who is he? you cant stand on patal liquid so you are fake. Snake takes his face and says I took snake powers from Ansh, you want Ansh and I want Piya, you help me and I will help you.

Nishant comes there and points arrow at him, he says you are the snake who came in Piya’s house? Dola comes there and attacks him. Nishant faints. Dola says to Mohana you thought I would get stale here and you would leave?

Scene 2Ansh tells Vedsheree that Nishant asked to do pooja, he said to do pooja with patal liquid. Vedsheree says its dangerous. Ansh says he asked to use it in less quantity, he said to do pooja fast, Piya is out so we cant wait for her. Vedsheree looks on. Fake Ansh smirks.Ruby gives braid to Dola and says I did everything for you mom so you can do this for me. Flashback shows how she used her powder and freed Dola from casket. Dola puts Ruby’s braid on her. Ruby comes in her real avatar and Naman’s body falls on ground. She says what about him? Dola says leave him here.

Piya comes back home. Vedsheree says Nishant asked to do pooja, he asked to give smoke of patal liquid in end. Piya says this is dangerous for Ansh, he didnt say anything to me. Ansh says he called me. Piya says let me call him and ask if there is any confusion, we cant take risk. Piya calls Nishant but he doesnt pick up. Fake Ansh smirks. Nishant is tied in a witch casket by Dola, snake and Mohana.

Priest says to Vedsheree that time is passing. Piya is waiting for Nishant to pick up call. Priest asks Vedsheree to put patal liquid in milk. Vedsheree is about to put in it but Piya stops her and says I cant let you do it. Ansh says this is disrespect. Piya says I am sorry but I cant let her do it, Nishant and priest are not picking up my call so there is something wrong. Priest says what to do? Piya says we dont have to do any pooja. Vedsheree says its for Ansh’s benefit. She pours patal liquid in bowl. Piya is stunned.

Scene 1Ansh feels like someone is there. HE comes to the room. SOmeone has taken his face. He beats his lookalike and says who are you.. Ansh beats him. Its the snake. Ansh says you.. The smoke comes in and ansh faints. Snake says I have to hide him. He goes to hide Ansh. NIshant sees him. He says you.. He takes Ansh’s face. HE says putting something in the cupboard.

Fake Ansh comes downstairs. He coughs. Piya says are you okay? He says yeah I am good. Vedeshree says Ansh where have you come we are getting late. Piya feels something weird. She sees Ansh in the smoke. She says this means he isn’t Ansh. Piya runs upstairs.

Saavi says Dad where are you? I got these flowers. She sees the door of basemen open. She goes there and sees Nishant roped in snakes. He says Saavi I am here. She says what is all this? I am coming.Piya calls on Ansh’s number. Fake snake sees the phone. He says what happened? She says where are you?? He says I am out. She says there is someone in the house who is taking your face. I should go to dad. He says no I know what to do come to me.

Saavi brings a herb and puts it near snakes. The snakes go to the well. Saavi hugs Nishant.Piya comes to the jungle. sHe says thank God you are here. Someone has taken your face. Papa isn’t picking the phone either. She looks in his eyes and realizes its not him. He takes her phone and breaks it. Piya says so you aren’t Ansh. He takes his face. Piya steps back. She throws light towards him. He falls down. Piya runs. He stops her.

Everyone wonders where Ansh is. Nishant comes and tells them that Ansh wasn’t ansh. Vedesree says who is it then? He says a snake who has taken Ansh’s face. He detained me in snakes. Saavi saved me. Vedeshree says then where is Ansh. I am so scared. Nisant says he wants to do something big. Vedeshree Piya was right. I risked my son’s life. Nishan says where is Piya? The fake ansh might have taken her somewhere. We have to find Ansh first.

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