The Evil Eye Starlife update Monday 8 April 2024

The evil eye 8 April 2024: Scene 1Vedsheree says I am feeling pain in shoulder. They see Munna crying and go to him, they see him of stone. Vedsheree asks what happened? Ansh says there is a negative power around. Munna becomes fine again. Ansh finds white hair in his hands. Piya says Ruby found hair like that too.

Nishant says to priest that creature wants that girl if we want to save Saanvi. Priest says it will be dangerous for that girl, you are a witch hunter and its wrong. Nishant says I am a father and saving my daughter’s life is my duty.

Naman is reading chalayan book with Ruby. Naman says I am such a genius, it says that Chalayan cant bear witch humming near her. Ruby calls Piya and says I have to be there to send Chalayan away, be careful, she wont leave till family ends. Ansh and Piya sees whole family eating and Chalayans increasing. You have to stop them from eating.

Saanvi sees herself locked in a room. She finds a hole in wall and tries to reach it but cant. She finds a rod and makes hole bigger by beating wall with rod.Ruby asks Piya to throw powder around house. Piya says if we use red diyas then Chalayan will come in sight as she is a witch, remember my mother told this?

Nishant brings a girl to creature and says you have to give Saanvi to me to get this girl. Saanvi goes to Nishant. Girl starts going to creature, he stops her and says this is not a girl which I want. Flashback shows how Nishant marked girl with creature’s nail and said that I am sorry for doing this.Diyas light, Ansh and Piya sees 6 Chalayans on all family members. Ansh says we have to stop them before they increase. Suddenly a Chalayan falls on Piya too.

Nishant says to creature that we wont tell you about that girl. Saanvi says she is in Studio aparment, 203. Creature says Saanvi is under my spell and will answer my questions as I want, he leaves. Saanvi says what we will do now?Ansh asks Piya to not eat, dont let this Chalayan feed off you. Piya says I cant control myself, do something. Ansh says I have to use chili powder to stop their growth. He turns on fan and puts chili powder infront of it.

Scene 2Nishant says to Saanvi that creature might reach that girl before us, call her and asks her to not open door for anyone.Creature comes to apartment of girl and opens door. He take Saanvi’s call and says that girl is missing.Chalayans become dizzy with chili powder. Ansh waits for Ruby. Ruby is in lift and says they are 7 chalayans and if they become 8 then their family will be complete and we wont be able to do anything. Naman says how do you know they are 7? Flashback shows how she saw chalayan in jungle.

Nishant says I removed mark from girl so creature cant find her easily, we have to find her before she gets in trouble. Ruby and Naman coming at Rathod house.. Ansh ask Ruby to do something, same Naman ask her to kill Chalayan family. Ruby smile and say Naman you know I am Dayan?, but you barely know that I am Chalayan Dayan??‍♀, and jump and sit on Ansh neck. She further say that till Mohona was there I couldn’t bring my Chalayan family.. Naman say you betrayed everyone?

Ruby say its in my blood to do Chal.. You thought that I was week and took me to near tree, everyone remember flashback… Ruby further say to Ansh that you insulted me, now bear the consequences.. Naman start to faint but control himself. Ansh says he is Davansh and too way strong.. Ruby say her family is more powerful and expect you everyone will have to die… Naman say to Ansh that Ruby hair are still white, don’t eat??? anything.. Ruby say until when you will stay on diet, I shall eat??? and drink? whatever you will eat and drink??

Naman shows some liquid?, Piya ask about liquid? Naman say ruby said that she shall eat?? and drink?? whatever rathod family eat and drink.. And this is best solution for Chalayan’s: Its Tulsi?, GangaJal? and Snake Poison?, mixed together and good for removing chalayan, but no knowledge for saving humans.. Piya say I shall drink, before chalayan kill us.. Ruby say but how your family will survive piya??Avinash say we are not week and is about to drink?. Ruby say if you do so, I shall kill Ansh.. Avinash still drink? and followed by other family members.. Piya say if we all will die, what will happen to Munna?? Ansh say we all will stay alive, just drink.. Piya drink, and pass bottle to but it drop before Ansh hold..

Ruby say now you shall realise that you did wrong. Piya say, if you promise me to leave my family free, I shall battar Mohona, ekayan Hair braid, which I had hidden from all evil powers, when she died!! Ruby say that means Devik is doing Battar with Dayan?, I can’t believe you and she start drinking Ansh blood.. Piya say since we both only have to battar, as this is about my family only and you will have powers of ekayaan.. Its your wish only. Ruby read mantra and make other chalayan away.. And keep condition that until I get Braid, I shall be sitting on Ansh.

Saavi and Nishant Goes outside restaurant, with that rakshash, who see them.. They all find someone, and suddenly realise that person is not there..Piya open box and see missing braid. Munna is playing with it.. Ruby get angry on Munna, but Piya handle him softly and warn Ruby for not making munna angry.??. Piya give braid to ruby.. Ruby say I shall become Chalayan ekayan?‍♀? soon, but Munna power start to burn braid and Munna face turn fire red… Piya say she asked, not to make munna angry, but you can still become ekayan, braid still have powers… Ruby say that Coconut ?face me Handgrande? hai (dedicating to munna), and ask piya to bring braid in living room..

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