The Cost of Love Update Wednesday 4 August 2021

The Cost of Love 4 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Ahaan and pankti trying to practice and sing. They think of Rangoli and get disturbed. Ahaan thinks of calling Rangoli. Pankti checks the social network. She then chats with her fans. They gets wishes from her fans and thanks them. She writes about her concert with Rangoli. Someone asks her to beware of Rangoli. She gets shocked and asks what do you mean, do you know Rangoli… She chats with Vivek and gives her phone number. He calls her.

She worries that he is a stalker. She answers the call. Its morning, Pankti goes to meet Vivek. Ahaan asks Poorva where is Pankti. Poorva says don’t know, she said she will meet here directly. Rangoli says I can help you rehearse. Pankti asks why did you harass Rangoli. Vivek says no, she blamed this to get rid of me, love is strange, my love wasn’t enough for Rangoli, she used to call me Vicky. Pankti recalls Rangoli’s words and asks why were you following her.

Rangoli says think I m Pankti, now we shall start rehearsals, I mean your co-singer, concert is imp right. Uday says yes. Poorva says Pankti didn’t had rehearsals. Rangoli says Ahankti don’t need rehearsals for chemistry, we shall start now. Ahaan smiles. Vivek removes the blanket and shows his handicapped state to Pankti. He shows the wheelchair and says how can I follow Rangoli, maybe she is making stories. She says why is Rangoli doing this. She leaves and thinks who is stalking her.

She reaches the venue. Rangoli sings the song. Pankti sees the people angry over the posters of Rangoli Rai. She gets shocked seeing Rangoli’s solo pic posters. People fight that they want to see just Ahankti. Pankti sees Rangoli seeing with Ahaan. Rangoli sees Pankti and turns to Ahaan. They sing. Rangoli says Pankti has come, I have done your work, I made Ahaan rehearse for duet, you both rehearse now. Ahaan asks where were you, there is less time for performance. Rangoli says chill, just focus on rehearsals, I will prepare for my performance. She goes.

Ahaan and Pankti rehearse. Manav and family come for the concert. They see Rangoli’s posters everywhere. Aparna says this is Ahaan and Pankti’s show, the posters are of Rangoli. Vikram says I think organizers got sense to sell tickets by Rangoli’s name. Kaira asks Manav to talk to someone. Ahaan says Rangoli suggested some awesome changes, we need to rehearse. Ahaan gets shocked seeing the posters, and thinks how did this happen.

Manav asks Srivastav about the hoardings, this show is of Ahaan and Pankti, not Rangoli. Srivastav says we had no idea about this. Ahaan says we didn’t give this design. The man says what’s wrong, Rangoli is a bigger star. Rangoli comes and says yes, I m a big star, it doesn’t mean that you change the concert name. She acts good and asks them to remove the posters, else she won’t do the concert. Srivastav asks how can we do this now. The girl asks Pankti not to cancel the concert, else they will lose their hospital.

The girl gives a rose to Pankti. Pankti says we won’t let this happen, Ahaan we are doing concert for kids, we should save the hospital. Ahaan says right, Rangoli its fine. Rangoli says okay if you say, Pankti your heart is really big. She winks to Mishka and goes.Richa and Poorva argue. Poorva asks Richa to ask Vikram, why she did all that. Kaira says our lives are getting ruined because of us. Aparna stops them.

Anita comes and asks who started all this, shall I remind you. Aparna says I don’t want any scene here. Anita says I will soon make a scene. Pankti gets ready. Ahaan comes and asks about her rehearsals. She says you are with me, everything will be fine. He says this concert has to be hit. She says it will be superhit. He compliments her. She asks him to go and get ready for concert. They hug.Anita coming to Rangoli and having a drink. Rangoli asks do you want to see Ahaan and Pankti together.

Anita says never. Rangoli bribes her and asks her to do as she tells her. Anita smiles. Vikram waits at backstage. He gets shocked when Monty is given the honors. Monty goes on the stage. Monty says its a honor to sponsor Ahankti. Everyone claps. Monty smiles. Vikram says you think Rhythm will sponsor this concert, so you will get all the credit. Monty says I m doing this for kids, not concert, you won’t understand charity. Vikram says if you understood love, you would have not doubted Poorva, but she is really… Monty says shut up Vikram.

Vikram says you didn’t see there, Rangoli is the star attraction, JMD’s face, you lost again.Kids say we have a surprise for Ahankti. Monty goes to help Poorva. Kaira comes to him. Poorva goes. Rangoli is called for the performance. She asks Ahaan to wish her luck, she has to charge the audience. Ahaan wishes her all the best. She goes on stage and sings Nasha nasha…. Anita goes and locks up Pankti.


Pankti finds the door locked and shouts for help. Anita smiles. Everyone claps for Rangoli. Ahaan says it was rocking, don’t know where did Pankti go, I will go and see. Ahankti is called for the performance. Rangoli asks Ahaan to go for his solo, Pankti will come till the duet. Uday asks Ahaan to put phone on silent. Ahaan gives his phone to Uday and goes. Rangoli smiles.Pankti calls Ahaan. Uday doesn’t see the call. Ahaan sings Har Dafaa…..He performs well. Everyone claps for him.

Ahaan ends his solo and waits for Pankti on stage. Rangoli says this is called rocking performance. He asks where is Pankti. Ahaan says duet announcement will be made, I will go and see. Rangoli stops him and says your and Pankti’s name can get spoiled if you go, maybe Pankti got nervous, she didn’t get time to practice, this happens sometimes, Ahaan please don’t go for the sake of the kids, Pankti also wants this concert to happen. The duet announcement is made. Everyone shouts Ahankti…. Pankti calls Uday.

Rangoli and Ahaan go on stage. Uday answers call. Pankti says my make up room door isn’t opening, open it fast. Uday says I m coming. Ahaan and Rangoli sing the duet. Pankti knocks the door. Uday calls out Pankti. Anita hides. Uday sees Anita near the make up room. Uday opens the door. Pankti rushes. Pankti thanks him and says don’t know who locked me. He says I think your mom did this. Uday says maybe duet ended. Pankti gets shocked.

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