The Cost of Love Update Thursday 5 August 2021


The Cost of Love 5 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Pankti running to the concert. People and trustees praise Rangoli. Pankti cries and says what can I do Uday, my make up room door was locked, Ahaan and Poorva didn’t answer, what shall I do now. Ahaan comes and says that which a singer should do, sing, auditorium is still packed, come and sing with me. Pankti comes on stage and performs. Ahaan comes to support her. They talk of the power of their love. Everyone claps. Rangoli gets angry seeing them. Pankti and Ahaan sing Tu Aashiqui…. Everyone claps and praise for Ahankti style finale.

The people shout once once. Pankti smiles and agrees. Rangoli looks on. Ahaan plays music and sings Tu wafa hai meri….. Pankti sings and dances with him. Rangoli shuts her ears. She gets angry seeing people’s good response and goes. The kids come there and give Ahankti’s pic to Ahaan and Pankti. Srivastav praises Ahaan and Pankti’s talent and call them real stars of the show. Manav and Aparna smile. Rangoli tears Pankti’s poster and smiles seeing Ahaan.

Monty goes on stage to honor Ahaan and Pankti. Srivastav asks Manav to call Rangoli on stage. Rangoli is called. She hears the announcement made and comes. She receives a bouquet and gives it to Ahaan. Ahaan thanks her. She says hear this fans’ clapping and praise, you deserve this, big cheers for Ahankti. Everyone claps. Vikram asks servant about everyone. Servant says everyone went with Ahaan. Vikram asks him to prepare snacks for his guests.

Rangoli comes and asks Vikram if there is any new project.He reads out the news about her bad publicity and says you are JMD’s star, you are not famous as Ahankti, I decided to sign them too. She gets shocked. She gives him a rose and taunts him. She says if I m not exclusive for JMD, then you are not an option for me, congrats for the new face of JMD. He tries to explain. She leaves. Ahaan and Pankti talk to their fans on video chat. Ahaan asks Pankti about the surprise party. She nods and hugs. She gets KK’s call.

KK congratulates her for the successful concert. Ahaan takes her phone and scolds KK. He ends call. Pankti tells him about Rangoli’s same blame on Vivek. He says Rangoli’s stalker Vivek, how can you believe him, Rangoli is our friend, she helped us. She recalls Vivek’s words. He says I know you know differentiating between right and wrong. He asks him to smile, they will have a double party. Tu aashiqui….plays….

Uday telling Ahaan and Pankti about their high stardom and numerous offers. Ahaan asks Pankti is she ready. Uday says Ahaan, its just your recording, all offers are just for you. Ahaan asks what, I won’t sing without Pankti. She asks how can you refuse, your love is enough for me, I want to see your dreams getting fulfilled. He says I want your success. Rangoli comes and says this is called love, none can break this love, not even me. Pankti says yes, right. She holds Ahaan.

She asks him to come home for dinner. Ahaan asks Uday to come. Rangoli says I have come to pick you, as your recording is with me. Pankti wishes them all the best. They leave. Uday says they got this chance as they sung the duet on stage that day. Pankti recalls Anita.Poorva asks Anita why did you take money from Vikram. Pankti says she did this to stop me from singing in concert, she locked me up in make up room, Vikram gave her money to do this.

Anita says I have to do this as you both are useless. Poorva asks Pankti to forget it. Anita counts the money.Pankti gets Ahaan’s call. She asks how was your recording. He says fantastic, I have to go for another recording, I will come in the morning, Rangoli is also with me. She worries. Rangoli scolds Anita for calling her for few less money notes. She asks her not to call, else Ahaan will doubt. Anita says I just want my money, I have put the blame on Vikram.

Pankti comes to Anita and gives the tea. Anita goes. Pankti checks her phone and gets shocked seeing Rangoli’s name in call log. She says it means Rangoli has paid mum. Pankti asks what shall I cook. Anita says anything is fine. Pankti goes and thinks mum can alert Rangoli if I ask her.Monty messages Poorva and asks her for one chance. Poorva cries. She replies, you should marry Kaira, it will be better for everyone.

Pankti says I shouldn’t disturb Ahaan during recording, I have no proof against Rangoli. Anjor comes to meet Pankti and asks her to meet her. Pankti agrees. Rangoli comes to the car and says sorry Ahaan, I got late. She sees him sleeping and smiles. She thinks of Ahaan and gets close to him. Pankti comes and says he doesn’t like anyone disturbing him. Rangoli says I was just keeping cushion properly. He wakes up. She says I was calling you, where is your phone. She calls on his number.

Rangoli says I forgot, you gave it to me at recording time. Pankti says we have to go to meet Monty. Rangoli says I will drop you. Pankti says no, you would be tired, we will go.Vikram comes to everyone and says you always complain that I don’t favor Ahaan, check this file, we are going to sign Ahaan. Manav asks what about Rangoli. Vikram says its my company, my rules. Aparna says its great news, but you know, Ahaan won’t sign a contract without Pankti.

Vikram says I know, it has Pankti’s name too, we are signing both of them. Ahaan, Pankti and Monty come home. Ahaan says you got bit late, we have signed contract with Rhythm, its not exclusive, we can sing for others. Monty says I didn’t know you are thinking to sign them. Vikram says but I knew, Rhythm and JMD will be one, both the families will unite after Kaira and Monty’s marriage. He apologizes to Monty. He says we should celebrate, why don’t we get Monty and kaira engaged.

Kaira happily hugs Vikram. Manav says Vikram is right. Kaira asks Monty is he happy.Monty asks why so soon. Kaira says its already late. Vikram asks Monty to have sweets. Monty leaves. Everyone looks on. Rangoli imagines Ahaan and romances him. She confesses love to him and says Pankti doesn’t deserve you, you want someone who understands the madness of love, like me. She gets close and hears door bell. She turns to shout on Mishka.

She doesn’t see Ahaan. Mishka says it was just a salesman at the door. Rangoli punishes her and laughs. She says I want Ahaan, you need to do something for this.

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