The Cost Of Love Update Tuesday 20 April 2021


The Cost Of Love 20 April 2021: starts with Pankti saying I thought I can stay away from Anita’s bad world and the bad identity she has given me, I was wrong to think I have a right to live like a normal girl, mum has snatched everything. Poorva asks why is she doing this when she got everything, she just cares for money. Pankti says maybe she is doing this on someone’s saying. JD says you have done this on my saying. Anita says you have done a good drama, even of shooting yourself. He says when time comes, the bullet will be shot to the right person, you keep your mouth shut, else the gun can point towards you.

Poorva asks Pankti to stop crying now, she will go home and call her. JD drinks and says Pankti’s every evening will be for me from now. He smiles. Anita gives him another drink. They laugh. Poorva
comes home. She sees JD leaving. She says JD here at this time….. Ahaan thinks of Pankti. She comes to him. He sees her and opens arms. She goes to hug him. They cry. Pal do pal….plays…. Ahaan asks her not to cry. Poorva sees Anita and thinks she looks normal, as if JD didn’t get angry on her. Anita asks where is my ATM machine, Pankti, you both left together. Poorva asks how do you know. Anita says she won’t stay there for much time after so much insult. Poorva scolds her for spoiling Pankti’s engagement. Anita asks her to say where is Pankti. Poorva says I think you have many spies at JD’s house, or is JD spying for you. Anita asks why will he spy for me, JD is my big enemy as Ahaan. Poorva sees the best actress trophy. She says I should tell Pankti. Ahaan and Pankti are on the way. Ahaan plays music. He gets down the car and forwards hand to her. Ishq bulava….plays… They find a locked park. She signs they should go in.

He climbs up the gate and falls back. She laughs on hearing him say ouch. He says you get a laugh hearing my ouch. He says ouch ouch…. She laughs. She climbs the gate. He says lady tarzan be careful. She gets inside the house. Ahaan too goes to her. They romance. He says I can fight with the world, just promise you will not leave me alone, I m just scared for this. They hug. Its morning, everyone dine. Kaira says Ahaan got Pankti home at night. Richa taunts on Pankti. Aparna defends. JD sees Manav. Pankti takes Aparna’s blessings. She goes to Manav. Manav stops her. Sheetal asks for Ahaan. Ahaan comes and says I m very hungry, pass the parathas. Aparna signs Manav. Ahaan asks Pankti to give her ring. Aparna says no, the ring won’t get off her finger now. Ahaan says I m getting the ring tight, its very loose and gets off often, did anything happen, why are you all not having breakfast, carry on. Pankti gives the ring to Ahaan. Manav shouts stop Ahaan. He scolds.

Manav scolding Ahaan. He asks Ahaan not to behave as if nothing happened, talk first and then decide to re-size the ring or return it. Ahaan says nothing will change, a woman crosses limits in drunken state, nothing else, Pankt is my fiancee, she is my would be wife, and our marriage is next month. Pankti gets shocked and drops the sweets. Ahaan goes to her. She cries. He says look at me…. JD looks on. Ahaan says nothing happened, okay…. everything is fine, I will just come. He goes. Manav shouts Ahaan….. He sees Pankti. She goes upstairs. Pankti worries. Poorva asks Anita to give her some answers. Anita refuses. Poorva asks who gave you this best actress award, JD has given this right, for the party drama, say the truth, I have seen JD leaving.


Poorva calls Pankti. She makes Pankti hear everything. She says you are so bad, you don’t have a mind to do everything on own, someone else has told this to you. Anita says I have done everything myself.Poorva says impossible, if you had some mind, you would have earned and raised us some other way. Anita says if you had a mind, you would not believe that JD changed, I agree I m not so smart, but you all are also a fool, Ahaan is a big duffer, this was JD’s plan. Poorva and Pankti get shocked. Pankti cries. Anita says you think JD will lose so soon, he has directed me, but acting was mine, I got the best actress trophy. Anita says Pankti’s hangover will end now, JD will not let her live her life, he is such a man who won’t let her become of anyone else. Poorva says truth is in front of you Pankti…. you have to decide what you have to do. Anita gets shocked. Poorva says tell everything to Ahaan first. Pankti nods. She sits crying. Anita scolds and slaps Poorva. Poorva holds her hand. She scolds Anita.

Pankti says I should tell Ahaan. She calls Ahaan. Ahaan asks the jeweler to make the ring tight, so that fate, situation and even his fiancee can’t get it off. Pankti gets angry and goes to JD. Poorva says mum doesn’t sell her children, she sells herself, you can’t be a mum, I m ashamed to say it. She goes. Pankti recalls JD’s words and says I need to talk to you. He says we will talk later, Sheetal is around. She asks won’t you call me Babu today, why, since Sheetal is around. JD sees Sheetal and does a drama. Pankti sees Sheetal coming. JD says I was telling Pankti that we respect Ahaan’s love, but we need some time to take the right decision, what else can we say. Sheetal says its better to talk less. She goes to Richa. Pankti goes after JD and stops him. Manav asks what, ten crores, we didn’t do such a deal, how did we get such a big amount, I will talk to JD. Aparna asks what happened. Manav says a big amount came in company account, we didn’t have any deal. She asks the amount.

He says leave it, there is enough tension at home, where is JD. She says he went to his room. JD says we will talk later, there is everyone at home. Pankti stops him and says its time to talk, what game are you playing, Anita told everything to Poorva, this was just a game, your goodness, agreeing for my engagement, tell me, was this just a drama. He says we will talk later. She stops him from entering the room. She says you have to answer me, why did you make fun of me, Ahaan’s trust and this family, Ahaan and my love, tell me, why. JD gets angry. She says your game is over, I will tell everything to Ahaan. JD takes her inside the room and shuts the door. He starts scolding her. She says Ahaan has thrown ten crores on your face, he freed me from you, did you forget, it was your condition, you have no right on me now. He holds her and says you are so innocent and your lover, just I will have a right on you, because I never lose. She cries.

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