Promised Love Update Monday 19 April 2021

Promised Love 19 April 2021: starts with Azaan asking Shayra why did she do this with him? Just then he feels pain in his head. Shayra tells that Azaan becomes haiwan from Azaan in 2 mins just. She says he shouts and I don’t want to stay with him. Razia says you made him haiwan. She asks Azaan to come with her and tells that Shayra has no relation with them from now onwards. Noor looks at Shayra. Shayra asks Noor to go and asks if I shall tell you something. Noor holds her hand and says your hands have Azaan’s blood on it. She walks out. Adil closes the door and comes to Shayra.

Promised Love 16 April 2021

At home, Razia asks Azaan to say something. She asks him to talk to her and tells that she can’t see him in such a state. Noor brings cotton and gives to Razia. Razia cleans Azaan’s wound. Azaan recalls their marriage, his moments with Shayra, her love confession and then Shayra saying that her first love is Adil. Razia asks Noor to ask Azaan to speak to her. Noor asks him to say something. Shayra comes home. Noor sees her coming back and runs to her. Azaan gets up. Dilruba asks Shayra if whatever he heard was false. Shayra says he don’t have time for any nonsense talks. Noor asks Shayra if she came alone and asks if she is helpless and acting. Shayra asks her to stop it and tells that she loves Adil and not Azaan. Noor asks why did you come then? Shayra says she came to get her stuff and not to meet Azaan. She says she don’t want any tamasha. Adil is watching them on his mobile and goes past Shayra colliding with her. Shayra says thank God.

Razia comes and asks how dare you to step in this house. She says after today, even your voice shall not be heard here. Azaan brings her stuff and throws on floor. He asks her to take the photo frame, all memories, moment, breath, nights, morning etc with her. He asks her to take the things and leave. He then pours kerosene oil on it. Shayra says this is my stuff, what are you doing? Azaan says this belongs to me too. You have no right to take me with you and says lets burn it. He throws lighter on it and burns her stuff. Shayra asks are you done? Did you prove your point and says I am leaving now. Azaan says 1 min and tells that there is one more thing which needs to be burnt. He takes the kerosene oil can and pours on himself holding Shayra’s hand. Razia and others are shocked. Shayra says do whatever you want, I will not support your madness. Azaan holds her hand and asks her to see the drama of his destruction. He takes out another lighter and puts on the floor. The fire catches up. Dilruba brings towel. Noor sets off the fire and takes Azaan with her. Razia pushes Shayra out of house and asks her to go away from her son and house. Shayra is shocked and runs out.

Razia tells Azaan that Shayra went for forever, from this house and our lives. Azaan shouts Shayra. Shayra cries and is about to go inside, but the door gets locked. Adil pulls Shayra’s hand. Shayra says you told me that Azaan will not have pain if I agree to your sayings. She asks why you are hurting him. Adil says I didn’t hurt him, but its you. Shayra is shocked. Azaan tells Razia that this is not true, shayra can’t do this. Razia says she has gone for forever. Azaan cries and shouts Shayra. Shayra gets restless hearing him and tries to look inside through the window and asks someone to open the door. Adil pulls her near him and asks her to come. Shayra says I will not come with you. Adil says it seems you have forgotten the deal.

A fb is shown, Adil calls Shayra in the hotel room and shows her Azaan in his mobile. He says he got him unconscious so that he can get his surgery done. Shayra asks which surgery. Adil asks her to look carefully and presses the remote control. Azaan feels pain. Shayra is shocked and asks how dare you, what you did with my Azaan? Adil says I can do so much with him and tells that he feels peace seeing him in pain. Shayra asks what did he do with you? Adil says he has snatched my rights. Shayra says I will tell him everything. Adil says first hear me fully. He shows the chip and says he got it fit in Azaan’s tooth and shows the remote with which he is controlling Azaan. He says whatever he does, shouts and screams like mad is because of this remote. He keeps the chip in the water melon and presses using the remote, it blasts. Shayra is shocked.

Adil telling Shayra that Azaan’s condition will be like of a blasted watermelon. Shayra asks him not to do anything to Azaan and asks what enmity he has with him. Adil says he has blood relation with Azaan, they are brothers, but step brothers. He says it is between Azaan and me and asks her to do the same thing which he asks her to do. He tells her that he has remote in his hand else she will be responsible for Azaan’s death. Azaan tells that he don’t want to live and want to die without Shayra. He shouts Shayra. Shayra says Azaan and tries to go, but Adil holds her hand and says he will fulfill his wish. Shayra says I will come with you, but don’t do anything to him. Adil takes her away from there. Razia sees Noor crying and apologizes to her for thinking her wrong. Noor says its ok. Razia says I doubted on your intentions and you was thinking about our respect. Noor tells that still she don’t want to believe about Shayra and Adil. Just then Azaan calls Razia. They run downstairs and see Azaan holding the invitation card. He tells that they got wedding invitation and shall go there. He says Shayra and Adil’s marriage.

Razia is shocked. Noor says I think that it is Adil’s conspiracy. Azaan asks Noor to do something for him and asks if she will marry him a day before this date. Noor is shocked. Azaan asks her to answer and say yes. Razia asks what is this bad joke. Azaan asks I am perfectly fine and serious. Noor refuses to marry him and says marriage is not a joke. Azaan says my life is ruined and says I am asking my right of friendship. Noor says you are using friendship to take revenge from love. She says you want to marry me as Shayra is marrying Adil. Azaan asks why can’t I marry her? Razia says Shayra is not affected. Adil sees them from camera and says Shayra is affected. Shayra is tied in the room on a stone table. He asks her if she don’t like the bed and tells that Azaan wants to marry his best friend. Shayra says Ammi and Noor refused and says I can feel his pain. Adil threatens to kill him. Shayra asks him not to hurt him. Adil says you will hurt him now and makes the remote pressed with her hand. Shayra shouts.

Azaan feels pain in his head and faints. Adil says you are shameless, you have hurt Azaan and now giving him pain. Shayra says you are not human, but an animal. Adil says you are right, he is khalnayak.
Noor tells Razia that Doctor had said that when shayra comes infront of him, Azaan’s condition deteriorates. Razia says they are still talking about her. She calls doctor. Adil calls Doctor and asks him to go there when Noor calls him. Noor calls Doctor again. Doctor says Adil. And then says sorry and tells that he will come and check Azaan, it is not a good sign if he faints again and again. Noor gets skeptical. Adil asks Shayra to sign on the divorce papers else he will press the remote.Noor asks Dilruba not to tell Azaan about doctor coming and tells that his phone is ringing. Dilruba checks his phone. Shayra signs the divorce papers thinking of Azaan. Adil laughs and says you are freed. He checks into the CCTV camera and tells Azaan Akhtar Mirza is gone.

Noor talks to Doctor in glass house. Doctor tells that patient’s condition is deteriorating and this might have happened due to the injury. Noor says Azaan’s brain scan report seems to be fine. Doctor asks if you are a doctor or me. Dilruba throws something on him and says sorry. Noor pretends to scold Dilruba and asks him to clean Doctor’s shirt. She secretly takes his phone and goes from there. She checks the last incoming number, comes back and keeps the phone.

Doctor says he needs to go and leaves. Noor pretends to scold Dilruba again.
Noor calls on that number and thinks Adil called on that Doctor’s number 6 times. She thinks she was doubtful when Doctor talked about Azaan being unconscious and that’s why she messaged Dilruba to do drama so that she can lift Doctor’s phone. Mashuqa brings courier and gives to Azaan. Azaan checks it and is shocked.

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