The Cost Of Love Update Tuesday 2 March 2021


The cost of Love 2 March 2021: starts with Ahaan saying I left your hand. Pankti goes. Anita asks why did you shout. Aparna asks are you fine. Pankti says yes, there was a horrible fat lizard inside. Anita says your haldi is still there. Ahaan and Pankti touch the haldi on their cheeks. Anita cleans the haldi. Aparna says its time for mehendi. Anita sends her. She asks Pankti to find Purva and leave fast, keep phone on. Pankti goes. Anita worries about Jd.

Thakur holds her and stops. He asks are you finding excuses to leave, come, commissioner is waiting, you have to meet JD also. She says yes He says he went to talk to his wife, she was angry, he is a decent man. Sheetal gets asthma attack. JD comes to her. She threatens him. JD says relax, it was jeweler’s mistake, now he can’t sell anything. She asks is there anything else. He says no, where is inhaler. She holds it in hand and inhales medicine. He asks did you had inhaler in hand. She says I was bearing pain to forget another pain, don’t ever think to cheat me, else I will give you intolerable pain. He starts drama that he can’t cheat her. She goes. He says I will hurt someone now. Ahaan comes down. Kaira says your heroine has gone. Anita calls Pankti and asks what, you both went, fine I m also leaving. She turns and sees JD.

JD asks so soon. He takes her aside. He scolds her for coming to his house. She says I didn’t know this is your bungalow, I will be careful. He jokes on her love for her daughters. She says I swear on money, Richa is Pankti’s old friend, so we had to come, else I don’t even go in diwali party. He asks what. She says sorry, you are big hearted man, I promise I will not do this mistake again, Pankti and Purva went, I m going home, I will keep Pankti ready for you. She goes. He stops her and says call Pankti here. She asks why. She says its okay if her friendship is gone. He says do as I say, you came here by your wish, you will go by my wish, its time I treat Pankti, don’t tell her anything, I will surprise her. She sees Richa. They get shocked. Richa introduces Anita. Anita says your marriage is happening in good family, people are also great like the house. Richa says thanks, where is Pankti. Anita says she will be around, I will see. She goes. Purva says Pankti, this driver is taking us through same lane. Pankti asks the driver what is he doing. Ahaan says what to do, sometimes some ways get us to same place. He stops the car. Pankti gets shocked seeing him.

Vikram asks Richa not to be annoyed. She asks him not to flirt. He asks her to come in mehendi. Pankti asks what’s this joke. He says you left from function. He apologizes for whatever happened in bathroom. He asks her to come back, he gets scared when she goes. She looks at him. He says this is injustice, my mum raised me with love, you are troubling me. Pankti gets Anita’s call. Anita asks her to come back. Pankti agrees. Anita thinks what is Jd planning. Ahaan takes Pankti back. Anita thinks where am I stuck, if JD knows about Ahaan, he won’t leave us. She warns Ahaan.


Ahaan getting Pankti and Purva back. He sees Anita and asks her will she have anything, he will send waiter. He goes. Anita asks Pankti why did she come with Ahaan, does she know who is he. Thakur takes Anita to click pics. Richa calls Pankti. Pankti sits with her. Richa tells her about the initial letter, that would mean about her soul mate name. She asks Pankti to get mehendi applied and see which letter she gets in her hand. She asks Pankti to show her mehendi. Pankti sees mehendi. Lights go. Ahaan says its injustice that girls enjoyed mehendi, its time for men to come, we shall have sangeet now. Ahaan, Vikram and others dance on Rock and roll soniye….. The girls also dance along. Richa takes Pankti. Ahaan dances around. He sees Pankti. He holds her hand. She sees
her mehendi. She recalls JD’s words. She gets back and leaves. Ahaan runs after her.

Pankti comes on terrace and cries. Ahaan comes there. He forwards hand. She scolds him and asks him to please leave. He says I can’t stop myself from coming close to you, I know why. She asks him not to say anything. He asks why, you want me to be quiet. She says please stay away from me. He asks her to ask her heart, what does she want. He says you also have this feeling now, you can lie to yourself. She says its not true. He asks why these tears, pain and sorrow, fine just smile and say leave, I will leave, let me see happiness on your face. She cries and says why don’t I have any control on me, what’s happening to me. She hugs him.

He holds her and kisses on her forehead. Tu aashiqui…plays…….. It starts raining. He covers her with his coat. They get under the coat. He says you know what I remember by this. She asks what, old or new Aashiqui film. He says no, the day we first met, it was raining like this, when I touched you, I felt you are waiting for someone to save you, I have come in this world for you, to support you. She gets away and says no, none can hold my hand, its too late. He holds her hand and says please give me a chance, share your sorrow and see, your happiness is imp for me, if you go today, I will die. She stops him from saying so. He says it means you care for me. He teases her. He asks her to close eyes and come with him.
He gives her a gift and asks her to open the gift. She unwraps it. She sees a tab and asks what’s this. He says now your poetry won’t be torn or fly. She says no, I can’t take this.

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