The Cost of Love Update Tuesday 17 August 2021

The Cost of Love 17 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Ahaan saving Pankti. Uday says Ahaan is where he should be. Mishka calls Rangoli and says Ahaan has taken Pankti. Police reaches Rangoli. She says Ahaan’s friend is leaving. Inspector asks where is Ahaan. Ahaan hugs Pankti. They cry. Mishka says they both are here. Rangoli says keep an eye on them. Pankti asks where did we come. Ahaan says this place looks safe, we will hide here. She asks but why. He says I have escaped from jail. She gets shocked.

Mishka calls Rangoli and says they are talking of hiding, come soon. Ahaan says when I learnt you are missing, I ran away. She asks but, this will complicate your case more. He says nothing is imp to me than you. She says I have promised to save you, but like always, you have saved my life, sorry. He says I should be sorry, Rangoli has kidnapped you, I understood this when Uday told me about Rangoli. She says I knew you will know Rangoli’s truth. He says I knew you will always stand by me.

Rangoli comes to them. Pankti asks him to file complaint against Rangoli. Rangoli denies it. Ahaan says I will get you punished for kidnapping Rangoli. Rangoli taunts him and says I have a proof that you have… Ahaan taunts her for making stories. He blames her for all the problems. He says you wanted to tell this to me in jail right, you want to marry me. Rangoli says because I love you. He gets shocked.Pankti says you have accepted that all the blames on Ahaan were fake.

Rangoli says so what, it doesn’t matter, get out of my way, you aren’t suitable for Ahaan, everything is fair in love and war. She asks him to listen to them, there is still time. Pankti says Ahaan won’t run away, he isn’t wrong. Ahaan says I will prove you wrong in front of everyone in the court. Police comes and arrests Ahaan. Rangoli smiles.Manav gets a call and learns that Ahaan got caught, and this Rangoli filed new complaint against Pankti. Manav gets ready and tells this to Richa and Kaira.

He asks Richa to inform Vikram. Ahaan says Rangoli is lying. Rangoli says don’t hurt me this way. Pankti says you got me kidnapped. Ahaan says yes, so I had run away from jail. Rangoli says Uday and Pankti did this to get media attention. Pankti says no, Rangoli has fake blamed Ahaan. Rangoli denies it. She insults Pankti as mistress. Ahaan says how dare you… Manav comes there and signs Ahaan to stop. Ahaan is taken to lockup again. Manav sees Ahaan. Vikram, Monty and Poorva are on the way. Vikram gets Richa’s call and gets shocked.

Inspector says I have filed your complaint against Rangoli, you can take Pankti home, but not Ahaan, he tried to attack Rangoli now. Pankti says its all a lie. Manav says all blames are false.Inspector says Rangoli has proof, law just believes proof. Ahaan says I won’t leave this Rangoli. Rangoli starts her drama. Vikram, Monty and Poorva reach there. Rangoli taunts Ahaan’s family. Rangoli says I m fighting for womanhood. Pankti scolds her.

She says I will bring this truth in front of everyone. At home, Rangoli calls someone. Mishka checks the door. Mr. Khandelwal comes. He plays games to end stress. He says you know the meaning of stress. She says I hired you to lessen my stress. He says your work is done, like I have won in this game, I will end Ahaan. She says I have done the preparations, you can play the game with me, Mr. Lawyer. Aparna turns away seeing Anita. Anita asks for laddoo. Aparna gives her. She says Lord will show some way. Pankti looks on. Servant/peon comes and says Sinha refused to take Ahaan’s case.

Pankti says Rangoli has told me that no lawyer will fight our case. She worries.Rangoli celebrating her success. She says I will get Ahaan. She drinks. Aparna checks the report and tells about charges on Ahaan. She says these sections aren’t implied on normal cases, this officer is doing this on Rangoli’s saying, this can prove the report wrong, we can get this on Ahaan’s favor. Richa asks how do you know. Manav says Aparna studied law before marriage. Pankti says we got Ahaan’s lawyer. Aparna asks who. Pankti says Aparna. Manav says she is right, you can fight this case.

Aparna says I can’t fight the case, I can’t take big risk when its about my son. Manav says you can do this. Richa says Aparna is right, she has no experience. Vikram says Rangoli hired Dinesh, he complicates all cases. Aparna says we shall talk to some big lawyer for Ahaan.Pankti asks who can defend a child better than mum, lawyer will fight case based on evidence, mum will fight because of her belief, maybe you have studied law for this day, please don’t refuse, are you ready to fight this case for your son. Aparna agrees.

Ahaan reaches the court and faces bad blames by the reporters. Rangoli comes there with Dinesh. She acts like a victim and goes Pankti and everyone see Ahaan and Rangoli. The court case begins. Dinesh sits playing games. Judge comes. Dinesh presents the case. Manav asks Kaira to have belief in law, everything will be fine. Judge asks who is the defense lawyer. Dinesh says its an open and shut case, no lawyer is ready to fight his case. Aparna says I m ready to take this case. Ahaan gets shocked seeing her. She says I will defend Ahaan.

She gives her documents to the judge. Dinesh jokes on Aparna. He says if you slapped Ahaan, this would have not happened.He mocks Aparna for her degree. Everyone laughs. Aparna says I didn’t practice till now. He asks are you coming here directly from kitchen. She says I have fought many times for saving my son. Dinesh says I m getting emotional hearing you. He gets talking cheap. Aparna cries. Dinesh says she is saving her son, she has become another woman’s enemy. Rangoli smiles and signs Pankti.

Dinesh makes fun of Aparna. He says its a case of irony, a mum wanted to make her son Ram, but he has become Raavan, this guy has committed a crime and should be punished. Aparna says nothing is proved till now. Dinesh says I will make her do the practical of losing the case, as she has just studied theory, I will prove Ahaan as culprit. Ahaan gets angry.

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