Christmas Miracles Telemundo: Episode teasers December 2019 – January 2020


Christmas Miracles showing on Telemundo has a total of 20 episodes. Find teasers for all episodes here. (December 2019 – January 2020)

Episode 1: Goodbye Soledad

Randy is a 17-year-old gang member who illegally crossed the border the United States to murder his father who murdered his mother. After a street fight, Randy meets Soledad, a nurse who decides to help him.

On the other hand is Tomás, a policeman who is in love with Soledad. Inadvertently, Randy gets in serious trouble for money he owes and can not pay, so he decides to steal money from Soledad.

However, during a confrontation, Soledad is shot and Randy is captured by the migration. Tomas gives Soledad a surprise saying that Randy is free and that he can stay in the United States.

Starring: Alejandro Speitzer as Randy, Sonya Smith as Soledad, and Gabriel Valenzuela as Tomás

Episode 2: Jesus was born in California

Mariana and Amaro cross the border illegally on Christmas Day. Both are persecuted by a group of thugs who want to prevent Mariana from giving birth.

Starring: Carmen Aub as Mariana, Lambda García as Amaro, and Tony Garza as Jiménez

Episode 3: Do not deport him

Andrés is an intelligent child who looks for a way to prevent his father from being deported before Christmas.

Starring: Christian Adrian as Andrés, Ximena Duque as Lucia, Héctor Soberón as Juez Marquez, and Rodrigo de la Rosa as Ramón

Episode 4: Christmas Promise

Daniel has to work during Christmas as a nurse for a wealthy woman in other to pay for the transplant his son needs.

Starring : Gabriel Rossi as Daniel García, Lupita Ferrer as Señora María Collins, Mariet Rodríguez as Diana Collins, Carlos Santos as Jorge Collins, Ahrid Hannaley as Casey, and Nicolás Maglione as Ángel García

Episode 5: Alone.

An illegal immigrant, a lost child and an American citizen are alone at Christmas. After a series of situations that unite them, they decide to spend the Christmas Eve together.

Starring : Daniela Navarro as Carmen, Noah Rico as Toño, Mijail Mulkay as Claudia’s Husband, and Wanda D’Isidoro as Claudia

Episode 6: The Miracle of Diego

A woman separates from her husband on Christmas Eve, and plans to reconnect with her children. However, Christmas is ruined when one of them is lost before a snowstorm.

Starring: Litzy as Mónica, Martín Fajardo as Diego, Ana Wolferman as Gabriela, Kevin Cabrera as Felipe, and Alberto Pujols as El Camionero

Episode 7: Good bye Benjamin

Benjamin leaves his mother on the eve of Christmas to travel and meet up with his father. When he arrives, he discovers a bitter truth. Now he values the effort his mother made to raise him alone.

Starring: Leo Deluglio as Benjamín, Viviana Ligarde as Eliana, Eduardo Román as Víctor, Rebeca Badia as Cristina, and Carolina Ayala as Jennifer

Episode 8: Opening Walls

Elsa returns to meet her loved ones at Christmas, thanks to the “Abriendo Muros” foundation that allows families to gather at the border and hug each other for three minutes.

Starring: Jorge Luis Pila as Rafael, Vanessa Villela as Margaret, and Bibiana Navas as Elsa

Episode 9: The biggest Present

Miguel Ángel does not know that his parents are undocumented until when prior to Christmas, ICE arrests them. He is sent to a center for minors from where he escapes to look for his own path.

Starring: Paulo Quevedo as Ruben, Ana González as Anita, Carlos Gastellum as Elias, Martha Pabón as Isabel, Samantha Lopez as Marisol, and Flor Elena González as Irina

Episode 10: Christmas in the Emergency room

Marina suffers from cancer and it gets complicated. This forces her family to spend Christmas with her in a hospital. In the middle of the storm, a solution appears for medical assistance to her.

Starring: Gloria Peralta as Marina, Adrián Carvajal as Homero, Laura Vieira as Gloria, Gaby Borges as Leticia, and Simone Marval as Eliza

Episode 11: Candelaria’s Nightmare

Candelaria lives a nightmare when her son falls sick during Christmas.

Starring: Samadhi Zendejas as Candelaria, Enrique Montano as Santiago, Miranda Coiman as Naty, Isabel Moreno as Doña Cata, Eduardo Serrano as Joaquin, and Rolando Tarajano as Rubén

Episode 12: Only of Harp…

Lorena’s dream is to enter the conservatory of music; but due to lack of resources, her parents cannot support her. Her boyfriend encourages her and her little brother asks that her sister’s dream be fulfilled.

Starring: Laura Flores as Lupe, Bobby Larios as Ramón, Paulina Matos as Lorena, and Eduardo Ibarrola as Don Miguel

Episode 13: A Miracle in the kitchen

Marina wants to be the chef of the restaurant where she works as a cleaning lady. On Christmas, she has the opportunity to fulfill her dream, thanks to a miracle in the kitchen.

Starring: Keller Wortham as John, Isabella Castillo as Marina, and Rafael Romero as Iturralde

Episode 14: A surprise for Elisa

Elisa lives as a captive and victim of a trafficking network. When she manages to escape, she meets a policeman who falls in love with her; but language becomes a barrier to their relationship.

Starring: Natasha Domínguez as Elisa, Gabriel Rossi as Mike, and Ricardo Álamo as Manny

Episode 15: Merry Christmas

José proclaims himself the king of Christmas and his favorite holiday. He always leaves no stone unturned for Christmas celebration. However, this December, he has new neighbors and they want to show him that their Christmas is the best.

Starring: Gabriel Porras as José, Sabrina Seara as Carol, Javier Valcárcelas Christopher, and Ana Sobero as María

Episode 16: Lolita

Lolita is undocumented in the US and works to fulfill her daughter’s dream: which is to study at the university. ICE arrests the grandmother of the family and the three join force to avoid deportation.

Starring: Elizabeth Gutiérrez as Lolita, Samantha Siqueiros as Kathy, Martha Mijares as Roberta, and Javier Valcárcel as John

Episode 17: Mom Arrives

Karen assaults her boss after he tries to rape her. When she is eventually arrested by the police, her process of deportation begins. Karen’s mother arrives the US and tries to prevent it.

Starring: Alexandra Pomales as Karen, Sandra Destenave as Elizabeth, Fabián Pizzorno as Frank, Ana Sobero as Marisela

Episode 18: Brothers

Toña hopes to meet her children in the United States for the first time in a long time, in other to celebrate Christmas with them. However, they are stopped from meeting by a stern immigration officer.

Starring: Pepe Gámez as Jerry, Stephanie Arcila as Rosa, Beto Ruiz as Damián, Lilian Tapia as Toña, and Leonardo Daniel as José

Episode 19: 

Margarita falls in love with a criminal. Her mother decides that they should travel to the US to get her away from him. In US, mother-daughter relationship gets worse, until the mother gets sick and her daughter must take care of her.

Starring: Marisela González as Rocío, Vico Escorcia as Margarita, Carlos Yorvick as Fermin, Rogelio Ramos as César, Danny Pardo as José, and Roberto Arrizon as Pandillero

Episode 20: Christmas Dog

Juana gives shelter to 40 dogs abandoned by their deported owners. In the middle of Christmas, her neighbors and her landlord demand that she leave the house. Only a miracle can help her find a new refuge.

Starring: Alicia Machado as Juana, Jesús Moré as Ronald, and Tina Romero as Sofia



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