5 Reasons why bridal shower is important before your wedding


Do you think bridal shower are a waste of time and resources? See reasons why it is important.

Many people are quick to disparage this wonderful event because of some reasons. Some think it’s all a show for social media, others think it may increase their budget unnecessarily and yet others do not see an importance to even if they have all the means.

But this is not entirely true, having a bridal showers is important as we will be showing you through the following reasons:

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1. It helps the bridesmaid to bond with themselves and grow new friendship. Doing this will help them cooperate better during the wedding proper.

2. It helps you gather your girls in one room and makes sure they are all prepared when the ride comes to take you all to church the following morning. You don’t want to have to start waiting for a girl living afar to show up soon so that your bridal train can be complete, do you?

3. Bridal shower can serve as a ground for gaining new knowledge concerning feminity, sexuality and marriage. But this is possible if you have pre-assigned topics to your girls concerning these issues, who knows someone will have something useful to share that will be of great importance in your new home.

Very useful if one or more of your bridesmaids are already married and can share marriage experiences. Remember they’ve been there before you.

4. Bridal shower help to make memories. It is your last night as a single lady, so enjoy it with your friends, party and bask in the joy of getting married.

5. You need to have bragging rights. Say yes to that sister! I mean what are you going to tell your girls later in life? It wouldn’t hurt to show how beautiful  you looked as a young girl, plus narrating the escapades of that night can help solidify the mother – daughter bond.

In conclusion, Not having a bridal shower because of personal reasons is understandable but missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity is not! So girlfriend, even though we know you’re trying to keep the budget minimal but we advise that you never ever exclude your shower. It’s yours, own it!

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