Telemundo: On the other side of the wall teasers – December 2018


In this final week of ‘On the other side of the wall’ Sofia and Eliza get the happy ending they deserve…

Monday December 3, 2018

Episode 76
On the way to the church, while Ernesto is waiting for his fiancée, they attack Alejandra and Alondra, taking the young woman by force on Paula’s orders. Jennifer meets with Eliza at the psychiatric hospital and steals a syringe. Karina learns that it was Julian who donated $40,000 to Raquel

Tuesday December 4, 2018

Episode 77
Alondra and other young girls are kidnapped in the mansion “Extravaganza”, but Joel and Sofia arrive to rescue them, before being sold, as sexual slaves. Julian tries to convince Ernesto to turn himself in.

Wednesday December 5 – Season finale! 

Episode 78 
Although Max pleads with her not to do so, Eliza marries Andres with the applause of the whole family. Sofia is declared innocent and enjoys love, along with Joel. she sends a letter of gratitude to Eliza.

The end.

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