Telemundo: Lord of the Skies 3 – January 2019 teasers


January teasers for Telemundo’s Lord of the Skies season 3 is available, read here…

Tuesday 1 January 2018 
Cristina attempts to seduce Aurelio. Meanwhile, Marcado calls Chema to tell him that he has merchandise, and asks if he’s interested.

Wednesday 2 January 2018 
Leo sees someone suspicious at Pilar’s funeral. Meanwhile, Chema is about to kill Aurelio, but changes his mind at the last minute.

Thursday 3 January 2018 
Aurelio and Chema agree to do business together. Meanwhile, Rivero begins to recover, and tells Morejon that Casillas ambushed him.

Friday 4 January 2018 
Garnica asks Ignacio to help him clean his file, and offers to give him information about the Emes in return. Chema threatens Rutila again.

Monday 7 January 2018 
Ignacio tells Leo that he still loves her, and she confesses that she slept with Aurelio. Meanwhile, Aurelio asks Lilo to investigate Tim’s boss.

Tuesday 8 January 2018 
Monica sleeps with Tijeras after their meeting. Meanwhile, Don Feyo returns to his ranch, and orders his men to keep an eye on his father-in-law.

Wednesday 9 January 2018 
Aurelio fabricates a theft scene in order to confuse the authorities. Juan and Elisa give Leo a sketch of Silvestre’s face.

Thursday 10 January 2018 
Leo shows Silvestre’s sketch to Condesa. Morejon asks Ignacio to investigate Tim, while Tim asks some of his men to act outside the law.

Friday 11 January 2018 
Aurelio continues to flirt with Belen, who seems to be interested in him. Monica tells Omar that she knows he is in Michoacan with Leonor.

Monday 14 January 2018 
Monica threatens Tijeras with a knife, and tells him she will make him pay for what he made her do. Marcado receives the visit from Garnica.

Tuesday 15 January 2018 
Monica pressures Omar not to open the stores in Michoacan. Everyone says goodbye to Aurelio before he goes into surgery.

Wednesday 16 January 2018 
Marcado is furious when he finds out that Tijeras is doing business with someone other than him. Meanwhile, Victor flirts with Monica.

Thursday 17 January 2018 
Belen promises Feyo that she has not cheated on him. Aurelio apologises to his mother. Marcado falls into Chema’s trap.

Friday 18 January 2018 
Don Feyo asks the surgeon to kill Aurelio as a personal favour to him and Condesa. Meanwhile, Belen asks Leonor about her past as an undercover agent.

Monday 21 January 2018 
Aurelio gets out of surgery, and Mrs Alba looks after him while he recovers at Don Feyo’s farm. Eleazar sleeps with Tijeras’s wife, Clara.

Tuesday 22 January 2018 
Tijeras threatens his wife after he hears her talking to Eleazar on the phone. Meanwhile, Monica walks in on Aurelio in bed with Belen.

Wednesday 23 January 2018 
Julia tells Tim that their relationship is over. Chema asks Rutila to sleep with Rivero and get all the information she can from him.

Thursday 24 January 2018 
When Aurelio asks Monica to get back together with him and promises to be faithful, Monica breaks out into laughter. Morejon is upset with Ignacio.

Friday 25 January 2018 
Aurelio meets with Tim, and the encounter turns violent. Clara’s parents are in mortal danger because of her cheating. Leo has a surprise for Omar.

Monday 28 January 2018 
Rutila and Leonor argue, and Rutila reveals to Monica that she would like to kill Leonor. Aurelio has a mesmerising encounter. Clara receives a shock.

Tuesday 29 January 2018 
Aurelio and Esperanza end up in bed. Rivero wants to know everything about Rutila’s whereabouts under her new name.

Wednesday 30 January 2018 
The General is upset with Victor. Pleased with the way things are going with Esperanza, Aurelio gives Carreño, Victor and Lilo some surprising news.

Thursday 31 January 2018 
Rutila wants to find out why Rivero ordered the investigation. Monica tells Omar that Leo slept with Aurelio. Carreño makes Victor furious.




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