Iron Rose returning to Telemundo in October, replaces The Boss, Read Plot and casts


As The boss draws to a close on 17th October, many telemundo fans may be wondering what new series will take over the time slot. Well the answer to that question can both be exciting or disappointing depending if you saw Iron Rose when it premiered some time last year.

As it turns out, telemundo is not yet satiated with Aracely Arambula’s  passionate acting as she is also the main lead in Iron rose.

She plays a cold, vindictive and independent woman who is out to take vengeance on those who wronged her in the past. Pretty much a similar storyline right? Yeah well it’s telemundo, revenge is what they do best and we’re loving it.


Aracely Arambula as Altagracia

Synopsis of Iron Rose 🌹
Iron Rose is a thrilling tale of revenge, betrayal and ambition centred around Altagracia Sandoval. At a very young age, Altagracia falls victim to abuse by a group of young, rich men known as ‘The Porkys’. They strip her of her innocence, turn her into a cold person and gets her pregnant.

Ever since then, the beautiful and headstrong business woman has learnt to use her beauty and charm to get what she wants. Her determination has built an empire that allows her to take the law into her own hands, bringing to justice the men, and those like them, that caused her such harm.


Danna Paola as Monica

Altagracia doesn’t know however that her quest for revenge will lead her to her estranged daughter Monica. Monica lives a simple life with her handicapped father, Lazaro Hernandez, she has no knowledge that Altagracia is her birth mother.

Mother and daughter’s paths will cross again when handsome lawyer, Saul Aguirre arrives into the scene. Saul fights for women’s rights after his own sister was killed by her husband. Upon his arrival, he meets both Altagracia and Monica and finds himself attracted to both, despite their vastly different personalities.


David Chocarro As Saul

Conflict arises when both mother and daughter discover that they love the same man, most especially as Saul is the only man Altagracia has ever been able to truly love. Will she be able to look past the fact that Monica is her daughter and not go on the defensive with her?

Throughout this dramatic telenovela, we’ll learn more about Altagracia’s extended family, Saul’s right hand man and the infamous ‘Porkys’ who are solely responsible for Altagracia’s ruthless outlook on life.

The series features a large ensemble cast, including Aracely Arámbula, David Chocarro, Danna Paola and Rebecca Jones.


Rebecca Jones

Watch this space for teasers when Iron Rose officlaly begins in October 22nd.


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