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Decisions June 2020 teasers telemundo

Decisions June teasers 2020 Telemundo features more real life story about people making decisions that affect them for the good or better. << Decisions...

Decisions May teasers 2020 telemundo

More life altering decisions on telemundo new Anthology series Decisions: some win, others lose. Read the May teasers below. << Decisions April teasers on telemundo Decisions telemundo...

Decisions April teasers 2020 telemundo

Read the first teasers for Telemundo new anthology series tilted decisions Which features real life people with real life events and the decisions they...

Decisions telemundo plot summary, story, casts, teasers

Decisions: some win, others lose is an hour long anthology drama on telemundo that mirrors the life of people who take decisions that affect...