Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 14 May 2024

Strings of love 14 may 2024: Jasleen taunts Seerat that a person whom she wants to have a relationship with doesn’t want to end his old relationship an doffers her a kerchief to wipe her tears. Seerat determines to break Angad and Sahiba’s relationship with her evil tricks, force Angad to accept his mamma’s order, and then will marry Angad.

Jasleen says she is overconfident. Seerat taunts her that she does nothing than peeping in other’s lives and walks away. Keerat informs Ajith about Seerat’s evil ploys and Manveer supporting her and the whole incident happened. Ajith asks why didn’t she inform him after so much happened and calls Sahiba concerned for her, gets tensed when she doesn’t pick call. Veer calls Angad who informs that Sahiba is not picking even his call, he is heading towards her college, and hopes she is fine. Veer informs same to Ajith.

Angad reaches Sahiba’s hostel room and finds her resting on a study table. He says he knows she is upset with Manveer’s shocking announcement, he didn’t know about it and wants to clear their misunderstanding. He holds her and pleads to listen to him and is shocked to see blood. He lifts her and is shocked to see her dead. He finds a scissor stabbed to her neck and pulls it out. He holds her hand and looking at her bracelet cries hugging her. He then realizes it’s not Sahiba’s touch, but the girl is wearing Sahiba’s clothes and jewelry. He thinks if this girl is not Sahiba, then where she is; Sahiba is in danger. Police arrives. Inspector points gun at him and warns him to drop his weapon. Constable checks girl’s pulse and informs that she is dead. Another constable says Angad brutally distorted his wife’s face. Inspector says he is being arrested for his wife Sahiba’s murder.

Students discuss that Sahiba was staying in a hostel room because of Angad. Warden says Angad was having problems with Sahiba and brutally murdered here. Professor also tells inspector that Sahiba informed him that she has differences with Angad. Angad says she is not Sahiba as he knows his wife and his wife is missing and in danger. Inspector refuses to listen to him and arrests him. Veer reaches hostel room and is shocked to dead body and students discussing that they never thought that Angad would kill Sahiba. Angad notices Veer and asks if he found Sahiba.

Veer cries that Sahiba is no more. Angad says this is not Sahiba and asks him to find out where she is. Inspector asks who is he. Veer says he is Angad’s younger brother. Inspector asks if there were problems between Angad and Sahiba. Veer says yes. Inspector asks if Angad had come here searching for Sahiba. Angad insists Veer that this is not Sahiba and to find her soon. Veer thinks Angad is telling truth.

Inspector drags Angad in a jeep while Angad continues to plead. Media arrives and cover the news. Brars are shocked to see the news. Manveer says her son can’t be arrested. Inder says his son can never murder Sahiba. Seerat thinks what will happen to her now after Angad goes to jail. Manveer stumbles. Inder holds her. Akaal says reporters are lying, he will sue them. Akaal says the news is spread in the whole media and shows messages. Whole family gets messages.

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