Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 7 January 2024

Strings of love 7 January 2024: Jasleen tells her family that she has seen the world, but hasn’t seen a mannerless and stubborn DIL like Sahiba. She says she is lucky as Seerat is more sensible than Sahiba as she was trying to make her sister understand. Prabjyoth says they should praise Sahiba’s courage. Hansraj says its called arrogance and not courage. Kiara says Sahiba is arrogant unnecessarily, how much she must be earning from her art shop. Angad passes by. Japjyoth asks what did Aakal talk to him regarding Sahiba.

Angad says he will talk to her later as he is getting late for work. Seerat tells him that he must be tensed because of Sahiba, he need not worry from hereon as she is there to handle Sahiba. Garry walks to them and says he will accompany Angad to their office from hereon.

Jasleen says both brothers will work together from hereon. Seerat says she will bring tiffin from them. Prabjyoth says Seerat is more sensible than Sahiba.

Sahiba tells Ajith that she put even him in tension as he didn’t open his food cart today because of her. Ajith says he put her into tension instead by dumping his loan on her. Sahiba describes what her shop matters to her and how she will try go pay his loan by working hard at the shop. A man walks to Sahiba and desires to buy her shop.

Sahiba says her shop is not for sale. During lunch, Seerat complains Garry for mistreating her. Garry says they shouldn’t discuss their personal issues outside the bedroom, he needs time to get back to normal. Seerat asks can’t they start afresh. Garry says she is putting undue pressure on him, she should enjoy the tag of a perfect Brar DIL and not bother him. A man tells Sahiba that his client wants to open a big departmental store in this area, he convinced surrounding shop owners to sell their shop and only Sahiba’s shop is left, so client is offering 25 lakhs for her shop. Sahiba refuses to sell her shop.

Seerat takes lunch for Angad. Angad asks why did she come instead of sending it via someone. Seerat says she had and when he didn’t respond, she brought lunch for him. Angad thanks her and says he will have it. Seerat says she will serve it. Angad recalls Sahiba serving him food. He asks if Garry is behaving well with her. Seerat says he is. Angad says its good, he wants Garry to take good care of her. Seerat asks if he will keep him promise and take care of her. Angad says when Garry is taking care of her, he doesn’t think he has to and asks her not to bring tiffin for him as he feels odd. Seerat says since Sahiba doesn’t bring tiffin for him, she brought it.

Angad says she had brought tiffin once. Seerat says what if Sahiba brings tiffin for Garry, does he feel bad. She says jokes apart, she is thankful to him for getting her life back on track. Garry passes by and seeing them chatting thinks what is happening. Angad asks Seerat to go as he has some work. Seerat leaves.

Man calls Angad and says Sahiba refused his offer. Angad asks if he gave his offer. Man says it doesn’t look that Sahiba will sell her shop, but he will try.

Angad thinks Sahiba is weird that she is not tempted by the offer. He gets a call from assistant that client wants to talk, but asks not transfer any incoming calls. Seerat walks in in lieu of taking her phone and says she is going to her parent’s house from here. Angad says he and Garry are going for a meeting and will drop her on the way. Sahiba asks Ajith if he is thinking of accepting that man’s offer. Ajith says he can’t dump his burden on her and will chose her over his ancestral shop. Sahiba asks if he doesn’t trust his daughter and her art, she wants to try and let the rest on god.

Seerat smiles while Angad drives car. Angad asks what happened. Seerat reminds that he had requested her for a date and brought flowers and chocolates. Angad says such things are gifted during dates. Seerat laughs and says 20 years ago, but now something else is given. Angad says sorry. Seerat says she should say sorry as she realized the value of such gifts now. He plays FM, Koi Faryaad Tere Dil Me Dabi Hai Jaise.. song plays. Seerat increases volume. Angad’s aide returns and offers 28 lakh rs. Sahiba says time is more precious than money and he is wasting his time. Aide says one shouldn’t love their house and shop and should accept this offer, he is in this lane for 1-2 hours and they can contact him if they change their mind.

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