Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 3 March 2024

Strings of love 3 march 2024: Inder addresses his family and says he knows they are all angry on him, so he has decided to.. Angad says he already unveiled his one secret, does he have more such secrets. Sahiba asks him to behave with his father and listen to him once.

Seerat yells at Sahiba if she wants to see Angad and Manveer in pain. Inder says this is the only secret he had, he had fallen in Gayatri’s love 10 years ago and left her when Manveer opposed it; he truly apologizes Angad by her and Manveer, though she will not forgive him. He requests family to punish him and not Simran and not send her out of Brar house as she got a family after a long time.

Manveer asks if he is not ashamed to say this. Simran runs to Inder with her childhood album and falls down. Inder and Gayatri’s photo pops out from behind her pic. She shows it to him. She asks Manveer if she was telling something to papa, then why did she stop, if she also forgets things like her sometimes, same pinch. Seerat says Manveer remembered everything instead of forgetting seeing her.

Akaal orders to take Simran from here. Simran asks if he is her grandfather, is papa is only child. Inder says he has 2 sisters and 1 brother and introduces them. Simran tells Manveer if she is Angad’s mother, then she is also her mother. Inder tells Manveer that she always wanted a daughter, so she should accept Simran. Manveer says she wanted a child from her own womb and not Inder’s illegitimate child. Veer tries to take Simran from there. Simran asks why he always takes her away during important discussions and asks Manveer is she is fine as she was ill. Manveer says the reason for her illness is asking about her well being. Veer takes her away from there. Jasleen says Inder is right that Manveer should accept Simrna as her daughter as Simran has a Brar blood in her.

Manveer refuses to accept Simran again and yells at Inder. Akaal says if Manveer doesn’t want Simran here, then Simran should go. Sahiba requests him not to deprive a motherless child of her family. Seerat brings Simran’s bag and says she can understand Manveer’s pain as even her husband betrayed her. She throws Simran’s bag out and says she will throw even Simran out now. Sahiba confronts her for being so ruthless. Akaal yells at Sahiba for hiding truth from them and becoming their sinners, he says she supported Inder and is a sinner like Inder; he thought she is sensitive, but he was wrong; she is irresponsible, etc. Seerat says Sahiba is not ashamed of her act. Sahiba asks why don’t they understand that Simran doesn’t have anyone in life except Inder, they can humiliate a child just because she can’t fight for herself.

Angad says Simran will not stay in this house. Sahiba asks if he supports Seerat’s act of throwing a kid’s bag out. Angad says no, but Simran’s intention is not wrong. Argument ensues. Inder tries to pick Simran’s bag. Sahiba stops him and insists Seerat to pick it. Seerat refuses. Sahiba says she is acting like she did in guest house. Seerat gets afraid that Sahiba will reveal that she had gone behind Angad without informing family. She says she doesn’t want to create any more drama and rudely dumps things in the bag. Sahiba orders her to be gentle. Seerat finishes. Sahiba asks her to pick it and give it to her. Seerat does, leaving Jasleen in shock.

Inder comforts Simran and feeds her food. Simran asks if he will feed Angad similar as Angad is angry on him. Inder feels sad. After some time, Simran goes to kitchen to prepare food for him and cheer him up. She switches on toaster, it malfunctions and short circuits. Simran pleads for help. Angad walks to her hearing her plea.

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