Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 23 December 2023

Strings of love 23 December 2023: Gurleen and Veer praise Sahiba’s decoration for Angad’s birthday party. Gurleen says she will get her birthday decoration by Sahiba itself. Akaal asks where is Sahiba. Japjyoth says she must be getting ready and would come down soon. She asks Manveer if she liked the decoration. Manveer says its too simple. Veer says Angad wished to keep it minimal, how could she reject birthday boy’s wish. Hansraj comments that Sahiba is a good con artist, then says he means everyone knows she is a great artist. Sahiba walks in. Japjyoth praises that she is looking pretty. Maid brings cake.

Manveer asks if he ordered cake. Veer says Sahiba ordered cake. Gurleen asks Sahiba what gift she bought for Angad. Jaspal says she must have bought something special for Angad. Sahiba says she didn’t buy anything as Angad doesn’t even like her presence. Manveer asks her not to start again on Angad’s birthday. Japjyoth says she doesn’t like her and Angad criticizing each other. Akaal says he liked decoration and gives 10/10 marks to Sahiba. Inder joins them followed by Jasleen.

Mongas walk in. Prabjyoth asks who invited these brokes to spoil their mood. Angad walks and says he invited them. Japjyoth says he did right by inviting his in-laws. Angad says he invited one more person. Garry walks in. Inder gets angry and asks Angad to kick him out. Angad stops him and says he doesn’t want Seerat to suffer anymore and hence wants to perform Garry and Seerat’s wedding if the family agrees. Sahiba asks if he wants to ruin Seerat’s life. Angad says he took this decision after a much thought. Kiara returns home to celebrate Angad’s birthday and is shocked to hear that. She asks if they are trying to ruin Garry bro’s life by getting him married to Seerat who betrayed Angad and eloped from the wedding. Sahiba says Seerat’s life is ruined instead and asks her to question her mother and brother. Jasleen takes away Kiara from there.

Whole family sit speechless. Sahiba says Angad got his answer, nobody liked his idea. Angad says Sahiba’s hobby is to oppose his decision and asks Ajith if he is right or not. Ajith nods he is right. Sahiba continues to oppose Angad’s decision. Jasleen says they will also not agree to her waste idea. She says Angad proved his capability and realized Garry cannot compete with Angad at all. Prabjyoth asks what is she saying. Jasleen says she is right that Angad is a link which holds whole Brar family together. Sahiba says she can’t Seerat’s life ruined like this. Angad drags Sahiba away saying he wants to talk to her alone. Sahiba asks her parents not to agree to this alliance. Sahiba asks Angad if he thinks he can convince her for his impractical idea. Angad says before she continues her drama, she should listen to him once.

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