Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 13 April 2024

Strings of love 13 April 2024: Sahiba walks on street with her bags. An auto driver notices her and asks where is she going at this time. Imlie thinks if she goes to her parent’s house, they will question her; she asks him to drop her to her college and thinks of taking accommodation in college’s hostel.

Driver drops her at the college and says he doesn’t have any letter for her today. Sahiba says it’s okay. She asks watchman to let her meet hotel warden. Watchman says warden has left for the day, she can come in the morning. Veer calls Keerat and informs that Sahiba left home with her bags and asks if she reached home. Sahba asks watchman to let her meet admin at least as she doesn’t have a place to stay tonight. Watchman rudely asks her to leave. Keerat asks why Sahiba left home.

Veer says he doesn’t know. Keerat calls Sahiba. Sahiba doesn’t pick call.Hostel warden returns to hostel to take some important file. Sahiba introduces herself and requests for hostel accommodation. Wardan asks if she is Angad’s wife. Sahiba nods yes. Warden asks if she eloped from the house, do her in-laws know about it. Sahiba says yes. Warden asks her to come in the morning. Sahiba says she doesn’t have a place to stay, warden can understand her situation as a woman. Warden agrees and allots her a room for the semester.

Watchman shows her room. Sahiba notices it’s dirt with liquor bottles around. Watchman says this room was unoccupied, so students were using it for fun; now it belongs to her. Sahiba thinks she doesn’t have any money left after paying hostel fees.

Watchman plays FM. Tere Bina Zindagi Mein Koi Shikwa To Nahi.. song plays. Sahiba cleans her room sadly. Angad imagines Sahiba all around his room and breaks mirror shouting if she has left him, she should leave him completely. Sahiba unpacks her bags and vents out her frustration on clothes.

Angad drives his car recalling Sahiba’s bitter words. He crashes his car to a tree. Sahiba eats biscuit for dinner and recalls Angad feed her food. She breaks down recalling Angad telling Seerat that she is not only her responsibility, but also his love and life.

Angad gets out of his car and walks to a dhaba. People ask if his car broke down. He doesn’t replay them and sits with alcoholics. An alcoholic says it looks like an issue of heart and offers him liquor. Angad drinks whole bottle in one go and breaks bottle. Alcoholic asks him to be careful. Angad asks why can’t he hear the voice of his heart break and breaks bottle on his hand.

He says he used to change his car whenever it used to get even a scratch, where shall he change his broken heart. Alcoholic says there is no such place, but only lucky people experience pain of love. Seerat continues to call Sahiba. Sahiba notices her missed calls and calls her back. Keerat asks where is she and why didn’t she reach home. Sahiba says she is at college hostel.

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