Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 10 February 2024

Strings of love 10 February 2024: Sahiba notices a girl/Sara with Garry and thinks who she must be. Sara drops her keychain and picks it back. Sahiba notices snake-shaped tattoo in Sara’s finger and thinks it can help her reach the culprit.

She rushes out and hides seeing Garry returning home and once he goes in walks out. Sara hides behind the car seeing her. Sarhiba searches for her and finds just a dupatta. Sara hits her head with a plant pot from behind, and she collapses. Sara snatches back her dupatta and runs away.

Angad doesn’t get sleep due to windchime sound and goes to window to remove it. He notices someone in a parking area and walks out. He is shocked to see Sahiba lying unconscious on the floor and takes her to his room. He wakes her up after much effort and asks what had happened to her.

Sahiba tries to speak. Manveers walks in corridor thinking whom Inder is searching for. Angad walks out of his room supporting Sahiba.

Manveer asks him if he is fine and what is Sahiba doing in his room. Angad says he is fine, he saw Sahiba unconscious in a parking lot. Manveer yells it’s Sahiba’s usual drama to gain attention. Sahiba says she should question her son instead for helping her when she didn’t ask for. She walks towards her room holding her head. Angad asks Seerat if she or Garry had gone out. Seerat recalls her argument with Garry and thinks though she and Garry are at loggerheads, she is in this house because of Garry. She lies that they both were inside the room itself. Sahiba gets suspicious.

Next day, Sahiba meets Veer and Keerat and says they should divide themselves area-wise and check each tattoo shop to find out where the tattoo on the culprit girl is made. She warns them to be careful, recalling last night’s event. She checks different tattoo shops and fails. Veer meets Keerat and says his list got over and hence he came to help her. They visit a shop. Artist confuses them as a couple and asks if they want a matching couple tattoo. Keerat gets angry on him. Veer handles the situation and shows tattoo to the artist. Artist says it’s not from their shop as they don’t do such a lame job. Veer tells Keerat that he thinks the girl gvot the tattoo out of Ludhiana as they searched all the shops.

Sahiba reaches a shop where the tattoo is made and requests the artist to tell who got this tattoo done. Artist refuses to divulge any details as per their shop policy.

Inder scolds his detective for failing to search his said person. Manveer notices him and thinks whom he is talking hiding. A school teacher takes students for a picnic and counts them before getting them on bus. She counts only 12 students out of 13. She notices Simran missing, notices a cookie pack in a student’s hand, student says Simran gave her and went out to have chat, she says Simran is a foodie and must have gone to have chat.

Simran enters chats. She buys kachori from a shop and refuses to pay. Shopkeeper runs behind her calling her a thief. She enacts as a cloth shop mannequin and seeing Sahiba standing nearby requests her not to get her caught. Shopkeepers ask Sahiba if she saw a thief girl who ate snacks and didn’t pay. Sahiba scolds them for calling a girl as thief, pays them, and sends them away. Simran happily hugs and thanks her and calls her didi.


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