Strings of love Starlife update Monday 26 February 2024

Strings of love 26 February 2024: Inder asks Manveer to let Sahiba check everything and tries to snatch file from her hand. Manveer asks what is your problem, if I read the file. She reads and checks shocked. Angad asks if there is any problem.

Manveer thinks mother’s name is Gayatri Sachdeva, and recalls Inder confessing loving Gayatri. Angad asks what is in this file. Angad says Simar’s mother name is mentioned and not father’s name. Inder takes a sigh of relief. Angad says it shows what kind of man, he was, may be he doesn’t want to have any ties with Simran and her mother or Simran’s mother doesn’t want to have him in their lives, and says don’t know what kind of cheap people are there in this world.

Sahiba says when we don’t know what had actually happened, then we shall not make any opinion. They leave from there. Inder is still standing there.Manveer thinks she can’t be that Gayatri and says Simran can’t be her daughter. She thinks her name was Gayatri Sachdeva and recalls Inder tells Daarji that he wants to divorce Manveer and wants to marry Gayatri, but Daar ji refuses and Manveer threatens to commit suicide. She panics and drinks water. She thinks Inder didn’t show his emotions before, he seems to be changed, shall I talk to him. She tells herself that she is overthinking, and thinks his affair had ended long before.

Seerat tells Jasleen about Manveer’s worry seeing Simran’s documents. Jasleen says she will find out. She asks Seerat if she thinks she has made her spy. Seerat says no, I talk to you only openly, I don’t feel like that. Jasleen asks if Angad is fulfilling his promise. Seerat recalls Angad’s words. Jasleen asks her to remind Angad of his promise often so that he gives more importance to her than Sahiba. She reminds her if she has forgotten how he had planned Sahiba’s birthday party and made her feel special, I don’t think he remembers the promise made to you. She says they have come really closer and have been spending time with each other.

Angad comes to Manveer’s room and covers her with blanket. Inder comes there. Angad asks if Mamma is fine, she slept so early and was disturbed downstairs. Inder says she haven’t told me anything, and says may be she has headache and must have slept. Angad says good night and goes out. Inder comes behind him and asks if Simar is fine. Angad says I was thinking, and tells that Sahiba and I was thinking, that we shall talk to the family, that we want to keep her here with us rather than sending her to boarding school. Inder gets happy and emotional. Angad asks if you have any problem? Inder says no, and says she is a good girl. Angad goes. Inder thinks he shall be thankful to him and say sorry too. He says he has done wrong with Simran, Gayatri and Manveer, and even with you, and couldn’t become the father like you wanted and like Simran need.

Seerat recalls Jasleen and Angad’s words. She hears the thunder storm and looks out to see the rain. She thinks she likes it so much and enjoy the rain. Sahiba takes care of Simran. Angad is also there. He gets Pam’s call and tells that he don’t like delays. Sahiba says Simran is sleeping. Angad goes out to talk. Seerat comes out of the house and enjoys the rain happily. Angad is still talking on phone and comes out. Seerat sees him talking on phone. She goes to him. Angad turns and looks at her who is standing just behind him. Teri meri doriyan plays……

Simran wakes up and shouts Mamma. Sahiba hugs her and asks what happened, did you see bad dream. She asks if she is scared hearing the thunder storm? Simran nods her head and hugs her. Angad asks Seerat if she was getting drenched in rain and asks her to come inside, says you will get unwell. Seerat holds his hand and asks him to enjoy the rain. He refuses and asks her to come inside. Sahiba asks Simran to try her Mamma trick and close her eyes. Simran says she is not seeing anything, it seems Mamma is upset with her. Seerat tries to convince Angad. Sahiba comes out looking for Angad, she is about to come out when Inder calls her and asks what happened? Sahiba says she is searching for Angad, and tells that Simran is crying a lot and is not keeping quiet. Inder goes to Simran and asks why she is crying. He says Simran is brave like her Mamma. Sahiba looks on.

Seerat enjoys the rain, swirls and asks Angad to come. Angad says you will get unwell, and asks her to come. Inder tries to pacify Simran and asks if someone was scaring her in sleep. Simran says he was my good friend. Inder asks if you saw the bad dream. Simran hugs him and asks him not to tell anyone. He says Pinky promise. Sahiba says I will not hear anything. Inder asks her to go. Sahiba goes out. Simran tells him about her dream in which Angad and Sahiba was in car and was happy, when they met with an accident and died. She says her Mamma also died and went to God. Inder hugs Simran.

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