Strings of love Starlife update Friday 22 march 2024

Strings of love 22 march 2024: Angad continues to serve at the gurudwara and pray for Sahiba and Simran’s successful operation. Doctors notice Sahiba’s vital signs getting back to normal. Transplant surgeon completes Simran’s transplant surgery successfully and informs Brar about it.

Brars hope Sahiba’s surgery is also successful. Sahiba’s condition starts deteriorating again. Doctor gets worried for her. Angad and team return to hospital. Inder asks about Simran’s condition. Family informs that Simran’s transplant was successful. Angad asks what about Sahiba. Akaal says they don’t know anything about her.

Nurse rushes out of OT and asks staff to bring O positive blood soon. Angad asks if Sahiba is fine. Nurse says her condition is critical and rushes to OT. Angad insists to see Sahiba, but nurse stops him.Santosh asks Angad to use his money and save Sahiba or else she will never forgive him. Inder tries to comfort Ajith. Ajith says he is saying this as his daughter is safe, but what about my daughter. Doctor comes out and informs that Sahiba has slipped into come because of excessive blood loss.

Family is shocked to hear that, Angad asks her to arrange blood then and shift Sahiba to another hospital if need be. Doctor says they tried their level best and only rely on god now. Angad breaks down and asks if he can meet Sahiba. Doctor says after Sahiba is shifted to ICU, they can meet Simran though.

Angad breaks down sitting on a bench. Manveer says she knows he is worried for Sahiba, but he can’t break down like this. Angad asks how can she be so selfish, she is worried about her child but what about other’s child.

Manveer says she is worried for Sahiba. Angad asks her to stop lying as she never liked Sahiba from before and wouldn’t bother if something happens to her.

Ajith and Santosh visit Sahiba in the ICU and plead her to wake up. Angad says Sahiba is a fighter and keeps her promises always, she promised him to return safely from the surgery. They walk away. Angad reminds Sahiba of the promises she made to him and their bonding. Sahiba’s ECG monitor turns blank. Angad calls doctor and tries to wake up Sahiba. Doctor asks peons to take Angad away and gives defibrillator shocks to Sahiba. She finally informs Angad that his wife is no more.



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