Strange Love Update Wednesday 5 May 2021

Strange Love 5 May 2021: starts with Shlok talking on phone about Avdhoot’s case. He asks the person to complicate his case for four five days more. He smiles and ends the call. He says Astha, now your life is in my hands completely. Sojal asks Astha to go and prepare for the honeymoon. Astha reads something in the newspaper and gets an idea. She says its Amavasya tomorrow and we can’t leave tomorrow as its not good, I m thinking how to tell this to Anjali. Anjali agrees with her and says don’t go tomorrow. Shlok says I don’t believe that, I will go tomorrow only. Astha says its in the newspaper and you tell me to respect the traditions and rituals. Shlok says I will remove it from root and looks at the newspaper. He laughs and says its an old newspaper, the Amavasya night have passed, so Mrs. Agnihotri also won’t have a problem now. Anjali leaves. Astha looks at Shlok angrily. He smiles.

The next morning, Abhay comes to their house and says jyoti has sent me to wish Shlok and Astha on their honeymoon trip. He wishes them happy journey, Niranjan asks Astha did you keep everything, passport tickets and currency. Shlok asks Astha did you check the passports. Astha says I think I forgot. Shlok gets angry and says Astha how can you be so careless. He says I told you to take the passports from the cupboard, anyway I will go and bring it. He goes to his room. Anjali scolds Astha for forgetting the passports. Sojal and Abhay smile. Shlok comes to his room and gets his passport in the cupboard. He looks for Astha’s passport but its not there. Anjali is still scolding Astha for being careless. Shlok comes to Astha and asks where is your passport, its not there in the cupboard. Astha says I don’t know. She asys how will we go without passport and smiles. Shlok thinks she did this and calls someone. He reschedules his flight but could not. Astha is happy. Astha says why are you so angry Shlok, we will go sometime later on honeymoon. Everyone looks on.

Astha says I will bring water for you. He says no need, I m angry as Varad did the honeymoon lanning so well, he would feel bad, and I know how much excited you were about this trip, how sad you would be feeling, but don’t worry, we will go somewhere. Astha says but my passport. Shlok says we can’t go to Singapore, but can go to Goa. He asks Varad to book his and Astha’s Goa tickets. Varad happily agrees and goes to book. Astha gets tensed. Sojal’s and Abhay’s plan could not take off. Shlok thinks whatever you do, you can’t fail me. Shlok and Astha have an angry eyelock. Varad books the tickets by phone and tells Shlok you can go today by 5pm. Astha leaves from the hall. Shlok thinks I know you don’t want to come with me, but you don’t have any option. Avdhoot is talking on phone and cancelling the tickets. Kalindi asks who is going and where. He says I m thinking to sent Ajju on yatra, I booked our three tickets, but now we could not go, we will send only her alone. Kalindi smiles. Ajju is unhappy with his decision and says how can you think I will go far leaving my children on my birthday.

She says this yatra can be done anytime later but now my family needs me more. She says so I will celebrate my birthday with you all, else not. She says nothing is more important to me than my children.
Shlok comes to Astha while talking on phone about his Goa honeymoon. Astha is angry. He says do anything but we should not miss the flight. She says it won’t miss, let me have some rest now. He says fine, even I will rest and lies by her side. She looks at him and gets up. He holds her and says the flight should not miss. He says we will go today at any cost. He blows on her hair and she stares at him. He draws her closer and they have an eyelock. She says what are you doing. He says I won’t do anything, you are just thinking. He smiles.

They hear some sound and go to see who came. Its an IT raid in their house. Niranjan deals with them. Shlok and Astha come downstairs. Shlok asks by whose permission are you checking our house. They say don’t interfere in our work, we will check your house and we can arrest you if you have any black money or jewellery. Niranjan asks them to do their work. The checking starts and the man goes to the mandir. Astha stops him from entering the mandir. He says I told you not to interfere, I will check any place where I doubt.
Astha says don’t dare to check there, its our mandir, remove your shoes first before stepping in. He removes his shoes and says sorry and goes in. Astha says even I will come with you, I will show you as we have not hidden anything in the mandir. Everyone look at Astha. Kaka smiles. Anjali asks Astha not to go in the mandir. Astha says I won’t let anyone insult our Lord, we won’t let anyone insult Niranjan. She goes with the officer and shows him everything by her hands. Shlok calls someone and asks him to stop the raid by any way.
Astha tells the officer are you convinced now. He says yes and comes out of the mandir. The raid id over and they don’t get anything in the house. Abhay comes.

They apologize to Niranjan and says we got some information and we were doing our duty. Astha says you don’t have any right to inslut our dad like this. Sojal is shocked to see Abhay smiling and says did he do this, if he takes my name then what. Abhay says yes to Sojal. Niranjan says I can understand, may I know the reason for this raid. The officer says we got wrong information about you. Niranjan says I want to know his name. He says I m sorry, I can’t give you the information. He says I can’t go against my department. Niranjan says you might be knowing that your boss is my close relative. He says you don’t worry, we will find out about that man ourselves. The officer says his name is …….. Sojal gets tensed and acts like fainting. The officer says we will leave now and leaves. Varad runs to Sojal and cares for her. Abhay gets inside the house. Varad asks Sojal what happened. She says I m fine now and gets up.

She says some silly lines. Anjali scolds her for fainting. Sojal says I was in tension. Anjali says a woman should be in a way. Niranjan asks Varad to use his media contacts and find out who did this. Varad says yes. Anjali asks Sojal to come with her. Niranjan is angry.Sojal being worried. She meets Abhay and asks what did you did, why did you can income tax people. He says I did this to trap Shlok. She says if anyone knows about this. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen. He sees Varad coming and leaves. Varad comes to Sojal and asks what are you doing here alone and why are you so worried. Sojal says everyone are worried at home, did you know who is responsible for this raid. Varad says we will know it soon. Sojal says if anyone insults dad, I will be worried, I care about this house. She leaves.

Varad thinks what did I say that she felt annoyed. Dad gave me work for the first time, I will find out who was behind the raid. Shlok comes to Niranjan and asks are you thinking where are the accounts file and money which you gave me. He says you have always taught me, and I remembered it always, that we should find the solution of the problem before it comes. Don’t worry, I have hidden those things which no one can reach. Niranjan smiles and says you have again made me proud. Anjali comes and hears them talking. Astha also sees them. Niranjan says I m proud of you my son, you deserve to be my heir. He says you are my shadow, or I should say I m in you. He says I don’t expect anything from Varad, you have always proved that you always took my name and our family to new heights. Shlok touches his feets. Niranjan hugs him.

Astha thinks how can anyone fall to this level, Shlok is cheating his dad.
Astha comes to her room thinking how can Shlok cheat his dad. She says Shlok does not respect anyone, how can I go on honeymoon with him, what to do to cancel the honeymoon, how to be with him alone without the family. She wishes the Bappa to do something and cancel the honeymoon. Shlok comes to her and says you might be thinking how to cancel the honeymoon plan. He laughs and says you made me a mind reader. He says you might be thinking how bad I m, or how much I love you that I understand your every feeling.

Astha says I m shocked to see you are cheating your dad. Shlok scolds her. he sits by her side and says I can give you a chance. He smiles seeing her. He says I m having fun playing this game. He says if you cancel this honeymoon by doing anything, I will save your dad, else if we go then you will never go to your parent’s house, tell me, will you bet on this. Asgtha looks at him and says yes. She holds his hand and says fine. He holds her hand tight and stares at her. He says so this game is about to begin, all the best Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri. He laughs and leaves.
Someone calls Ajju and sys you are proud of Shlok, but I want to tell you to save your daughter from him. Ajju gets angry and asks what do you know about him, how can you say this about Shlok, do you have any proof. He says save Astha from him, as she has danger from Shlok. He ends the call and Ajju gets worried. Astha gets an idea from Kavya. Its Abhay who called Ajju to inform them about Shlok. His mum says what will they do. Abhay says they will reach Shlok’s house to take Astha with them. He says I don’t want Shlok and Astha to go on honeymoon. jyoti hears this and is shocked.

Astha acts as if she fell in the stairs. Shlok comes and asks what happened, did you fall. He says are you hurt, oh I won’t let you win so easily. He holds her hand and takes her to the room. He says enough and gets angry on Astha. He breaks a water jug and says what do you think of yourself, you can’t rule over me, you have to come with me on honeymoon, come with me silently, how much you fear, you will be happy, I will hurt you as much as you have hurt my family. Astha says what will you hurt me, I m hurting myself by being with you under same roof. He says my decision won’t change, I feel happy seeing you in pain. She walks on the glass pieces and gets hurt. She looks at him and cries. Dil se nikle………. plays………. He does not care. She walks on the glass looking at him.
Saiyyan Ve…… plays….. he stares at her. She says what are you seeing, this pain is nothing infront of the pain you gave me, she says I m happy walking on them. She stares at him angrily. he sees her madness and gets angry. He lifts her and rests her on the bed. He treats her wounds by the first aid box. Anjali and Sojal come there and sees this. They are shocked. Astha removes the glass pieces from her foot. Anjali says Astha, whats all this, how did this happen. Anjali scolds her again. Sojal says how did you get hurt. Shlok asks Anjali to stop interfering and says this water jug break, don’t make it an issue.

Sojal says but it does not look it fell by mistake. She says Astha is badly hurt, so you can’t go on honeymoon now. Shlok says did I ask your opinion. Anjali says Shlok, you won’t go on honeymoon, see Astha, she can’t go now as Goa is not near. Shlok looks at Astha and says we will surely go on honeymoon, even I have to lift Astha in my arms and take her, if Goa is far, we will go somewhere else, but we will go, no one can stop us from going, not even you. jyoti is thinking why is Abhay after Shlok and Astha’s honeymoon, did does he not want them to go. She thinks of talking to them later. She gets Astha’s passport from Abhay’s clothes and is shocked. Abhay comes and takes it from her hand. jyoti says you have Astha’s passport, why are you after her, what did you do to you. Abhay says ok I m wrong, come on beat me. He says I have made a mistake stealing Astha’s passport, beat me. His mum comes and Abhay and she get angry on jyoti.

jyoti says I m sorry, but don’t do anything with Shlok and Astha. She says give them the passport back. Abhay shouts on her and says you can go your home only with me. He asks his mum to control jyoti. He says Anjali loves her bahus a lot, keep her also with love. jyoti’s mum in law takes her to the kitchen by force to hurt her. Abhay says treat her carefully. She says don’t worry, I will show her that she won’t be able to speak up again. Shlok and Astha are leaving for their honeymoon. Astha is hurt and is unable to walk. Varad sees her and asks what happened to your foot. Astha looks at Shlok.

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