Strange Love Update Wednesday 28 July 2021

Strange Love 28 July 2021: The Episode starts with Astha seeing Jyoti with flowers. Niranjan sees them happily talking. Anjali sees him watching them. Jyoti says I love flowers and will keep them in my room. Astha teases her and they laugh. Niranjan sits for breakfast and asks for Varad and Vinayak. Anjali answers him. He asks her to bring a file, its important and have to show it to Shlok. She brings it. Niranjan says I m buying a plot opposite our house for Jyoti, I want them to be infront of my eyes so that I can care for them.

Astha thinks what happened to him, is he changing, else…………He asks Shlok to see the papers. Shlok checks the papers and says you forgot to sign here. Niranjan says I knew this you will find it out, I will sign it.He asks Anjali to take this papers and take Jyoti’s sign on this. She says fine. Shlok and Niranjan go to their rooms. Astha checks the file and thinks papers are fine, how can Baba change suddenly, is there any plan behind this. Anjali brings the file and asks Niranjan to sign it.Niranjan signs on the papers and puts some additional papers in the file, when Anjali goes far. He then gives it to her. She says I will take Jyoti’s sign in the morning. Astha asks Shlok to have pakodsa and starts acting. He says you should get best actress award. She makes him eat and he makes bad faces. He says why is it so spicy. She says sorry, I will make you have kheer. He eats it and says give me more sweet. She asks what. He gets closer and the maid comes saying Deva…… She says Anjali is calling Astha.

He says so you felt only you can do drama, you don’t know me. Astha says Sita always come on this time. You could have atleast shut the door. He jokes. She leaves calling him naughty. He says I learnt from you. Anjali comes to Jyoti and asks her did she have breakfast. She asks Jyoti to sign on these papers. Jytoi refuses. Anjali says Niranjan sent this to buy the plot opposite this house, to keep you always infront of him, decide yourself, I will tell him. Jyoti signs on the papers. Anjali takes it and leaves.

Mansi comes to Varad at his office and she brings breakfast for him. He talks about Sojal. She says even I would have fought with you if I was at her place, you were at my house all night, I was feeling guilty. She says take her out. He says are you mad and laughs. She defends Sojal and he looks at her. He says tell me how are you like this, so different. He says you are really very good, no complains, find happiness in others’, you did not ask me to get married. She laughs. He asks why. She says marriage? This is really funny, that word does not exist in my dictionary, you see your marriage, it does not have love but just Kavya, I don’t want to marry, compatibility is important to me than marriage, I really feel you understand me perfectly and you love me, do you? He smiles and holds her hand saying ofcourse. She makes him eat sandwich.

Sid comes and sees her with Varad. He says sorry Sir, you are busy and will come later. Varad says no, she is Mansi, she was handling Singapore bureau and now she will handle here. Mansi greets him and leaves. Anjali comes to Niranjan. He asks did you take her sign. Anjali gives the file back and says I m glad you did this for her. He says I should have done this before and I asked you, but you could not do it. She is puzzled. He says see this, its Abhay’s bail papers, its her statement and has Jyoti’s sign which you took it yourself, now no one can stop Abhay from coming out of the jail. Anjali is shocked and cries. He asks what happened and asks her to lower her eyes. She says I hate women seeing in men’s eyes, don’t know how did you change so much, you are daring to look in my eyes and talk, lower down. I can’t bear this, you know what can I do.

He says use these eyes to scare your bahu Astha, don’t tell anyone Jyoti took the complaint back, else you know what I can do with you and your daughter. He asks her to leave and let him spend some time with himself. (Seriously MAD!!) He calls the lawyer and talks to him, Anjali comes out crying and breaks down. Varad is with Mansi at her home. She looks at her and smiles. He asks why are you seeing me like this. She says such a handsome face. He says thanks. She says we are playing game and its yoru chance. He says you take so much time. They play scrabble. She makes Sojal in it and his mood spoils. She laughs and says sorry, that was bad.

Varad gets Sojal’s call and asks what was the need to take her name. he does not take the call. She asks him to take the call. He says no peace at home, so I came here. She says take her call. He says if she is calling, it has to be to backbite about anyone, I have an important meeting and have to concentrate. She says she is your wife, you should concentrate on her too, maybe something important. He says you don’t know her. She says maybe Kavya is calling. Sojal calls again and he takes the call. She asks where are you, with whom are you. He asks what happened. She says nothing, pick my saree while coming home. He says do I need to do this. She says yes, Anjali does not let me go out. He says I won’t.

Sojal asks him to do anything for family, I m unlucky to have a husband like you. Varad ends the call in anger. Mansi says sorry and holds her ears. Varad hugs her. Kavya talks to Jyoti about her classmate Sania and makes Jyoti laugh. Anjali smiles seeing Jyoti happy. Jyoti tickles Kavya and they laugh. Anjali thinks my daughter was learning to be happy and Niranjan did this, how could I not understand his plan, I m unable t do anything and my daughter’s life is getting ruined infront of me.
Astha asking Anjali what happened to her, did Baba do anything again. Anjali avoids telling her but she is very worried. She thinks Baba warned no one should know, if I tell her, she will not be quiet. Sojal comes and asks Anjali what happened. Anjali scolds them and asks them to do their work. She leaves.

Astha thinks Anjali is surely hiding something. The lawyer comes to meet Niranjan. Niranjan gives the property and bail papers which Jyoti signed. He says free Abhay soon. Niranjan keeps a copy. The lawyer says this will take one week time, and did you keep copy. Niranjan says yes, I have a copy, don’t take more time than one week, I want Abhay to be back soon. As Police to call and talk to me, as I don’t want anyone to disturb her in this state. Niranjan keeps the file and sticks some stars to it. He gets a call and says fine I m coming. He takes another blue file and leaves.

Astha thinks she should ask Anjali again, its something that is hurting her, why do I feel that Niranjan is linked to this. She goes to Anjali and asks her again why is she worried. Anjali says everything is not to be told. Astha says it means there is something, lets go out. Anjali says no, leave me alone, I don’t feel good, I want to be alone. She holds Astha’s hand and makes her go out of her room. Astha says I m very stubborn, I can let her be alone for sometime. I will ask her later.

Niranjan checks the file in office and is shocked to see he brought the wrong one, He says it means that file is at home. He calls Anjali and asks her to get the file from study, and no one should get it, I will not leave you then, it has property and bail papers. Anjali says fine and goes to get the file. Astha talks to Shlok and says Baba’s file, blue, fine, I will send it. Astha goes there and takes the blue file with stars which Niranjan kept.

Anjali sees her and stops her. She asks whats this file doing with you. Astha says Shlok want this. Anjali says see this, he marked these stars, give it to me. The file falls and the bail papers come out. Jyoti reads it and is shocked seeing Abhay’s bail papers. Anjali says give it. Astha looks on puzzled. Jyoti cries and looks at Anjali whats this, that’s why you wanted to take my sign on property papers, to get these bail papers signed, how low will you fall, you cheated me again, you don’t want to give birth to my daughter. Sojal comes and hears all this. Jyoti says this was your plan to free Abhay.

Anjali says no, Niranjan wanted you to sign these papers and get plot. Jyoti says yes and you has added the papers in this, Abhay did so much with me, what type of mum are you, Shlok checked the papers and it was good. She shouts on Anjali. She gets into tension and Astha consoles her. Jyoti says if I stay quiet today, don’t know what will she do, you say Anjali is good and loves me, I always felt she loved me, but no, I was wrong, I hate her, what she did today with me, she can do with you too. She says she has broken my trust, not anymore. She says I will not stay in this house. Sojal is glad and thinks if I stop her, I will be great in her eyes. Sojal goes after Jyoti.

Sojal stops her and asks her to understand Anjali’s point of view, she is also right, don’t go. Jyoti asks her to stay out of this. She scolds Jyoti and says you tell me when Kavya was born, if Anjali did this with you what would you do. She says you did not see the days I saw. Sojal thinks so go, I was serving you all the time, I was stopping you to make Anjali and Niranjan happy, I will inform Varad and ask him to stop her. Astha asks Anjali whats this, why did she not tell her. Niranjan calls Anjali did she get the file. She says yes. He says no one should get the file, I told you.

He ends the call and says just Abhay should be out soon. Anjali scolds Astha. Astha says I know you very well, so don’t do acting to get angry, I know your innocence and goodness. She says I was helpless to do this, stop my daughter, I need your help. Astha asks how can you be so helpless to do this, if that devil gets out, he will ruin Jyoti’s life. Anjali says scold me later, go and stop her. Astha asks why did you do this to regret later, Jyoti is in big problem now, you should have told me. Anjali says I did not know about this. Astha asks what. Anjali says I did not know he added bail papers, now stop her. I plead you, where will she go in this state. Astha goes to stop Jyoti.

Sojal calls Varad and he does not take her call. Jyoti does her packing. Astha comes to stop her and says I won’t let you go in this state. Jyoti is adamant, Astha defends Anjali and say she is helpless. Jyoti says even I m helpless, I won’t stay here. Astha says understand her once. Jyoti says I won’t stay here that’s it. She asks her to stop till Shlok and Niranjan come. Jyoti says no way, she can’t ruin my future, I will not go with Abhay. Astha takes her bag. Jyoti says I hate her, take this bag, I won’t need this, I love my life and daughter, I don’t want anything and anyone’s help.

She walks out and gets labor pains. Anjali holds her and Jyoti pushes her back. Astha runs to her while Jyoti screams in pain. Astha asks Sojal to inform everyone. Sojal calls Varad and he lies he is in office while he is in Mansi’s home. She hears Mansi’s voice and asks who is this. He says I m in office, in meeting. She wants to tell about Jyoti and he ends the call. She says I will message him. Sid is restless and calls Jyoti. He says why is she not taking my call. Jyoti is being operated in the hospital. Everyone look at her from far.

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