Family Secrets Update Wednesday 28 July 2021

Family Secrets 28 July 2021: The Episode starts with Anami saying Sher Singh lied, I spoke to Satrupa so rudely, how should I apologize to her. Dadi consoles her. She signs Adhiraj and goes. Anami hugs Adhiraj and cries. Sudha says I have set such a trap that Satrupa can never come out, she will go jail, I will rule in Lal Mahal, she will yearn for her family, I will be with my Baldev. Narottam looks on. She says this is your victory, you have won, I will be the queen, you will become the heir, you will get name and fame which we dreamt of, we have killed many people for this. He says I knew it, you won’t let my dreams shatter, I m afraid if Sher Singh confesses about you.

She says he won’t do this if he loves his family, he knows his family is in danger, you don’t worry, prepare for party, police will come to arrest Satrupa.Satrupa says don’t know what’s Sher Singh telling police, this lie can fill bitterness in life. Baldev says don’t think so, if you are innocent, no one can harm you. She says if Anami leaves home again, I don’t want to lose her. He says calm down, I m going mad. She goes to take pulls. He stops her and says running away from problems is no solution. Dadi comes and says now you don’t need to have these pills. She hugs Satrupa and says you are a mother, no mum can harm her child, I know the truth, you are innocent, Adhiraj recorded Sher Singh’s statement, he was lying. Baldev holds Satrupa.Satrupa says Anami… Dadi says go and meet her, more distance is not good. Satrupa goes. Dadi says no Baldev, let her go alone, they must find a way to unite, they need each other. Baldev hugs her.

Adhiraj says don’t blame yourself, you have handle matter well, all the credit goes to your parents, its their upbringing that you control your anger, revenge is bad, a human is smart when he handles matters wisely, they will be proud of you, Satrupa is your mum, she can’t be angry with you for long. She says yes, I forgot my dad’s teachings in anger, I will go and apologize to her, I misunderstood her. Anami goes out and sees Satrupa. She recalls Satrupa’s words and cries to apologize. They hug.Sudha says I will be glad seeing Satrupa in jail. Naina says you have won this war. Sudha says lets go and see then. She goes to Lal Mahal. She says Narottam told me that Sher Singh accused Satrupa, Adhiraj you have come to take Satrupa right, but I think she is innocent. Adhiraj says I know this, she is innocent, the culprit is standing in front of me.

Sudha asks what kind of joke is this. He says I have proof, that night fire was lit on her saying, she has blamed Satrupa, truth had to come out, you are under arrest. Sudha gets shocked. Everyone stares at her.Sudha says this is a lie, Satrupa is lying to frame me. Baldev says mind your language, Satrupa is my wife. Sudha says trust me, its her plan, why don’t you understand, she is doing this acting, Adhiraj is her helper. Satrupa slaps her. Sudha raises hand. Satrupa holds her hand and scolds her. She says Sher Singh told truth to Adhiraj, like you threatened and bribed him to frame me. Sudha says he is your man, maybe you asked him to do this, what will you all do if he takes someone else’s name. Satrupa says you did this crime, you will be punished.

Sudha asks do you have any proof, court won’t believe you. Anami says you fell in my eyes, I regret, it was my big mistake, I brought you here to get your rights. Sudha says you did everything by your wish, you did it to insult Satrupa. Baldev says enough, I thought you have changed, but I was wrong, you still hate my family, why did you kill Madhu and Murari. Sudha says Satrupa did this, I didn’t kill them. She asks Adhiraj if he has any proof, there is no proof, I m being framed. Narottam comes and says I have proof. They all get shocked.Sudha saying what proof do you have, you will send me to jail. Narottam scolds her. She cries and slaps him. They start arguing. Adhiraj asks Narottam does he have any proof. Narottam says yes, Sudha has lit fire in that house, she wanted to kill Anami. Sudha stares at him.

Narottam says she made a mistake, Anami got saved, its true Anami, my mum got your parents murdered, she has planned to frame Satrupa by threatening Sher Singh. Anami, Satrupa and Baldev scold Sudha. Baldev says you can’t slap everyone like this, Satrupa is my wife. Dadi asks why did you do this. Satrupa says you did many sins, you can’t repent in this birth, you couldn’t become a good mum and good human. Sudha says enough Satrupa, if you have proof against me, just situation is against me today, my own son back-stabbed me.

She says Lord will give me a chance to prove truth, then I will question you. Narottam says why to wait for that truth, this chapter will end today. He plays recording. They hear Sudha’s confession. Adhiraj says don’t say you were forced to say this, now just defend yourself in court. Sudha stares at Narottam. She gets arrested. She takes gun from Adhiraj and points at Satrupa. They all get shocked.

Sudha says I will not let you win easily Satrupa. Satrupa stands fearless. Adhiraj takes gun from her. Baldev slaps her. He shouts come to senses. She says forgive me Baldev, I need a doctor, I don’t want to go jail. He asks her to stop her drama. She is taken away. Adhiraj thanks Narottam and goes. Narottam cries seeing Sudha. Baldev holds him. He says we are grateful to you, if you didn’t tell us Sudha’s truth, maybe we would always have this doubt in heart, thanks, I always treated you as a stranger, you did this for us. Narottam says loneliness teaches a lot. He gets emotional. He says I did this for Anami, she stood by me when there was no one, so I went against mum, mum got punished, but I had no one with me, I lost her too. Baldev says it was my mistake too, Sudha has always used you as a sword against me, that’s why I hated you in anger, I couldn’t identity my son’s true face. He cries and goes.

Satrupa says I know how it feels when an imp part of life leaves, I can’t get Madhu and Murari back, I will try best to fill their place, I know I have hurt them a lot, I can’t even apologize to them, forgive me. Anami thinks to tell truth. Dadi comes. She says I went to temple, Lord saved us. She gives them prasad and says now your distance should end. She praises Anami and asks her to forget past, give a chance to make a new start, she wants happiness to sound in Lal Mahal. Satrupa apologizes. Anami says even I m ashamed to hurt you so much, without knowing entire truth, I blamed you. Dadi says don’t say about this again, we will welcome happiness together.

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