Strange Love update Wednesday 17 November 2021


Strange Love 17 November 2021: The Episode starts with Indrajeet talking to Astha and asking what will she have, he will order food. The kids come and ask him to tell a story. The kids ask for food and she says she will get pizza for them and go with Ballu. He says he will come with her and she asks him to be with kids. Indrajeet shows animation movie to kids. Astha goes to Shlok. Kalindi gives lep to Mala for her fairness and Ankush teases her that he is more good looking. Mala says heart should be good than looks.

Avdhoot says you both are not yet married and started fighting, see the card samples and choose. Mala says Aai should choose. Kalindi chooses one and Ankush agrees. Avdhoot says so this card is final, the marriage date is auspicious, as Navratri days are good. Mala gets shy and goes. Astha says she wants to have something spicy, and says Pau Bhaaji. He orders it and they sit on the bench. He says he will make her eat it and adds chilli in it. She feels the spice and he looks at her face.She says its very spicy and asks for water. He says you wanted to have spicy food. She says you became like me being with me, its good you know my value, you found good way to spend time. He says yes and they eat. He asks what is he seeing. He says her beauty. She asks what is he thinking. He says that you are so lucky to get a husband like me, mindblowing. She smiles. He says thanks for being there. She says I m indeed lucky to get you as my husband. He says no, I m actually sorry, since I came in your life, you always had problems, I promise I want to give you all the happiness of the world, my love always increases.

She says shall I show how much I love you, so much and opens her arms. Everyone see them. They smile. Khuda……………plays………… Indrajeet thinks why did Sapna and Ballu not come till now and he will see. Astha and Shlok come back. Astha says pizza centre was away, and we got it for kids. Indrajeet says I was getting worried. She says no, Ballu was there. Mishti asks Sapna to make her eat. Astha sits and makes her eat. Shlok hoes. Indrajeet smiles and thinks Sapna, I can’t see anyone else as my children’s mum, only she can become his wife, one day she will realize his love and he will wait till then.Kalindi says she will call Anjali. She calls Anjali and gives the good news of Ankush and Mala’s marriage fixed on 1st day of Navratri. Anjali says congrats, we will come. Kalindi says we will come to give card. Anjali says thanks Bappa that our families got a chance to celebrate happiness. Kalindi ends call and says Astha is lucky that she got a good saas like Anjali. Mala says I m also lucky that you are my Aai and Sasubai. They smile.

Shantanu and Mishti pillow fight. Shlok asks them to sleep. Astha comes there and signs him. Shlok says you guys want your dad to fire me from job. Shantanu asks why is he thinking so. Astha goes. Shlok says sleep now. The kids sleep.Shlok comes to Astha. She reminds when they came to Kolhapur last time, I did not love you. He says he did not love her that time. She says how mean. He says talk about now. She says I love you a lot. She says she wants to be with him and talk a lot. He says even he does not like to sleep tonight, so….. He teases her and they go. Its morning, Anjali and Kavita meet in temple for puja. The pandit says the mahurat. Anjali says you will also sit in puja with your husband tomorrow. Kavita says I will leave and goes.Shlok, Astha, Indrajeet and kids come home. Ahilya asks Indrajeet about his journey. He says it was fine and asks Sapna to bring a file to his study. She says its in her room, she will get. Ahilya thinks she will ask Indrajeet did he talk to Sapna or not. Avdhoot gives the wedding card to Anjali and Niranjan and apologizes that Kalindi could not come. Anjali says we know there will be much work.

Niranjan thanks Ankush and them for help. Avdhoot says we are glad that he changed and loves Kalindi now. He asks them to come in marriage and leaves.Renuka says its good Riya went her inlaws home, and taunts on Jyoti. Jyoti asks can I go my home to meet everyone. Renuka scolds her and says you did not think about me, its fine, now my son is also not mine. Sid says we are there for you. Renuka leaves annoyed. Ahilya asks Indrajeet did he talk to Sapna. He says no, I don’t think this love can get mutual, I can’t make my place in her heart. She says she will talk to her. He says no use, I don’t know am I not good, I m rich, I have a name, I love her and care for her, even then… She says yes, but think she refused and it shows she is not greedy and she is selfless, some relation needs time, be patient, she loves kids a lot.

She says she will understand your importance and love you, maybe she did not realize she loves you, I will get you both closer, you trust me or not. He smiles and says yes. She asks him not to worry. Astha hears this and cries. She comes to Indrajeet after Ahilya leaves. She says I felt you did mistake, I did not know you can think so, now I understand that’s why I was sent to Kolhapur with you. She says you took Ahilya’s support to come close to me, how can you do this. He says you got it all wrong. She says its enough now and leaves.Jyoti gets vomits and thinks why is she so unwell, she is feeling dizzy, this used to happen at Anaya’s time, is she pregnant. Shlok sees Astha going being upset and says what happened to her. He goes to talk to her. Astha cries and thinks she is helpless in her own home, she can’t bear it anymore. Shlok comes to her and asks her not to lie, and say whats troubling her, he knows there is something. She hugs him and says she wanted to tell him, and could not say. She says she has to tell now, and tells about Indrajeet saying I love you to her on Holi day. Shlok is stunned and rages. Astha telling Shlok everything about Indrajeet. Shlok says how dare he, I will not leave him. She stops him. He says he can’t bear this. She asks what will he do if he gets angry, they will not get POA. He says so you took me to Kolhapur.

He starts packing her bags. She says we can’t go like this. She asks him to trust her, when they get POA, they will go. He says I don’t want POA, its not valuable than her, they will not stay in this house now. She says I know your love has been my strength, life is testing us, I need your love and support, you trust me, we will not let Indrajeet win. He does not understand and gets angry. She says its matter of few days, we will get our home back.Jyoti is glad that she is pregnant and waits for Sid to share the news. She says he will be very glad to know this, come soon Sid, I want to share this with you first. Indrajeet thinks whats this helplessness, I can’t express my love and when I did, I was not in my senses, I m not able to come close to you, why do you get mistaken Sapna, how to assure you that I truly love you and don’t want to force love on you. Poornima comes to talk to him. He says not now, I m not in right frame of mind right now. She asks what happened, you are not my brother who used to take care of me, now you became a stranger whom I don’t know. He says Poornima. She leaves annoyed.

Shlok says we will not stay here, we can get the house later. Astha hugs him and asks him to calm down, we will get home and POA back, I m sure you will find it soon, please bear this for few days, I request. She folds hand and tries to calm his anger. He thinks once he gets POA….. Jyoti waits for Sid and is very happy. Sid comes and says lets go and have food, I m very hungry. She says she wants to say something. He says yes. She says I m pregnant. Sid gets stunned and looks at her smiling. He lifts her and she asks him to be careful. He says sorry, I m very happy, you gave me the best news, I will get anything, imli, mango, anything, it will be good if Anaya gets someone to play, we two and our two. He kisses and hugs her. They smile.

Kalindi calls out Mala and shows the jewelry sets. She says this is special, my mum gave me and now its for you, and shows the Maharashtrian style mangalsutra. Mala says its beautiful but why so much. Kalindi says you are my only bahu. Mala says she will just keep mangalsutra. Kalindi says no, you have to keep everything, choose the saree yourself, remember we regard you daughter, not bahu. Mala says I did not get such love before. Kalindi says you will get love in this house, Astha will also love you a lot, get habitual. Mala gets glad and smiles.Kavita thinks about the puja. Ahilya thinks Kavita gets sad after this, I feel sad seeing her, I will go with her and she will not be sad because of me. She tells Kavita that she will come along. Kavita says I m glad. Ahilya says I will not come inside the temple as Lord did not give us anything, but just snatched. Kavita says its your thinking, come.

Jyoti asks Sid why did he not wake her up, its late. He says I will help you in work, and asks her to take rest. She says relax, I m fine, I don’t need to rest more. He says she will do what he says, and says rule 1, no work at home. She says who will do then. He says he will keep maid and she can just supervise. She says I m fine, I can do work, mum will not like if we hire anyone without asking her. He says all tension to you, I will manage, and rule 2, have food on time. She says I know, I have to do what you say, let me get off the bed. He says no, go and get ready, we will give good news to Maa together. She says move now and he smiles.

Anjali and Niranjan come to the temple and do the puja. They do the rituals and pray. He gets a call and says I will reach there soon. He takes pandit’s permission to go and asks Anjali to come. She says she will stay for some time and come. He says call me after reaching home and he leaves. She thanks Lord that Niranjan has changed and she got her right, she always wanted him to love and respect her, and she got her children’s love too, she got all her wish true, no problem should come now. Niranjan is at staircase wearing shoes. Ahilya and Kavita get down the car and Kavita walks to him. She stands by his side and they both does not see each other. He turns and Ahilya sees him. She says Niranjan Agnihotri and gets angry. He leaves in the auto.

She says its good Kavita did not see Niranjan. Kavita comes to do the puja and Anjali meets her. She says she came late today. Kavita says yes, and tells pandit that she wants to do Udhyapan, she has her husband’s pic. He says your husband should sit in the havan, else puja will be incomplete. The ladies taunt Kavita that they did not see her husband till now, she stays scared all the time when we ask her. Ahilya gets Prasad in car and says Kavita forgot it here, how will she do puja without Prasad, I will give her.The pandit says he can’t do puja with pic. Anjali says let her do, she wants to do with true heart. He says she should not do if her husband is not with her, how can I do puja. Kavita says my husband is alive, but he can’t come. Ahilya comes and looks on. The pandit says I m sorry, I can’t do it. The ladies taunt that her husband left Kavita, else anyone would have got time for puja. Ahilya is shocked seeing Anjali there. She gets angry. Anjali feels bad for Kavita.

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