Strange Love update Tuesday 16 November 2021

Strange Love 16 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok thinking Ahilya and Poornima are always after us and come on wrong time. Poornima says sorry for her bad behavior and says lets be friends, if you have forgiven me. She offers her hand and he says who am I to forgive you, and owner and servant can’t be friends, I have work, can I go. He leaves and she gets upset. Astha thinks about Indrajeet’s love confession and gets worried. She says I can’t go alone with him, after what he did, I will tell Shlok, maybe he can find some way or I will make some excuse. She says if Ahilya can get unwell, even I can get unwell, I will not go alone with him anywhere.

Strange Love 15 November 2021

Shlok gets Anjali’s call and talks to her. She tells him about Gudi Padwa and asks them to do the rituals. He says fine, we will do. Astha comes to him and says tomorrow… He says about Gudi Padwa. She says about Ahilya asking her to go Kolhapur with Indrajeet and asks him to come. He says first remember to wake up early to do the puja. Anjali tells Niranjan about Gudi Padwa and says they need new clothes for Shlok and Astha. Niranjan says yes, I will get. Varad comes and says I got salary today and I got new clothes for everyone for Gudi Padwa. He gives his salary to Anjali and Sojal smiles. Anjali refuses and says Sojal has right on this, she is elder bahu and managed home well.

She asks Sojal to take the money and they all smile by family’s harmony. Anjali asks Varad to give clothes to Astha and Shlok. Niranjan asks him to be careful. Varad says don’t worry, I will do. Poornima talks to her friends, as she called them urgently. She says the matter is Ballu… actually something happened after the party, as he saved my respect. Her friend says oh, he is hot looking and has attitude too. Poornima says I know, I offered friendship and he refused.

Her friend says this is not friendship, do you like to be around him? Poornima says yes. Her friends says you care for him right? Poornima says yes. Her friend says you may smile thinking about him, so this is love. Poornima says even I feel so, but how can I love Ballu, it maybe wrong. Her friend says love does not happen by seeing status. Poornima thinks is she in true love with Ballu, if yes, how will I express it to him.Pradeep says Patil is coming to give lucky number and no one should see him. He meets Varad outside the house and hugs him. Patil says he came to meet him, as he is his friend. He says he is going out, and thought to help him. Pradeep asks the number to bet. Varad says everything is written in this, read it alone, even walls have ears. Pradeep thanks him, and Varad asks for water. Pradeep says I m fool, I did not ask for water, I will get it. Astha comes to meet Varad and says I got your message.

He gives the clothes and says Aai has sent this. She touches his feet and says happy Gudi padwa, I miss everyone.

Pradeep comes and gives water to Varad. Varad says your house is very beautiful. Pradeep says its not mine, its my nephew. Varad says its good and leaves. Its morning, Kavita does the puja and says today she will do the puja, but how can I tie the Gudi without husband, I wish I could do something, and this house would have done puja. Astha and Shlok do the Gudi Padwa puja. She says we will end this soon, else anyone can come. Kavita wishes Niranjan happy Gudi Padwa wherever he is. The flowers shower on her as they put, and she asks who is there. Shlok and Astha are stunned. Ahilya and Indrajeet come and she tells them that flowers fell on her, maybe there is someone.

Indrajeet says I will see. Astha say we will be caught if they come and see us in these clothes. Shlok says we have to do something. Indrajeet comes on terrace and they hide. He gets a call and says yes, stay there, I m coming downstairs and will sign. He leaves. He tells Ahilya that someone came for office for sign, there is no one on terrace. He says he will get ready for going Kolhapur. Ahilya says I will tell Sapna to get ready. Astha comes to her room and says its good no one saw me, and I will change. Ahilya knocks the door and Astha changes her clothes and opens the door.Ahilya asks her about her Nath, and Astha says she bought this for her sister, you are Bengali and you don’t know about Maharashtrians. Ahilya says I knows very well, even I…. She leaves. Astha wishes Shlok come along and Bappa helps her with some idea. She gets an idea and thanks Bappa. Ahilya tells Indrajeet that Sapna will come. Astha comes holding her leg saying she can’t walk, she got sprain. Indrajeet says I will call doctor. Astha says I will be fine if I rest.

Ahilya says she will give her medicines. He asks is she fine. She says yes.Ahilya asks her to have tablet and no need to worry, they have to go in car and it will not burden her leg. Astha drops her tablets and acts like eating it. She thinks what to do, and hopes Shlok does something, else they will have to go alone. Shlok brings the kids, who want to go along their dad, and also ask Ballu to come. Astha smiles. Ahilya says Indrajeet is going for work, what will they do going there. Shantanu and Mishti insists. Indrajeet smiles. Ahilya says dad will be busy in work, who will take care of you. Shlok says if they want to go, I will go along. Astha says kids will get a change. Mishti says Ballu will come with us and have fun, and asks will Sapna come. Astha says yes, I m feeling better, we will go Kolhapur. Indrajeet says we will leave now. Ahilya says fine.

Everyone happy and celebrating Gudi Padwa. Sid says we will make her fav food today and they all smile. Kalvya compliments Anjali and Sojal. Niranjan and Varad come. She says lets go and tie the Gudi, what happened, did anything go wrong. He says can you do anything wrong, I regret you are wearing these fake jewelry because of me. Anjali says husband is real jewelry of a woman, and also her happy family, I m happy, if anything happens to me… He says stop, what are you saying, you have united all the family. Varad says yes, you have to see Shlok and Astha’s kids and also Kavya’s marriage. Kavya asks when will her marriage happen and they smile.

Anjali says they will tie the Gudi together. Indrajeet asks Sapna to sit in front seat and Shantanu sits, and refuses to sit in back seat. Astha says let him sit, I will sit with Mishti. Shlok sits with them in back seat. They leave. Ahilya says don’t know will Indrajeet and Sapna get time together or not, the kids don’t listen.They all do the Gudi Padwa puja together at home. Niranjan lifts Kavya and they do puja. Jyoti cooks many dishes for Riya and says when Sid told me, I made your fav things. Sid brings lollipops for Riya and reminds her childhood. Riya cries. Sid says I told you no one will cry today, finish all this. Jyoti gets unwell and feels dizzy. Riya gives her water. Sid asks is she fine, shall we go to doctor. Jyoti says no, maybe weather changes. Renuka says tell them that you can’t see their love so you are doing this acting.

Renuka says she is jealous. Jyoti says why will I get jealous. Renuka leaves. Riya apologizes to her and asks her to rest. Ahilya asks Shontu to water plants well and sees the Gudi Padwa. She goes to see. Ahilya sees the Gudi and gets Anjali’s letter that she has done this, like she has burnt Holika, she will do anything for her family’s prosperity. She says she will not leave Anjali as she is showing much courage against them.They are on the way. Astha thinks till now Ahilya would see the letter. Shlok says anyone would have seen, mission successful. The FB shows Astha shows the letter to Shlok, saying Aai has sent this, its her revenge, she has right on this house and she will show them. Shlok says I will not let this tradition end. They sit together in back seat and he holds her hand, covered by her saree. Shontu comes to Shlok’s room and cleans his room.

Poornima comes there and asks for Ballu.He says he went with Indrajeet and kids. She asks him to go. He thinks its his room and she is making me leave. She thinks how to say what I feel for Ballu and his ID falls there. Shontu looks on.Rashmi comes and asks what is he doing. She sends him. She asks Poornima did she get any proof against Ballu. Poornima says why do you think always the same and leaves. Rashmi says I think her heart changed. Ahilya calls Indrajeet and asks about his meeting. He says its over, we are coming back, we are on the way. She says its not safe to drive at night, stay at a good hotel. Indrajeet says fine, we will stay here. She says this is your chance to talk to Sapna, try to spend time with her. He says yes.

She says they will talk if they are alone and spend time. They check in a cottage and kids are glad. Indrajeet asks Ballu to stay with kids, and Sapna can keep her luggage in that room, he will take the upstairs room. He asks her to get the file of meeting and leaves. Shlok asks Astha to come soon and keeps her bags. Indrajeet dictates work to Astha and Shlok waits for her. He sees Astha and she signs him. Indrajeet smiles seeing Sapna.Shantanu asks Shlok to play and they play. Shlok looks at her and waits. Astha feels cold and covers her back with saree. Indrajeet switches off the AC. He asks the kids to go to their dad and ask for a story. Shantanu says no, he will scold. Shlok says no, try it, if he scolds, I promise I will make you have icecream for one week. He smiles seeing Astha.

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