Strange Love Update Wednesday 14 April 2021

Strange Love 14 April 2021: starts with Shlok bringing Astha to the ashram where she meets her friends. Everyone looks shocked seeing them. Astha says we are going to get married and we need your blessings. Shlok says Astha met me because of you all, she lied to me for you all and I hate lies, but I did not that lies will be my life’s biggest truth. He says lie is not bad if its for the good. Everyone smiles. Shlok touches their feet and takes their blessings. Astha thanks him for making her day special. Anjali is waiting for Astha and is very much angry. She scolds Sojal and asks her to stay in her limits. Astha comes and Anjali is angry to see her. Astha says sorry for coming late. She closes the door seeing Astha. Shlok opens the door and Anjali turns and says how dare you open the door.

Shlok looks at Anjali and says where are your rules. Astha is coming here for the first time and you are doing her welcome like this. Anjali says everything happens on time, and she is late. She says I can’t let her in. He says you should have seen the time before insulting Astha. He asks them to welcome Astha well. Sojal brings the aarti plate and Anjali angrily welcomes Astha doing her tilak and aarti. Astha touches her feet but Anjali moves. Shlok gets angry and Astha stops him holding his hand.
Anjali leaves. Astha goes after her calling Aai. She gives her prasad. She says sorry for coming late. Anjali says girls should stay in their limits, only men can come late. Astha says I promised Shlok that we will go mandir together and I did not want to break the promise so I came late, but I informed Sojal that I will come late. Anjali looks at Sojal and scolds her. Sojal is tensed. Anjali says you should have informed me, not her, don’t make such excuses again. Kalindi tells Ajju that you opened your house’s door for me at the right time, my fate was good that you saved me from that woman, I fear of Anjali, don’t know who will save Astha. Ajju says Shlok will always support Astha, you see.

Shlok talks to Niranjan about the plot. Niranjan says we will get it soon. He says you did the half work, other half Atul will do, I m proud of you. Anjali sees Astha with the phone and asks whom are you calling. Astha says my mum. Anjali scolds her and says we will decide what you wear. She says did you ask your mum before coming closer to Shlok. She says here there is no women’s choice, everything a husband will decide. Astha says yes Aai. Anjali says not Aai, I’m your mum-in-law. She scolds Astha. Astha argues with her saying what her mum taught her. She says but I will go by your choice if you wants. Kalindi is deciding jewellery for Astha. Ajju says I m thinking to give my jewels to Astha and we will do remaining things today. Kalindi says yes, even I want the best for her.

Ajju says Astha will be here with us only for nine days. Anjali tells the same to Astha and asks her to come to her house daily. Astha’s phone rings and Anjali dislikes the ring tone and asks Astha to change it. Shlok sees Astha and she looks at him. She asks him which saree suits her. Anjali also sees Shlok and Astha’s romance. Shlok selects a saree. Anjali gets angry. Shlok signs Astha to come to his room. Astha signs no, but he insists. Astha tells Sojal I have to go to washroom and leaves to meet Shlok. Sojal is planning to make Anjali’s mood good. She makes buttermilk for her. Anjali scolds her. Anjali throws the buttermilk on her face. Sojal is shocked.

Astha meets Shlok and is worried. He says are you not happy seeing me. She says this house has many rules. He says do you have a problem with the rules or with the one who makes the rules. She says I will manage. She says I want to make a new start, you can’t be with me always, I have to try to make her happy, so you don’t interfere in this. He says if she is saying you anything, it means she is telling me. Astha stops him. Astha and Shlok fall on bed and have an eyelock. Shlok smiles. Khuda…. plays…. Anjali is coming to them. Shlok says fine, but when you need me, you will tell me. Astha says ok. Shlok says tell me when you need help. They get closer. Shlok takes out Astha’s tie and says you look good without it. Kavya comes and sees them. Kavya says I will tell it to Aai.

She runs and Astha tries to stop her and runs after her. Astha bumps into Anjali.
Astha says sorry. Anjali scolds her again. She asks Astha to wear sarees from tomorrow. She asks Astha to leave for home. Astha says I was leaving. Astha leaves. Anjali says be ready Astha, its not easy tp be a part of this family.Niranjan talking to Anjali. He says the day is auspicious, inform everyone aout tomorrow’s function. Anjali plans something for Astha. Ajju asks Astha to work in their house for few days, then she will go to Shlok’s house. Astha says I will do the same work there. Astha throws the water and it goes on Anjali’s face. Anjali is angry and says whats this, is this the way to welcome the guests. Astha says sorry. Kalindi and Ajji greets Anjali. Anjali angrily looks at Astha. Kalindi wlecomes Anjali.

Astha gives a towel to Anjali and she throws it. Anjali sees the house and says I did not come here to sit, I came to tell you about the function tomorrow. Kalindi says tomorrow, so sudden, we have to do some puja before marriage. Anjali says Astha is coming to our house, so that will happen what we decide. Kalindi says the puja is necessary. Anjali refuses and says we will decide everything. Astha looks on.Anjali taunts Kalindi and says we will make your daughter special day very much memorable. Kalindi asks her to wait as she wants to serve her. Anjali replies she does not want anything and says what Astha did and…. Kalindi asks her to wait. Astha looks at Anjali. Kalindi does the tilak and gives her prasad. Anjali says its ok, I don’t like sweets, come on time tomorrow as I don’t like people who come late. Anjali leaves.

Kalindi is worried. Niranjan meets Atul and talks about the plot. Atul is worried. Niranjan asks hi m why is he worried, don’t worry, we will do the arrangements together. Atul says it would be good if I ask you before doing the arrangements, what do we have to do. Niranjan says Astha is our daughter. Someone meets them and asks Atul to help him in sanctioning the plot. Atul is tensed. The man takes Atul and tells him that you are giving your daughter to them and should not let them down. He says sanction the plot on Niranjan’s name.

Niranjan leaves. Atul looks on. Sojan sees the jewellery and is jealous and says all this for Astha. She tells this to her husband. She says I m not lucky to get you. He says I understand, lets do something, show me by winning Anjali’s heart, maybe then she will give all this to you. He leaves. Sojal looks on and thinks she can do it. Kalindi asks Astha to talk to Atul. Kalindi is doing some arrangements and tells Ajju I m afraid that something bad will happen. Ajju says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Astha talks to Atul. Ajju tells Astha to try her dress. Astha goes to meet Gauri. She meets Shlok. She tells him she has to make excuses at home, as I could not tell anyone that I m meeting you. She tells him about the function tomorrow. Shlok calls her Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri. Astha is happy and says I don’t know why everyone are in hurry.

Shlok says its taking lots of time. He says I got you and after that I m counting days when you will be mine completely and I yours. Astha asks him to leave her. He says fine, I will be close to you by right and even you can’t stop me. Astha leaves. The function starts. Anjali scolds Sojal for letting her hair loose. Sojal says sorry. Sojal says Astha came with her family. Anjali looks at them. Anjali says I have many things to teach Astha. Ajju says maybe no one saw us. Shlok welcomes them. Shlok holds Astha hand and stops her. Anjali talks to Ajju and insults them. Sojal laughs hearing this. Astha asks Shlok to leave her. Shlok smiles seeing her. Sojal says pandit is calling you and Anjali leaves. The pandit asks for a ritual where Astha’s parents have to wash Shlok’s feet. Anjali asks them to wash Shlok’s feet nicely. Atul and Kalindi are shocked. Anjali taunts them. Everyone looks on. Astha says if my parents are not comfortable then… Anjali says so what, will they not do. Atul says yes. Shlok gives his feet forward.

Astha tells Shlok that my parents won’t wash your feets, I won’t feel good. Astha requests Anjali. Shlok says fine and says this ritual won’t be done.Astha smiles. Anjali gets angry and says this was the important ritual and you have to do it. She asks Astha not to amend things. Anjali scolds Astha. Shlok says pandit start the next ritual. Niranjan asks Anjali to leave this matter. He says if Astha thinks this ritual will insult her parents, then leave it. Niranjan calms down Anjali. The pandit asks Anjali to do Astha’s tilak and gives her clothes. The pandit asks Shlok and Astha to change their clothes. Shlok tells Astha you have become my half bride today and gets closer to her. Shlok pulls her saree and draws her closer. Iss pyaar ko kya…. plays…. He smiles seeing her. Astha runs. Shlok smiles.

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