Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 15 April 2021

Sacred Relationship 15 April 2021: starts with Meenakshi asking Laxman about Mehul. Laxman says we are going to cross border, I will call you. Mehul frees his hands and punches goon. Mishti falls down when that car hits him. Meenakshi asks Abir where is he going, he is upset and wants to talk to her. He asks why did you go to Ganesh temple, we know you stopped praying to Bappa after dad left, we are fed up of your lies, Bappa will bring out the truth. The man asks Mishti is she fine. Mishti sees goons catching Mehul. She says he is same uncle met in Mumbai. Mehul beats them and runs. Mishti shouts.

Mishti goes and beats the goons. The goons leave Mehul and run away. She goes to Mehul and asks what happened, you came here to find your family. He faints down. Abir comes and holds him. Mishti says thank God you have come. Abir says how come he is here. Mishti says yes, we will take him to hospital. Abir says you saved him again, we don’t know his name. Meenakshi drops her son’s pic. She asks what, he has run away, how. Nanu hears this and worries. Abir and Mishti take Mehul in the car. Mishti asks Abir are you fine. Abir asks why is this happening with him. She says he will be fine now, we are with him, what happened at home. He says mom made Nanu lie to me, I felt alone. Mishti says you aren’t alone, you are sure that your problems will end once your dad comes back. He says yes, I know what to do. Kuhu and Kunal come home and argue. She says you were not in a meeting, you are a cheater. He says I won’t love you, you have no place in my life. Nanu comes downstairs and sits. They rush to him. Abir and Mishti get Mehul home.

Rajshri says its coincidence, you met them in Mumbai also. Mishti says yes, he was finding his family in Rajkot. Rajshri says who attacked him. Jasmeet says family would have done this for some problem. Abir gets sad. Rajshri says relation breaks by misunderstanding, it depends on us how to make relations again, its tough but we can try. Abir says maybe he tried. She says not every relation is the same. Abir says I shall leave. Mishti says we will take care of him. Rajshri says Vishwamber went to call the doctor, Mishti will keep you informed.
Mishti asks Abir to stay calm. Abir says I will try. He leaves. Rajshri says I know you wanted to go with him. Mishti prays. Meenakshi asks Nanu to take medicines. Nanu says no, Abir… Kunal asks where is he. Kuhu says you are stubborn, don’t show tantrum, first take medicine, then I will call Abir, he a cool bro. Nanu says call Abir. Kuhu says promise, have medicines. She messages Mishti and asks her to tell Abir that Nanu isn’t fine. Kunal asks where is he. Kaushal says he went to find your dad. Kunal is shocked. Meenakshi asks Kaushal why did he say. Kunal asks what, tell me complete matter.

Meenakshi refuses and goes. Abir comes and says Maa. Kuhu calls Mishti and asks what’s about Abir’s dad, Nanu felt ill, he is okay now. Mishti says how shall I explain. Kuhu says it means you know it, I respect you are hiding your BF’s secret, ask Abir not to do anything, the family has major tension. Abir says dad called me today and said I want my son, then his phone was off, why did you go to temple, give me his info, else I will file report in police station. Meenakshi gets shocked. Nanu says give him what he wants. Kunal says I will talk to Abir. Abir says this time, I won’t listen. Nanu asks will you send your mum to jail. Kunal says I will talk to stress. Meenakshi says I have sent your dad’s address to you, he is in Mumbai. Kunal worries. Doctor checks Mehul and asks about medical history. Mehul says I m fine, your daughter is sensible. Vishwamber says she told us everything, we got to know you came to find your family, give us their details. Mehul says they live in Rajkot. Mishti gets Kuhu’s message. She says I have to go for some work. Rajshri says I will tell you later, let her go. Vishwamber nods. Mishti goes. Rajshri says I will get food for you. Mehul thinks to call Rajvansh Sadan.

Jugnu asks Abir not to go, family will be worried. Abir says this time, I have to go, dad has to return. Kunal says no, you only need dad, your ego isn’t greater than this family. Abir says this family taught you, this house needs balance, you need balance, you have decided that we don’t need dad, you were always taught to hate, think it could be your fault, why did dad leave, he has to return if we want answers back. Kunal says I don’t want any answers, I just want my mum and you. Abir says I want dad and… Kunal says Mishti also. Abir says its not good to hate anyone. Kunal says we don’t need anyone. Abir says I will come back, I will find dad at any cost, I m doing this for both of us. He leaves. Kuhu says be strong Kunal, your mom needs you, go. Kunal goes. Mishti comes and Abir. He asks how do you always know that I need you. She says by magic, where are you going. He says to find dad, please don’t stop me.

Abir and Mishti coming to buy tickets. The man says its lunch break, come later. Mishti asks him to have food, the world will see him having food now. She records video. Abir smiles. Mishti says I will post the video and register the complaint. The man asks her to stop it, sorry. He goes to get ticket. Abir gives money. Abir says how did you learn such strange things. Mishti says from you, you make me smile doing such strange things. He smiles. Mehul recalls his broken phone. He says I had to make a phone call. Jasmeet asks him to make a call from landline. Meenakshi says I have dedicated my life for my sons, everyone forgot me, everything got over. Kuhu signs Kunal. Kunal holds Meenakshi’s hand. He says nothing got over, why didn’t you tell me before.

She says you didn’t wish to see my face. He says I was angry, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. She asks really. He nods and says just tell me, how can you help me. She says you can explain Abir, will you do it. He says yes. She hugs him and smiles. Kuhu looks on. Jasmeet checks Mehul’s wallet. Meenakshi and his pic falls. Mehul comes. She says I came to check water, I will get water for you. He thanks her. He thinks don’t know when will I meet my sons. He calls Meenakshi. She says Maheshwaris are calling, I will talk. Kunal says they aren’t imp, they will call Kuhu. She asks him to talk to Abir. Kunal says sure and goes. She says you can’t defeat me Mehul, I won one of my son, my other son has to come back, you can’t do anything, I swear.

Abir says Nanu, I have to go. Nanu asks won’t you meet me tomorrow. Abir says don’t be melodramatic, I will come back before time. Mishti says you have to come back soon. Abir says I will, I have to find dad. She asks what’s the address. Meenakshi says I got his address from hospital, but he isn’t there now. Nanu says its Abir’s birthday tomorrow, he will return and be with us. Mishti says you will get a big surprise tomorrow. Abir asks what is it, I know there is no surprise. She says you don’t trust me. He says you are most imp for me. She says but believe me, there is a surprise. He says fine, I spoke to your family, you would want me to talk to my family, but the situation is such… She says its obvious, you talk to them when you find your dad. He goes to board the bus. He sees Mishti. Teri khushbu….plays… Mishti waves to him.

Kunal sees the childhood pics and smiles. Kuhu comes to him. She says Abir will come, he will celebrate birthday with family, Nanu is planning surprise birthday with him. Kunal says I m not having any affair, I don’t cheat. Kuhu says okay, I know I have lied to you before, I was helpless, I m not helpless today, I have my own identity, Kunal Rajvansh. She says I don’t care, you cheated me, its the truth. Kunal says if I m so bad, why did you help me today. Kuhu says I regard this family, I tolerated Mishti for my family’s sake, I will hide your cheat as well. Rajshri says we don’t know how… Mishti asks what happened. Vishwamber says that man went somewhere. Mishti asks what. Jasmeet says I just went. Rajshri says we don’t even know his name.

Mishti goes to the room. Vishwamber says don’t worry, we will find him, tell us how is Abir, Rajshri told me everything, your decision to go to him was right, he always supported you, its your turn now. Mishti says he has tension at his house. Rajshri says we trust him and you also. Mishti thanks her. Vishwamber says thank you Mishti, when a daughter decides to choose her life partner, its big day for her dad, there is a fear about it, but we like your choice. Rajshri says you knew Abir first and then chose him. Mishti thanks and hugs them. She thinks and calls on the number. Jugnu answers. Mishti hears him and thinks why did uncle call Jugnu. She says its me Mishti. He asks why did you call Meenakshi, she was finding her phone. Mishti says don’t tell her that I had called.

Meenakshi calls him out. He says fine and goes. Mishti asks why did uncle call Meenakshi. She gets Abir’s call.
Abir says I got network by difficulty. She asks is bus on time. He says yes, I m finding dad. She says don’t worry, update me. Abir says yes. She jokes. Her phone falls. She picks it and says sorry, my phone fell down. He says I wish to get my dad back, it will be best birthday gift. She sees the pic. She gets shocked. She recalls and says Abir’s dad…. I have to tell Abir, that I found his dad. Abir says I couldn’t talk to Mishti, when will I get network. He sees queue. Meenakshi says Laxman, Abir left for Mumbai, find Mehul in Rajkot soon, remember that Abir should stay out of Rajkot till then. She says Abir, your dad had tried to snatch you from me once, I defeated him, now I won’t let him do this again, none can make my son away from me. Abir thinks I can’t go out back. The people think how to go Mumbai now. Abir thinks how to reach dad.


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