Strange Love update Tuesday 9 November 2021

Strange Love 9 November 2021: The Episode starts with Astha refusing Indrajeet for the gift. Poornima insults her a lot. Shlok gets angry. Astha argues and taints her back. Kavita asks Astha to accept the gift. Astha says she wants something else and asks him to promise. Indrajeet promises her. Astha says I want the curtain to move off from this house’s temple. Indrajeet says I would have given something else, this s not possible. Poornima again insults Astha and asks her to be in her limits. Indrajeet says enough Poornima and she goes annoyed. Astha asks whats the problem if prayers are done in temple, if it happens in one room, do you fear you can’t stop yourself. He says this won’t happen. She reminds his promise and provokes him to agree. She leaves. Kavita smiles.

Rashmi and Pradeep talk to make Poornima more angry, and fills her ears. Rashmi says I feel Sapna will become bahu. Poornima says enough, I won’t let this happen. Astha talks to Shlok and says I know you are angry, kids forced me so I had to dance with him. He says he is helpless else he would have taken her, and wishes her happy birthday. He kisses her. She asks how did you get saved by Ahilya. He says guess whom I made my fake mum, Apsara. She laughs. He says I got something for you and makes her wear the bangles. Khuda……………plays……….She hugs him and they smile. Indrajeet sees Astha’s pics on his laptop and zooms on her. He says what happened to me, why am I attracted to Sapna, what does she have that is attracting me to her, this is not right, I can’t think about anyone except Barkha. Its morning, Mala comes and sees Ankush sleeping. She wakes him up and says see the time. He says let me sleep, whats the hurry, come and rest. She says no, I have much work.

She says she is not his wife to do his work. He pulls her and she falls on her. She says when she goes, he will know her value, no one will clean the room. He says he won’t let her go, he loves her a lot and can’t live without her. They have an eyelock. He gets up saying Mala and realizes she is not here. He thinks she was right, I realized I can’t leave without you, I valued you late, I will get you back.Astha is glad seeing the temple curtains moved. She asks Shontu about it. Indrajeet comes. Poornima asks who gave this permission. He says I told him, I know I m nonbeliever, but why should everyone not do the puja, I don’t want Kavita Pishi to sit in her room and do puja, who am I to keep her away from her devotion and belief, why can’t we let her do puja here. He says Sapna start the puja. Astha asks how can I, Ahilya is elder. He says she is not at home, so I m asking you. Astha says we will ask Kavita Pishi. He says fine, I don’t think she will come out of her room. Astha says she will surely come. He says fine, call her. Astha goes.

Shlok talks to kids and says lets leave now. Astha comes to Kavita and sees her reading Gita. She closes it and it has Niranjan’s book. She says she gets peace by doing puja. Astha asks her to do puja first in temple, as she is elder, everyone is waiting for her. She says she will leave and asks her to come. Astha removes her sandal and goes in temple, asking Shontu to get sweets and fruits. She asks kids and Ballu to come. Shlok is shocked seeing the curtains moved. Astha asks them to go after puja.Indrajeet and Poornima are stunned seeing Kavita. Astha says come, start the puja. She asks everyone to come and join them. Kavita does the puja and Astha plays the shank. Ahilya comes home and is shocked seeing temple curtains moved and puja going on. She asks whats this happening. They all turn and get tensed seeing her. She asks who gave the permission to move the curtains of the temple. Kavita says Maa, this temple was opened for me. She faces Ahilya and shocks her with her presence outside her room. She goes to Ahilya and says whats wrong in temple and puja at home. She says it was my wish that we do the puja. Ahilya asks but you did puja in room. Kavita says I used to, but I always wanted to do puja in temple. She gives her the aarti and Ahilya leaves.

Kavita giving Aarti to everyone. Indrajeet thinks he has to talk to Ahilya. Ankush asks Maya to come with her as he loves her. She asks how can she not come, why relation is needed. She says she came before for money, she loves him a lot, if she stays there and if he does not love her, she will be hurt, and if he loves her and wants to marry her, then he has to accept Kalindi. He says oh this is her plan to use you and make me accept her. She says no, you are mistaken. He says Kalindi is very clever, you are doing a deal in love for her. She scolds him and asks if you don’t understand a mum’s love, what will you understand me, go from here.Astha asks Shontu to get dry fruits and he thinks she is cheating Ballu. Shlok comes and Astha says we won today, the temple is uncovered. She asks him to have sheera. Shontu says Indrajeet is calling you and she goes. He tells Ballu that he feels there is something between her and Indrajeet, I don’t find her right, you made wrong choice. Shlok gets angry and says not a word more. Ahilya talks to Indrajeet. She says she is glad seeing Kavita’s wish true. He asks about her wound and she says its small one.

She says nothing is imp to her than Kavita’s happiness. Astha comes to them. Indrajeet says we have to go for imp meeting, just see my clothes combination. Astha sees for it. Ahilya says I came to know Niranjan did not get any guarantor. Indrajeet says he will not get any, we will get the tender back. She asks him to get ready and goes for rest. Astha gives the clothes and he asks her to get some files.Astha thinks no need to be happy Indrajeet, I trust my Bappa, we will have the tender, do anything you want. Varad says Shlok arranged 5 lakhs, atleast we made a start. Niranjan says yes, who helps in bad time, people turn, I have old investor, he said he will think to help us. Varad says if he is saying, it is great, you talk to him. Niranjan says I m afraid that he can say no. He says I m getting scared. Varad says we should try, call him. Niranjan calls Bhonsle and asks what did he think. Bhonsle says I remember how much you supported me, I will help you, I will make all papers ready, I m ready to become the guarantor, think to make the project best. Niranjan thanks him and gets happy.

They all smile by this good news. Sojal says our bad time is over. Varad says someone else’s bad time will start now. Niranjan is happy to have his family. Indrajeet wears shirt and the button breaks. He calls Shontu. Astha asks whats the matter. He says Sapna, this button broke, if you could help me with this. She says sure and stitches the button. He stares at her. Ahilya asks Ballu to give this file to Indrajeet, as he left it in her room. Indrajeet smiles seeing Astha and Shlok goes there. Astha bites the thread to break and Shlok is shocked seeing them close. Indrajeet signs what. Shlok shows the file. He looks at Astha angrily and leaves keeping the file there. Indrajeet thanks Sapna as Kavita is happy and came out of her room. She says you are welcome and leaves.

He gets a call from Bhonsle and he says I did you work, I told them I will help them, I will not help them in last time and they will lose the tender, remember your promise. Indrajeet says you will get the money, but he should not get any guarantor. Bhonsle says don’t worry, he won’t be help himself. Indrajeet thinks the one who deserves it will get the tender.Ankush comes to confront Kalindi for ruining his life. Avdhoot asks whats happening. Ankush says she made Mala leave so that I realize I miss her, she knew I will go to her, and Mala will not come till I accept her as my Aai. He says he will not accept her as Aai in 10 births. She cries. He say I understand its about money. He scolds her and she says enough. He says you always did wrong with everyone, you will not get any son’s happiness, and even your daughter cries, as she is bearing for your sins, she will be on road, like I m begging to you, she will also beg for food. Kalindi slaps him.

She says if you say a work, then I will not leave you, don’t bring Astha in this, she is your sister, what did she do, what you want, money? Fine, wait here. She goes to room. Avdhoot says you did wrong, the truth is Kalindi did not leave your dad for money, but for his behavior, she was told she gave birth to dead baby and your dad kicked her out, your dad was wrong. Ankush says you came in picture later, Kalindi would have told you this, open eyes and see her truth. Kalindi signs on the property papers and asks Ankush to take it, and get lost. He is stunned.

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