Broken Hearts update Tuesday 9 November 2021


Broken Hearts 9 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anant and Ahana coming to their room. She says things are misplaced. Rehaan left the room in hurry. Anant says maybe Aarav came here. Roshni stops Rehaan. He says sorry, you won’t get this gift, but gift should be by wish. Anant says I bought this gift. Ahana says its for Rehaan right, you are annoyed with him and you had to get gift. Anant says some days’ annoyance can’t change love of years. Roshni asks won’t you come home. Rehaan says I will come when Anant calls me. Anant says I didn’t stop loving Rehaan, problem is anger didn’t end. Maid hears them. Roshni says Ahana won’t let Anant call you. Ahana says drop the anger, I have forgiven him, please call Rehaan back for everyone’s sake. Maid coughs.

Ahana calls her in. She gives her gifts. Maid goes happily.Roshni asks Rehaan did he find anything about Ahana. He says I will tell you when I know it completely. Rehaan wishes her happy birthday and leaves. Anant looks on. Roshni cries. Karan and Kavita see them. Anant says I m sorry, I thought I will come soon and surprise you on your birthday, but the more I try, the more you get upset. She hugs him.Maid talks to Kittu and tells about Anant’s gifts for Roshni. Laila hears Kittu’s conversation. Maid says Roshni asked Anant to call Rehaan back, Anant didn’t say anything and Rehaan left, Anant will agree, he will call Rehaan back, Ahana told him to get Rehaan back for children’s sake, Ahana’s heart is big, she is so nice. Laila recalls Rehaan’s words and thinks Rehaan will make her out of the house. Roshni asks her friend to keep everything, its Ahana’s choice. Her friend asks what’s the problem, its your dad’s money, I like Ahana, she is cool, I think she really loves your dad.

Roshni says I hate her and her gifts, keep all this.Yamini smiles and says Anant gave me this pendant, his choice is always good. Ahana comes and says its beautiful right, Anant said you will like this. Yamini says yes, its beautiful, thanks, I had sent cake for you. Anant comes and says I was finding you, there is a surprise for you, your mom is waiting in living room. She says you also come along. He says I met her, I will meet Aarav and Roshni. She hugs him and goes.Ahana greets Laila and asks how did you come. Laila says I came to meet Roshni, I got a gift for you. Ahana says how sweet, I also got gifts for you. Laila says I know, I heard you are trying to convince Anant to call Rehaan back, he is a wrong guy. Ahana says its my life and my house, I will decide who stays here, you don’t me lecture, you lied to Saloni, I told her the truth, stop controlling our life.

Laila says I gave her money to help her, but she returned. Ahana says I m really happy. Laila asks really. Ahana recalls Anant and says I m lucky to get Anant as my husband, I enjoyed a lot, you weren’t there to spoil things. Laila says I m hearing you well, whom are you explaining, me or yourself, I m your mum, don’t try to hide anything, tell me what’s the problem. Ahana says nothing, you came here to break my marriage. Laila says why would I, I came here to save your marriage, I m not your enemy, stop insulting me. Ahana says you just see your profits, Anant and I will decide who will stay here, will you have coffee here or at home. Laila says you hate me so much. Ahana goes.Laila comes to meet Rehaan. He jokes. He says I can’t believe you have come here to meet me. She says I have to talk something imp. Ahana gifts Roshni’s friend. She sees the dress in her purse and says sorry, I think you got Roshni’s dress by mistake. Roshni’s friend says no, she didn’t like it so she gave it to me. Ahana says fine.

Rehaan asks Laila to come in. Laila says don’t tell Anant that I wanted to marry him. Rehaan says I think this is threatening, not any advice. Leela says that’s why I don’t need to threaten anyone. He asks why are you giving me this advice to lie to my family. She says you just have to hide truth, what’s the need if this truth ruins someone’s happiness, your truth can end Anant’s marriage and happiness, just think of the consequences and decide. She leaves. Ahana thinks of Roshni and pandit’s words. Rehaan sees Laila leaving. He thinks I love Anant a lot, I can’t hurt him, but I have to say Ahana’s truthAnant and Ahana dance on kaun tujhe……Rehaan comes home and sees them. Anant asks are Roshni and Aarav fine. Rehaan says yes, last time you didn’t believe me, I can’t keep quiet by fear, Ahana is acting to love you, she married you just to hurt her mum. Some time ago, Ahaan sleeps. She dreams of talking to Rahul. She complains about Laila. He tells her a story of a mum adding limestones in her son’s food to remind him his revenge motives, the boy grew up and took revenge for his dad’s death, person should remember motives every day, sleep now, its late. She sleeps.

She wakes up and looks for Rahul. She thanks him and says I promise I will keep up this relation by my heart, I will become a good wife, I will try to become Roshni and Aarav’s friend, I will make this marriage strong.Roshni says I want to go to Diya’s place tonight. Anant refuses. He says I don’t like this, please understand. She gets angry and goes. Ahana comes to talk to Roshni and Aarav. Roshni doesn’t tell anything. Ahana asks Aarav. Roshni asks him to shut up. Ahana says maybe I can help, tell me. Aarav says dad didn’t allow her to go to Diya’s house.Anant meets Rehaan and says come back home. Rehaan smiles and says I want to come back, I miss you all but I… Anant says forget everything, Ahana has no problem with you. Rehaan says I just wanted to say… Anant asks what’s the matter. Rehaan says I m very happy. He thinks of Ahana. He says I will come after finishing my studies. Anant asks since when are you worrying for your studies, come back home. Rehaan hugs him. Anant says Laila invited for lunch, she called everyone, my family is incomplete without you. Rehaan jokes and says I will be there. Anant hugs him.

Anant says Reema praised you a lot, you have made everyone happy. Ahana says thanks, you think everyone is happy, maybe someone is not happy. He asks Roshni? She says yes. He asks did she say anything. She says Roshni can never complain about you, you refused to her. He says Roshni wants to go to Diya’s house for a night stay. She says its a normal thing. He says its not normal for me, if anything happens to her. She says nothing will happen, Roshni has to spend time with friends, such time makes memories, Roshni is not a kid now, if you stop her, she will hide and do things, what will you do then. He says I won’t tolerate. She says assure her that you believe her, then she will do what you say, just let her go, please. They go to Roshni.

He asks her to come for a drive. Roshni refuses. He asks don’t you have to go to Diya’s house. She asks really, are you joking. He says no, you can stay there. She thanks and hugs him. He says thank Ahana, she has convinced me. Roshni hugs Ahana. Ahana thinks Rahul did miracle in one day, Roshni hugged me, I feel like good time has hugged me. Roshni says I will tell this to Diya. She calls Diya. She says dad agreed, but I m scared, if dad knows the truth. Saurav says then I will be scared, you aren’t lying, you are coming to Diya’s house, we will go on date from here. She agrees.Anant and Ahana have a talk. She says you are smart, you have sent Yamini and Aarav for movie. He says it was Yamini’s idea, she is mature, she understands the situation and my needs. She says you did big mistake, its very bad to praise someone else in front of your wife, you will be punished. He says I m ready. She says then wait for my command. Jeene bhi de….plays….

Roma asks Rehaan why didn’t he taste the food. He jokes on her cooking. She says since you started research about Ahana, you stay lost, tell me if you did anything wrong. He says I m such a fool, I didn’t tell truth to Anant. She asks what truth, just go for it and say this to Anant. He says I had to leave house before, I can’t trouble him. He asks are you saving Anant or yourself, you are scared that Anant will be hurt or if he will make you away. He says I m not selfish, when the matter is about my loved ones, I m going to tell truth to Anant.Rehaan comes to Anant and Ahana. Anant asks are Roshni and Aarav fine. Rehaan says yes, last time you didn’t believe me, I can’t keep quiet by fear, I love you a lot, but Ahana is acting to love you, she married you just to hurt her mum. Anant gets shocked. Rehaan says she knew Laila wanted to marry you, so she has married you. Anant asks Ahana. Ahana says its not true, I knew Laila wanted to marry you for money, but I married you as I love you. Anant asks is this true, yes or no. She stares at Rehaan. Anant says I wish you told me this truth before, I loved you two, and you both have done this with me. Rehaan’s imagination ends. He sees Ahana and Anant happy. He recalls Laila’s words.

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