Strange Love update Tuesday 26 October 2021


Strange Love 26 October 2021: The Episode starts with Ahilya coming in the room, and Astha and Shlok hiding from her. She cleans the bed and is about to leave. She stops and says don’t know the servant kept Indrajeet’ s clothes well or not. She opens the cupboard and gets busy. Shlok and Astha leave from the room. Ahilya shuts the door. Shantanu tells Mishti that they will teach the new caretaker a lesson. Avdhoot asks Kalindi for a cup of tea and asks her what is she tensed.Kalindi tells him what she spoke to Anjali, and she told….. She says Astha’s problems are not getting less and worries for her. Avdhoot says whatever the situation, Astha always fights and wins, even this time she will win by her honesty and hardwork, she will take everything back from Indrajeet. Astha takes Shlok to meet the kids. Shlok opens the door and a bucket puts some paint on his head. Astha is shocked.

The kids laugh on him. Shlok looks at the kids angrily. Astha turns and laughs. She holds Shlok’s hand and calms him. Varad comes to Sid and apologizes to him. Sid says I regret it, as I did not expect this from you. Varad says I don’t know how I fell in Indrajeet’s trap, so I m apologizing.
He folds hands and apologizes. Sid says don’t embarrass me, its fine if you regret for your mistake, anyone would have been trapped as you. Varad hugs and thanks him. He says I forgot to tell you, everyone is with me now, I took small flat some years ago, and we are living there, Jyoti knows that place, bring her here, everyone will be happy. Sid says I will get her. Varad says don’t know how will I meet her eyes. Sid says she is your sister, she will forgive her. Shantanu asks Shlok will he cry or complain to his dad, or leave job by the insult. He says its good to clear on first day that we are not afraid of anyone.

Shlok gets a bin and lifts all the paint from the floor. Astha asks what is he doing. Shantanu says take it, maybe he does not have money to buy paint. Shlok looks at them, and walks ahead. Shantanu asks him to stop. Shlok puts the paint on Shantanu’s head. Pradeep and Rashmi come there and are shocked. Rashmi scolds Shlok. Shlok says I m explaining them in their language. Rashmi says don’t dare to do this again. Shlok says sorry, this is my way, if you have problem with this, its your problem, go from here. Rashmi says I will tell you. Pradeep gets angry seeing Shlok’s stare and takes Rashmi..

He says Rashmi that Shlok looks very angry, we will go and tell this to Ahilya. Shlok asks the kids to think 10 times before doing this, what you sow is what you reap. Ahilya sees the food plate back and asks the servant did she not eat anything today. He says yes, she is fasting. She says fine, you go. Pradeep and Rashmi come and tell her everything. Ahilya calls everyone. Astha asks what did you do and asks Shlok to come. Shlok takes the kids along. Astha gets tensed and prays to Bappa. Anjali brins tea for Niranjan and asks him what was he doing, and ten apologizes for asking. He says you are my wife and have right to know.

Varad comes and hears them. Niranjan says I was looking for a job in any college as admin or lecturer, I don’t want to burden my children. Varad says how can you be burden on us, you did a lot for us, and I got a job in small firm, we can get our expenses met and Shlok and Astha are also doing job, you take rest and give all your burden to us, we are here. Niranjan blesses him. Everyone is shocked seeing Shlok and the kids’ state. Ahilya starts laughing. Poornima says why are you laughing, see the kids’ state. Ahilya thinks kids are afraid for the first time, I was right about Ballu, he can manage them. She asks Shantanu and Mishti to answer how did this happen.

Shantanu says he has done this. Ahilya says I know very well, so don’t dare to lie to me. Rashmi says you are doubting on kids, this man did this. Ahilya says first go and wash face and hand, change clothes, then we will talk. She says Ballu, you understand how mischievous are the kids, go and freshen up. Poornima scolds Astha for spoiling the floor. Ahilya says Sapna you also go. Poornima says go outside the house and clean yourself, else my house will be bad, and our Italian bathroom marble will be spoiled. Astha sees Shlok getting angry. Ahilya asks Astha to go back.Astha says no, I will stay as Indrajeet may have some work. Ahilya says fine, I will send a saree. She asks the servant to clean the kids’ room. She thinks she is sure that Ballu will make the kids right. Rashmi and Pradeep asking Shantanu and Mishti not to be afraid of Ballu, as it was his mistake, if a kid cry, anyone melts by tears, you both should have cried. Shantanu says we were afraid of him. Pradeep says yes, but Ahilya was laughing and taking his side. Rashmi asks them to be strong and they can manage him.

The kids say we will not be scared now. Astha and Shlok clean their clothes and face. She cleans her hair and dries it. He looks at her with love. Maine khudko tujhme tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil………………plays…………….. plays…………. Astha turns and the water falls on his face. She sees him staring at her and turns shy.They have an eyelock. Tu hi meri bekhudi……………….plays…………. Poornima comes there talking on pone. Shlok and Astha see her and get tensed. They hide from her. Poornima sees the tap open and water running, and looks around. Poornima closes the tap and turns to see. She sees the footsteps. She goes to see who is it. Thee servant comes and says Ahilya is calling you. Poornima says you go, I will come and walks ahead. Astha gets tensed. Shlok takes Astha and they hide again. Poornima does not see them and goes inside the house. Astha says Thank God she did not see us, she might be a wild cat in last birth. Shlok smiles and says you gave right description for her.

She asks how will he stay with them, they can do anything, I m afraid. He says I m Shlok Agnihotri and I m not afraid, I m not Astha. She says I know, but promise me you won’t get angry. He says fine. She says do any work they say. He says its too much. She says we are doing this for Baba. He says fine. She says I know no one likes you, but make the kids on your side, as kids have clean heart, and be away from me, as we are strangers for everyone, I m Sapna and you ate Ballu. He says Astha. She says I m Sapna. He says Astha I love you. She turns. He says why did you turn, you are not Astha, go. She smiles and leaves.

Anjali works at home and faints. Sojal asks her to get up and opens her eyes. Anjali gets conscious and coughs. Sojal gives her water. Anjali says I m fine. Sojal says lets go to doctor. Anjali says no, I m fine, I will get food, you did not have food since morning. Niranjan comes home and hears this. He asks what happened. Sojal says Anjali fainted and she did not eat food till now. Niranjan takes care of Anjali and makes her sit. He asks why did she not have food. Anjali says I did not wish to. He sees her fever. Anjali says I will eat later. Niranjan makes her have the food by his hands. Anjali says you have it first, then I will eat.

She is shocked as he makes her have food, and recalls his words and old behavior. Niranjan apologizes to her. She cries and he wipes her tears. He makes her drink water. Anjali smiles. Shantanu and Mishti play video game. Shlok comes to them and scolds them asking them to study for one hour. Shantanu says we won’t. Shlok increases the time. Mishti says we will study else he will increase time. Shlok says you are smart. They start studying.

Shlok says don’t study to show me, study well, I will ask questions in some time. Shantanu says we are hungry, we want noodles. Shlok says its study time, not eating time. Poornima comes and asks is this the way to talk to kids, and scolds him asking him to make noodles for kids. Astha looks on. Shantanu and Mishti smile. Poornima says our kids don’t listen to anyone, others listen to them. Shlok looks at her angrily. Astha signs him no. Shlok goes. Astha gets into thinking. Poornima scolds Astha too. Astha says I m getting cough, I want water and goes to kitchen to help Shlok. Indrajeet stops her asking her to come in study for imp work.

The servant is angry as he does all the work. Shlok comes and asks him to make noodles. The servant taunts him being frustrated to do everything alone. He says I m not your servant, take noodles and make it, then switch off the gas, I won’t bear if I get scolded, make kids food by asking me. Shlok looks at him. The servant says respect me, I m your senior. Indrajeet asks Sapna to write the mail, and dictates her. He asks her not to miss anything. She says if we put such conditions, they will cancel the deal. He says their financial situation is critical and they won’t cancel the deal. He gets call and leaves. She thinks Indrajeet is very clever, and Shlok and I have to be careful.

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