Strange Love Update Tuesday 22 June 2021


Strange Love 22 June 2021: The Episode starts with Sojal talking to her mum and telling her everything about Swati and Aditi. She says Astha was bringing Swati home, she did not think once if Swati survived then what will happen. Varad comes and hears this. He gets annoyed by Sojal and says look at yourself, you will know your mentality is so small, Astha did not lose anything, but she got a lot, you won’t understand as you can’t think like her. He leaves. Shlok gets ready for office and looks for his file. Kavya comes and she asks him to play with her. He says I have to go office. She says please once. Astha brings tea. Shlok throws the ball and the tea falls.

Shlok gets worried for Astha as the tea falls on her.Khuda………….plays…………..Astha says you should be thankful to you as I was bringing tea for you. He asks her to find his file. She says she will, but if he says it by love. Shlok tells her in anger holding her. He leaves. Astha smiles and says if you are so rude, I will make this rudeness go. She looks for the file. Niranjan tells Anjali that Astha has accepted them, since she came in the house, something is going on. She asks her to do a ritual with Astha where Sojal will be welcoming in the house. He asks Anjali to keep the function soon. Anjali says fine, I will keep it soon.

Astha runs after Kavya to catch her. She catches her and Astha realizes they came in Shlok’s study. Astha thanks her for bringing her here. Kavya says Shlok will scold her, I m scared. Astha says no, he won’t you go. Astha says Shlok I want to bring a new change in your life, and it starts with this room. Khuda…………..plays……………. Astha comes to talk to Varad and tells him about Shlok. They have a talk. (Muted) Astha says now you know my problem. Varad says what you want to do can get opposite results. She says no way. He says fine, I will help you. Sojal sees Astha changing the study and tells her that there will be big problem in evening.

Astha does not care. Shlok is in office, working. Shlok forgets and thinks what is happening to him. He leaves. Astha keeps an office table in the study. Shlok comes there and asks what are you doing. He looks around. Astha gets tensed. He sees his and Astha’s marriage photo and walks to it. Astha says it looks like he will not like this. She asks Bappa to save her. She asks him not to break the photo, its her fav photo, she will remove it, please don’t. She holds her hand. He says you did this for me. She nods yes. He says thanks. She can’t believe her ears.

Shlok says I was taught in school, when anyone does anything for you, you should thank them. Astha is happy and says first smile and then say thanks, like this. She thinks she will become his friend. She stops him and forwards her hand saying friends. He asks are you fine. You are my wife, what is this nonsense. She says can’t wife be a friend. He leaves. She says today you said thanks, tomorrow you will be my friend, when I become your best friend, then we will be in love. Astha dances happily. Varad asks her did the plan work. Astha says Shlok said thanks. Varad says its great, he won’t smile.

He says if you make him smile in 24 hours, then I will believe you. They have a bet. Varad feels he wants to lose, if Shlok agrees with her, he will be much happy. He says all the best Astha. Varad comes to his room and sees Sojal reading a dictionary. She says Astha told about she is fighting in love war where she will win after he loses. Varad explains him well. Sojal says fine then I will also fight that with you. He says no, you can’t do this, you are ahead of this, now you can have only world war 3. He leaves.Jyoti talks to Sid about his Kaki. He says I want to keep you with Kaki. If I could keep you here, I would have kept you here, but you need someone like your mum. He asks her to keep smiling as she looks good. Jyoti smiles. Varad signs Astha reminding him about the best. Astha makes a smiley on the food. Shlok looks at it. Shlok does not respond. Astha thinks what to do bring a smile on his face. Varad signs you failed. Astha signs not yet. Sojal is jealous seeing Astha and Shlok’s romance. Astha gives a courier to Shlok and asks him to see it. Shlok checks it.

Astha says I m sure he will laugh, I will take it photo. Astha gifts it that, a funny toy. She laughs. Shlok does not smile. He holds her and says you are having a laugh.She says I can do anything for your smile, please smile, I did this to make you smile, why do you not smile. He says because I m Shlok, not mental like you. He leaves. Astha says I want you to be yourself, but I want us to come closer, I want you to smile. Anjali stops Shlok and says I need to talk to you. Niranjan wants you to take four days leave, there is a function at home. Shlok is angry as she came to talk to him after all that happened. Anjali says don’t forget with whom are you talking. He says I know, don’t shout, I m talking to a woman who plays tricks, the day when you have sent money to Swati’s mum, that day you have killed your son, don’t come infront of me.

Anjali says we stay under one roof. He says fine, I will try to avoid you, I hate seeing you, its because of Niranjan, you are in this house, else you would have gone from here.Sid bringing Jyoti with him to Kalindi as she is her Kaki. Kalindi and Jyoti are shocked to see each other. Sid refers to Jyoti as Roshni. Kalindi asks Jyoti whats all this. Jyoti tells her everything about Abhay, who killed her two daughters and now he was aborting her third daughter, so she ran away. She says then I met Sid and he took me his home. She says I did not tell my family who would send me back to Abhay. Abhay may have not told them about me, I don’t want to go back. Kalindi says don’t worry, come with me. Shlok comes to his room and sees lights and decorations. He says whats all this, why is this darkness. Astha closes the door and starts dancing. Shlok is shocked. Astha dances on the song Sajna ve vaari vaari…………… wearing a Anarkali dress.


Astha tries to woo him. The scene is funny. She tickles him to make him laugh.Astha then changes her dress and acts more funny. She wears a saree and dons a retro look. Then she wears a kurta lungi and dances with him. Shlok pushes her. Her lungi drops. Shlok sees that and looks at her. Even she sees it and is shocked. Astha screams and runs behind the bed. Shlok lifts her lungi and throws at her. She wears it. He finally smiles. Astha is happy seeing him smile and takes his photos. Shlok sees her clicking pictures. She says I won, I will show to to Varad. Shlok stops her. He says what will you tell him, I know you are mad, they are sleeping, talk to him tomorrow, come with me now. Astha says I want to show him this, we have a bet to make you smile, he will give me party.

Shlok lifts her and takes her to the room. He says you don’t have sense, how can you disturb Varad at this time. She says you could tell me with love. He says use your mind. She says you are so rude, why so much anger, I tried to make you smile, you always get angry. He says I m like this only, you don’t have any option, you have to be with me like this forever. She says I will live and die with you, I will spend my whole life with you. She holds his hand and says please be my old Shlok again, whom I loved, please. Shlok leaves. Astha cries and says I have made you smile. I know you love me, see till when you don’t admit it.

Its morning, Shlok sees Astha sleeping and thinks of her words. He comes to her and looks at her. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………. plays…………..He orders her hair and smiles. He comes in the bathroom to freshen up and the tap does not work. He says Astha might have done this. Astha wakes up and looks for Shlok. She says it looks like Shlok did not come back, I will go and have a bath first. Shlok tries to check the taps. Astha comes in the bathroom and removes her saree. She is about to open her blouse’s back string and is shocked to see Shlok come from behind the curtain.
Shlok asks what are you doing here. She asks what are you doing here. The shower starts pouring water. Astha and Shlok get drenched. Music plays……………… Shlok comes to Astha and she gets nervous. Saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhade tu………………..plays…………….. Shlok covers her back with the saree. Astha and Shlok look at each other in the mirror. Astha turns to Shlok. Mann ke munder ……………………plays………………. They have an eyelock. Astha moves and slips. He holds her. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon……………………plays……………….

Shlo and Astha get closer and is about to kiss her. Astha turns and moves him back. He comes back to his senses and leaves. Sid asks Jyoti do have any problem here, trust me, they are really nice people. He says everything will be fine. They will take good care of you. Astha thinks of the bathroom moments……… Varad comes to her and says your 24 hours are ending, do you remember the bet. She says yes and shows him Shlok’s smiling pic. Varad says great, I don’t know it was his anger that he married you, but he did the right thing of his life, you are the reason for his happiness and you made me won today, thank you.

Anjali calls Astha and she leaves. Anjali asks Astha to give guests list from her side and invite her parents by going home. Anjali says I should have gone but I have work. Astha says really, can I go. Anjali says don’t be happy, I m sending you for work. Anjali gives her gifts or her parents. Astha is happy and thanks her. Anjali says go. Kalindi says Astha should not know, else it will be a problem. Jyoti says it will be good to tell her. Kalindi says if she knows, then she will take a sword and reach Abhay, don’t worry, we will not tell her. Jyoti says Astha is very lucky to get a family like this. Kalindi asks her to take rest.

Astha comes home and everyone are shocked seeing her. Jyoti hides. Astha hugs Ajju and asks what happened, can’t I come, why are you behaving like you saw a ghost. Kalindi says how did you come suddenly without calling. Kalindi stops Astha from going in the room and talks to her. Astha invites them in the function and asks them to come. Ajju says we have to go to market now. Kalindi says you also come with us, it will help us. Astha asks why are you behaving so weird, what happened to you. Ajju says nothing, I think she is worried that you would be late. Astha says yes, she will scold me, I will leave. Astha sees Jyoti’s slipper and asks whose is this. Kalindi gets tensed.

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