Strange Love Update Tuesday 20 July 2021

Strange Love 20 July 2021: The Episode starts with Niranjan coming home and bringing a gift. Anjali asks how did you come early today. He asks if you have any problem, you can tell me, I don’t like answering. Anjali tells about Astha’s parents’ anniversary. He says no issue today, you see what I do, you scold the world but not her, I feel you don’t care what I say, you are happy seeing her happy, what happened to this house. He says I did a mistake asking you to manage the house, now I m helpless, I have to make everyone right, of my wife is unable to take forward my rules, then I have to explain her. Anjali wishes Lord to favor her and not let anything bad happen.

Shlok and Astha get ready and come to him. Niranjan says go, all the best, take this gift. He suddenly holds his head and sits on the sofa. Shlok turns and rushes to him asking are you fine. Niranjan says yes, I m fine, you go. Shlok says no, you are not well. He says we will see this later, I did not tell this as you all will be worried, go now, I will take care. Shlok says I won’t go leaving you alone, I will tell Astha’s parents that I will come tomorrow, else Astha can go alone. Niranjan says its night, how can she go alone, go with her, Anjali is with me, its special day for them. Astha says no, we can’t leave you like this, we won’t go. Shlok takes Niranjan to his room.

Shlok takes care of Niranjan. Astha and Anjali looks on. Astha gets Kalindi’s call and says we can’t come, Niranjan is not well. Niranjan says Shlok I m better now, you can go, Astha call your mum and tell her you are coming. Astha says yes and calls. Shlok says stop Astha. Niranjan says I m fine, go now, I will rest. Shlok goes to his room. Astha goes after him. She says now Baba is fine, shall we go for half an hour. Shlok says it won’t matter if we don’t go.She says he is better now, we can go for some time. Shlok says have you lost it, he is unwell here and you want to celebrate, its anniversary, not a problem, we can go tomorrow, or not, as it’s a party, my dad needs me, I will be here, and you also don’t go, he may need you too. Astha says why are you getting angry. Shlok scolds her.

Anjali sees them fighting and sees Shlok taking Niranjan’s side. She thinks Niranjan can go to any extent to show down Astha, today Shlok has scolded her, and tomorrow he may…. Astha says I m sorry, I asked you as Baba said he is fine. Shlok leaves. Niranjan asks Anjali to make tea. Anjali asks how are you now.He says what happened to me, I m fine, that was an example to show I can show women their place, Shlok did what I wanted, he showed whats my place in his life, women are fools, they think men will dance on their fingers. But a man should be only on his decision, my work happened without any dirt on my hands. Anjali gets tensed. He says Masala Tea…. Anjali leaves to make it.

Varad and Sojal come back home. He is angry as she has let him down by acting so foolish in the party. He says I requested you to be quiet, you think you are smart, you made fun of yourself and me. He says are you happy now, getting me insulted. She says I said what was truth. He says you don’t know how to behave with people, do you know that lady whom you advised by buy jewellery from Laxmi road, she can buy 10 necklaces in one day. He says I m ashamed that you are my wife, I m fed up of you, I tried hard to change it, you don’t want to change as you are happy. He scolds her.

She says enough. He says its pointless to talk to you, as you can’t understand me. She says I m your wife, not your friend. He says yes, this is the problem, that I tried to become a friend, and I failed, then how can we succeed in husband and wife relation if we are unable to become friends. He leaves. Astha is upset in her room. Shlok comes to her and asks what happened, you do the mistake and get annoyed. He says what you did today, its clear that you differentiate between my and your parents, you don’t care about my dad. She says what, you made me small saying this, both families are equal for me. She says you did not understand me, I told my mum we can’t come, if Baba said we can go, so I asked you, you could have answered me well.He says you think its my mistake, then why are you doing the drama. She says we both are angry, so we should not talk today, we will talk tomorrow. Leave me alone, I don’t want to fight. She goes to sleep. Shlok thinks did I scold her a lot, she is over reacting and doing a big drama, now Baba is unwell, so I will worry, why don’t she understand, but she is also right, I could have explained her in normal way. He tries to talk to her and she shoos him away.

She gets up and argues again. He sticks to her and she moves away. He says I feel to sit near to you, till when will you be angry, we can’t sleep in anger, its not good, we will go tomorrow to your parents. She asks really. He says yes. She hugs him and they smile.Astha brings lemon water for Kaka. She says its so hot. He deep breathes and she gets worried. He does acting and jokes. He says its an indication that rain is happening, smell the soil, it looks like rain happened somewhere. She makes some plans. Kaka smiles and says when Anjali was newly married and Niranjan used to go office, Anjali and I used to enjoy rain, we used to go and watch Marathi plays, I felt like mum and son are living lives together, but now she has forgot to live her life. Astha says don’t worry, the story will take a new turn. She asks what does she like more. He tells her. She says Anjali can live her life for atleast one day. He says how, everything changed, this is not possible now.

He says we can go out doing our work. He says Niranjan comes home at 7pm. Astha says we will come before he comes. Kaka says this will be only dreams, this is not possible. She says till he is in office, we will enjoy, and then come home. Kaka says but Anjali won’t agree, don’t do anything that she can get into trouble. Astha says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to her, but take care of Jyoti, as its her eighth month. She comes in her room. Shlok says be ready in evening, we will go to your parents. She says no, I don’t want to go. He says why, are you still annoyed. She says no, I spoke to my mum, we can go any other day. He smiles and gets romantic saying I like this thing in you. He thinks she is impossible and smiles. He leaves for office. Astha says I have to do anything and make Anjali’s day special.

Astha talking to Anjali and her mum. Anjali’s mum puts oil in her hail and Anjali enjoys it. Niranjan calls on landline. Jyoti takes the call. He asks about Anjali. She says she is not at home, she went out with Astha. He says fine and ends the call. He says where can she go with Astha, whats going on, she is making me angry doing this, she knows my anger is not good for her. He calls on Anjali’s phone while she is away. Anjali sleeps and suddenly gets up asking Astha to come for going home. Her mum looks unwell and Anjlai makes her drink water. Her mum asks her to be for more time. Anjali says its 6.30pm, Niranjan will be coming home. Her mum says fine, go. Anjali tells Astha that she made her meet the old Anjali, this was the best and beautiful day of her life.

Jyoti think where did Anjali and Astha go, its so late. Niranjan comes home and asks her about Anjali. Jyoti says they did not come till now, you freshen up, I will serve food. He says I m not hungry. She insists and makes him sit. Niranjan thinks where did Anjali go and why did she not take his call, I asked you to cut Astha’s feather, but she is flying too, she is making me helpless to beat her again.Niranjan tells Jyoti that he does not want her to work in this state. He says I can’t understand how can Anjali leave you alone in this state, its not only her mistake, but Astha’s. Jyoti says no, Astha kept food and juice for me, Kaka is also here, she said she will come in few hours, but might be stuck. He goes to his room. Astha and Anjali come home happily. Jyoti tells them that Niranjan has come home and has asked about you both.

Astha and Anjali get tensed. Astha gives the sweet box and asks Anjali to take the Prasad for Niranjan, for the puja she did in the temple for Niranjan. Anjali leaves.Jyoti asks Astha what shopping did they do. Astha shows her. Niranjan is angry on Anjali and is waiting for her in his room talking to himself. He takes out a belt. Anjali comes and is shocked to see his anger and the belt in his hand. Jyoti is happy and thanks Astha for shopping for her daughter. She says I like such toys a lot, as I did not get them ever. Astha says so play with it now, your daughter will get everything. Astha wishes Bappa to give Anjali strength, as if she goes to save Anjali, then Niranjan will understand everything about the temple Prasad lie.

Niranjan asks where were you. She says sorry I came late. He asks where were you all day. She says with Astha. Jyoti says you shopped so much for me. Astha says Anjali did the selection. Jyoti can’t believe this. Astha is worried for Anjali and thinks how to save her.Anjali gives him the Prasad. He asks what did you do today that you brought this with you. He sees a Swastik mark in the sweet box. He asks did you do jaap for me? She says yes, I went ti temple for you, to do a jaap for your safety, peace and happiness, so I did not notice the time. Astha hears them talking. He asks why did you take Astha. Anjali says I made her do a jaap for Shlok, as you said she should be like this house bahu. He smiles and says you did puja for me, why did you not tell me before. He says it was late and I did not get time to tell you.

He makes her eat the Prasad and says I m very happy. Anjali comes out of the room and takes a breath. Astha hides. Shlok sees Astha there and says Astha….. He asks what were you doing hiding there, were you listening to Baba. She says no, its bad manners, I was playing hide and seek with Kavya. He says I can’t see her. She says I was also finding her. He says no, you were doing something else, tell me what. She changes the topic and calls him unromantic. He holds her and says I will prove it to you I m not unromantic. She says go to room, I will bring cold coffee for you. He says fine, come soon and leaves.Anjali prays to Lord. Astha comes to her. Anjali says its so strange, I did not lie to Niranjan till now, and when I lied him today, he was very happy and did not beat me. Astha says this is good. Anjali says but lying is bad, and I will regret for it, I m sorry Bappa, husband is like Lord, and I have lied to my Lord. I will regret, this is my punishment. She says Astha did this for my happiness, you saved me from Niranjan as you know I did not do anything wrong, and even then I lied this is my mistake.

Anjali keeps her hand on diya but Astha takes it back and blows on it. Anjali says let me regret. Astha says no, a lie said for a good cause is more than truth, I also lie for good things, so should I hurt myself to regret.Anjali says this is the difference between you and me, what will we teach kids. Astha says you always said truth, what did you get, but today a small lie has saved you from his anger, you did not do any mistake, this is happening for good. Anjali says I m scared. Astha says now see, my hug will make you feel happy. Astha hugs her. Anjali says why do you think about me. Astha holds her face and says you are my good mum. Anjali holds her face and hugs her. Its morning, Shlok gets ready. A bangle falls off his coat. Astha picks it and asks whats this. He says I forgot to tell you, your mum gave this for you. She asks did she come office.

He says I went to meet her at her home. Astha hugs him. Sajna ve………….plays………. He says it was their anniversary, I went so that they don’t feel bad. Niranjan comes there and hears them talking. Shlok says they were happy to see me, I love them and respect them as I do of my dad. Astha hugs hum smiling. Niranjan thinks only I should be important for you Shlok. Astha asks are you free in evening. He says no. He tells her that he is taking his wife on a candle light dinner and a concert. She says really? I love you. He says get ready on time. She says sure. Niranjan thinks standing outside.

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