Strange Love Update 21 Wednesday July 2021


Strange Love 21 July 2021: The Episode starts with Renuka having cold. Sid gets a call and says I will meet you there, I m also going to doctor. He tells her that it was call from office. He gives her ginger tea. Sid says look at yourself, you are looking so unwell, lets go to doctor. She says no need. Renuka agrees. Varad brings some gifts for Kavya and she thanks him being very happy. She says mum does not bring good gifts. Sojal hears this and scolds her. He sees the clips and bands and says only a girl can choose this, where did you get thus, nice frock too. Varad says I don’t need your permission to bring anything for Kavya, why are you asking me, I won’t do this next time, if you have so much problem.

Jyoti says I will ask Astha to get ready soon, I have to go for checkup today. Astha comes ready and says lets go to doctor now. Jyoti asks do you remember. Astha says yes. I called hospital in morning, lets go. Kalindi tells Ajju that they are lucky as Astha got a husband like Shlok, I m happy to see him, I think he did not say Astha, else she would have come. Ajju says yes, but its good he came alone, as we got time to spend. Kalindi wishes best for them and smiles.Astha calls Sid and asks him to come fast. Jyoti sits at a corner. Renuka comes with Sid and is surprised seeing Astha. Sid says I will just come and excuses himself. Sid smiles seeing Jyoti. She asks what are you doing here. He says I can come anywhere to meet you, how are you. She says I m fine but. He says don’t stop me from loving you, I really love you, please don’t take this right to see you from me. He jokes and she laughs. Music plays………….. The nurse asks Jyoti to come. Sid takes her. Astha sees them going and is tensed seeing Renuka. She does not let Renuka see them.

Astha says talk to me. Renuka says come home once. Renuka is called to come and Astha stops her. She goes to the doctor. Astha says she did not call you. Renuka says no, she has called me. The doctor says why did you come in this age, whats your month going on. Renuka says June. The doctor asks her pregnancy month. Renuka is shocked and says I have a son of your age, do you think I m pregnant, my son brought me for cold checkup. Astha says we came at wrong place, come.Jyoti is afraid of the injection. Sid asks her not to be scared. Jyoti says no please. Sid says you look at me, smile and the fear will go. Jyoti looks at him and she takes the injection. Music plays………… The doctor says your husband is very caring, care is very much necessary, you are very lucky. Sid and Jyoti have an eyelock. Sid says now I will leave. He comes back to Renuka.

She asks where were you, he says urgent call. Astha says I think I should also leave, my sister is law is done with the checkup. Renuka tells Sid about what the doctor told her that she is pregnant. Sid laughs and jokes. She beats him. Astha asks Jyoti to come. She takes her home.Jaya talks to Sojal. Sojal tells her about the parties where women drink wine. Jaya is shocked. Sojal says Varad is good as he dropped me at your home. She praises him and says he gets angry sometimes. Jaya says he is always angry on you, is he having any affair? Sojal says affair? Jaya says does he meet anyone else. Sojal says yes, he will meet people as he goes for work. Jaya says meeting alone. Sojal says no and thinks. She says yes, I got movie tickets from his wallet and his shirt was having different perfume, he did shopping for Kavya, I did not think before, but now, is he really having an affair. Jaya says you find out, do something, else I don’t know. Sojal worries.

Niranjan comes to Anjali and holds her suddenly shocking her. He says whats going on in this house, it was out rule that bahu does not go in her Maayka, but now the sons of this house started meeting their in laws. He says one day they can become Ghar Jamai too, its all because of you, see what happened now. She says women should do what they are asked to do. He scolds her and says I told you its no time to explain, show Astha her place. He says you said your identity is because of me, what all I did for you, but you are unable to do anything for me. He says now things are going out of hand, Anjali, why don’t we plant hatred in Shlok’s heart for Astha, but he does not like to see her face.

Anjali is shocked. She cries. He wipes her tears and asks why are you crying. He says if your bahu was good, I would have not done this. He says I m not asking a lot from you, its easy for you. You did this before too. He says talking to you is like talking to wall. He says you used to do as I say before, but now….. He says is it that you are trying to change yourself. Anjali gets tensed. He says tell me. He leaves. Anjali says Lord, what happened with me, how can I let this happen with my children, he is very angry and can do anything.Astha makes Jyoti rest in her room. Astha asks about her and Sid, I m your friend and a girl, so tell me whats in your heart. Jyoti says I don’t want to answer this. Astha asks why, I just want to live your life without any free, why are you letting him go who can do anything for your one smile, we get life once and we should live it every day. You should be happy now, life is giving you a second chance, think about yourself once, hear whats your heart is saying. Astha leaves. Jyoti thinks.

Niranjan talks to his himself and says I did a mistake in choosing Shlok’s wife. He thinks about Astha and says I thought it will be easy to change her, Anjali was right, she told me its impossible to change her, she can’t be our bahu, but my pride did not make me listen to her, now I have to rectify my mistake.Shlok getting the VIP passes for the concert. Niranjan comes to know and hearing this, he fumes. He tells Shlok that he is going to Mumbai to invite someone for his new institute. He starts coughing showing he is so unwell and still going Mumbai for work. Shlok gets worried and gives him water asking why are you going, I will go if its important. Niranjan says no, I m not so unwell. Shlok says you take rest, I will go. Niranjan says fine. Anjali gets a call from Vridh Ashram. Her mum talks to her and says she misses her a lot. She asks her to come and meet them. Anjali says I will try to come tomorrow. Her mum says come today, I wish to see you.

Anjali says its tough today, her says mum says fine, but you will be punished, make kheer and bring it tomorrow. Anjali says fine and smiles. Anjali says mum is stubborn like kids, that too for kheer. Shlok says I will tell Astha we won’t be able to go today. He gets Astha’s call and says how did she know I wanted to talk to her. He says I was calling you now. She asks which saree should I wear today, blue, pink….? She sound excited and does not hear what he wants to say. Anjali calls her and she ends the call. Shlok says but hear me once, this bullet train does not let me say anything, but I have to tell her, else she will feel bad, but if I leave for Mumbai now, I can come back soon. He smiles and leaves.

Astha comes to Anjali and asks what happened. Anjali says come here, and says my mum called, I will go. Astha says yes, whats the problem, lets go. Anjali says I said tomorrow. Astha says fine, I have to go somewhere. Anjali says why. Astha says why to tell you, but Shlok is really sweet, he met my parents, its Shlok’s plan for candle light dinner, in my fav concert. Astha says I will go to office to save time, will go together from there. Anjali asks her o wear blue saree as Shlok loves blue. Astha says thanks, my confusion is over, I will go and change. Anjali smiles looking at Astha.

Renuka sees Sid’s wallet and looks for his girlfriend’s pic. He says the same to Sid. He takes it back. He says now the times have changed, pics now are in phone and laptops. He says I don’t have any girlfriend. She says this can’t be, you are so handsome. He leaves. Shlok comes to Shlok’s cabin and gets concert passes. She comes to know Shlok went to Mumbai for some urgent work. She gets Shlok’s message that he will come late or tomorrow. She leaves.Sid smiles thinking about Jyoti. He calls her. He talks to her. Music plays……….He says I m going mad in Jyoti’s life. Renuka comes smiling and asks who was it. Sid says no one, just like this. She says I can see stars in my star’s eyes, I know my son does not talk to himself, tell me. He says no one. She says my sharp ears heard Jyoti. He says you should not hear anyone’s talk, do your work. He leaves. She says I have to find out myself who is this Jyoti.

Astha comes back home. Anjali is surprised to see her back and asks what happened. Astha says Shlok went to Mumbai, I m feeling bad, he did not tell me that he is going, he should have married to his work, not me, I will not talk to him for 7 days. Anjali says just 7 days? Astha says fine, 14 days, day 1 starts today. Astha goes to her room. Anjali says why did Shlok go to Mumbai all of a sudden, poor Astha, she had so much excitement. Sita says Niranjan is calling her. Anjali goes to him.Niranjan asks Anjali how was your day. Kavya comes and says I will sleep with you today, which story will you tell today. She says I forgot to brush today and leaves. Niranjan tells Anjali that men always win over women, teach Kavya that Patni Dharm is important. He asks did Astha go to concert. Anjali says no, she said Shlok went to Mumbai. He says yes, my son has many works to do, he is not a wife’s puppet to fulfill all her wishes, you are wearing costly sarees and jewellery, as I gave my time to work, the man who fulfills her wife’s wishes and wastes his time, his wife can’t get all this. I worked hard to give you all this.

He says I know very well how to explain Astha. Its night, Astha is angry on Shlok and unable to sleep. She says don’t know what happened to me after marriage, I used to sleep peacefully alone before marriage, but now I can’t sleep when he is not near me. She says idea and gets up. She takes Shlok’s shirt and fills some pillows. She says now Shlok is with me and keeps beside her. Shlok comes and sees her sleeping. He smiles. Mere Mahiya……………plays…………..He sees her hugging the shirt. She wakes up and says Shlok, you came. He says yes. She says the concert was today, you forgot. He says come with me. She says now. He says yes, and takes her. He brings her to the terrace which he has decorated beautifully. Astha is stunned seeing it. She sees the roses and looks at him smiling. He holds her and says I promised a candle light dinner, so here is it, I will sing today for my lovely wife. She says what, you will sing. He plays guitar and she laughs as he does not play well. He smiles seeing her. He then plays well and Astha looks at him surprised. He sings Te amo…………She thinks of their love moments and smiles. She holds his hand and they dance. Astha too sings the same song. They have their dinner and drinks. They have a talk and laugh.



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