Strange Love Update Thursday 29 July 2021

Strange Love 29 July 2021: The Episode starts with Jyoti being in labor and screaming. Astha and Anjali ask the doctor who says Jyoti is serious. Sid says why is jyoti not taking my call. He calls on landline and asks about Jyoti. Sita says she went to hospital. Sid is shocked. Jyoti is taken for the operation. Sid runs on the road towards the hospital. Jyoti tells Astha to take care of her daughter if anything happens to her. Astha says don’t say this, everything will be fine. Sid comes there and sees Jyoti crying. He wishes to Lord that Jyoti gets fine. Everyone wait outside. Astha consoles Anjali. Anjali blames herself for Jyoti’s state.

Anjali sees prayers room and goes there. Astha sees Sid and is shocked. She goes to him and asks what is he doing there. He says I called Jyoti and came to know she is here, is she fine, what happened. She says she is having labor pain before time, just go from here. He says I have to meet her. She says I will call you, go. He says I won’t go, without seeing her. She is shocked to see Niranjan, Shlok and Varad band hides him. Astha says what will I say if anyone say. Sid says I won’t go till she gets fine. She says fine, stay here and no one should see you.

Astha meets everyone and Shlok asks what happened at home. Niranjan asks what happened to Jyoti, I m very worried, she has already seen a lot in life, I can’t see her in pain. Astha says nothing, she got labor pains. Shlok says her due date is far. Astha says yes. They ask the doctor. She asks what happened with her, she is in shock and took so much stress, her BP is increasing and we can’t do her operation, I told you to keep her happy. Shlok says will she be fine. She says we can’t say anything now. Shlok asks Astha what stress, what happened that Jyoti is in this state.

Astha is quiet. Shlok asks again, did Anjali do anything again. Astha says what are you saying, she is her mum, and won’t want bad for her. Niranjan looks at Anjali and asks where is she. Astha says she is in mandir praying for Jyoti. He goes to see her. Shlok asks Astha what is she hiding. Sid looks on and thinks Jyoti I wish I could do anything for you. Shlok holds Astha asking her. She says nothing, we will talk later. The nurse says her state is bad and her BP is not stable. Shlok asks for the tenth time and scolds her. Sojal comes to Varad and Shlok asks her the same. Sojal says Anjali took Jyoti’s sign by cheating her to bail Abhay. Shlok and Varad are shocked. Sojal says so she took stress.

Shlok says what? Astha stops Shlok and says don’t do anything here, its hospital. Shlok says if anything happens to Jyoti, who will answer. Astha says nothing will happen to her, stay here. Sid looks on standing far. Anjali prays for Jyoti and says I did not hurt her intentionally, you know everything, I m her mum. She cries and prays. Niranjan comes there and says you are right. He says you will be in trouble as you did all this, tell Lord whats your mistake, I told you not to let anything happen, if something happens to Jyoti, I won’t be able to save you from Shlok. She says I had the file, don’t know how. He says you should have kept it safe.He says everything will going well but you ruined my plan, do you know what you did. They come to everyone. Jyoti delivers the baby girl and doctor brings her out saying congrats mum and daughter are fine.

Everyone smile seeing her. Anjali goes to take her but Shlok holds her hand stopping her saying Niranjan has the right to take the baby first. She taunts her for risking Jyoti’s life. He says come Baba. Niranjan takes the baby and smiles. Anjali cries and takes baby’s kiss from far. She signs Astha to give the baby once to her.Shlok scolds Astha and Anjali too. Niranjan stops him and asks him to be calm as this is hospital. The nurse says we have shifted patient to room, you can meet her. Everyone go. Astha consoles Anjali and hugs her. Everyone meet Jyoti. She sees her daughter. Niranjan says congrats. Sid looks from far and smiles. Jyoti takes her daughter in her hands and kisses her. Astha says congrats. Jyoti sees Anjali and cries. Varad takes the pics. Astha sees Sid. She says I also want to take Pari and takes her. Astha shows her to Anjali and Sid.

Sid thanking Lord for saving Jyoti and wishing he could have taken the baby in his hand. Varad comes and asks how is he here. Astha says I called him, to reach you, thanks Sid for coming, you can go now. Sid leaves. Astha says we can take Jyoti tomorrow home, then I will buy clothes for her. Varad says I will bring all the items, you be with her. Anjali and Niranjan come home. Anjali thanks Bappa for Jyoti and her daughter’s safety. Shlok comes and scolds her for this drama, to show whom? He says what you did today, I don’t have words for you, you did same with me, but Jyoti always supported you, how can you do this. He says I hate when you are around, I hate you so much. Niranjan hears this being there.

Shlok says I hate you Mrs. Agnihotri. Niranjan says Shlok, how much anger, we should be happy now, Jyoti is fine, forget all this. Shlok says Jyoti could have died today because of her, she can fall low to hurt her. Niranjan says Anjali, what you did today, even I m hurt. Shlok says till Anjali stays here, Jyoti is not safe, don’t take her side, make her leave this house, we don’t need her. Niranjan holds him and says its not easy to make anyone leave this house, she has given me a son like you, so I m burdened by her favors, as she did a mistake and made my children cry, yes, she won’t see Jyoti and her daughter from now on. Anjali cries as they leave.

Astha comes to Jyoti and sees her with her baby. She says this flowers and teddy for you and her, from Sid. Astha says don’t you think, if anyone does this for us, we should thank him, I mean you can say him thanks and he can be happy. The nurse asks Astha to do the formalities and she leaves Jyoti thinking. She thinks about Sid since the beginning they met and how he took good care of her all the time. She tells her daughter that we would have not been here, if Sid was not there, Lord sent him in our life like an angel, thanks will be less to say, but I will thank him.

Varad comes home with the baby shopping bags. He asks when is Jyoti coming. Sojal says she is on the way. Anjali and Astha come and looks on. Kavya says I m Tai now as the little baby is coming. Shlok brings Jyoti home. Astha shows Kavya the baby. They go to bring Jyoti inside. Anjali asks them to stop, as she will shoo off the bad sight from her. Shlok says enough of this drama, Astha will do now. Astha takes Anjali inside holding her hand.

Anjali asks Astha to go and do it. She says go fast, she should not be there for long time. Astha says how can I do this, its your right. Anjali insists and says all this is happening because of me, go now. Astha thinks I will also see you will be doing this. She falls on Anjali and makes her touch the water. She smiles showing Anjali. Anjali ticks her hand. Astha says you have given your blessings to the baby. Astha goes. Anjali smiles.

Astha comes and does the rituals where Anjali sees her standing far. Na re Na re dheem dheem……………plays…………. Jyoti and everyone smile. Astha asks Jyoti did she think the baby name, I m so excited. Shlok says Astha shall we come in. Astha says oh, come in. Jyot walks in and passes Anjali. Anjali looks at the baby and cries. She smiles seeing Astha hiding her pain. Astha leaves. Anjali cries. Sid says I have to think of a name for the baby. He says I will find such name which has S and J. Renuka hears this and asks what is he doing, name for whom.Sid lies. Renuka says I know many names, ask me. Sid says a girl’s name, with beautiful meaning. She says some. Sid says its 9, I have to go to teach Kavya. Renuka says she is at Astha’s home, is Varad your boss. He says yes. She says I will treat Astha well and you will get promoted. He leaves. Astha plays with baby. Jyoti asks when did Astha do this, if she was at hospital all night. Astha says I m super express. Kavya comes and says she has to lift Pari. Astha says you are so mall and can’t lift her. Kavya says I m grown up, I m her Taai now.

Shlok comes and says Kavya is adamant like Astha. He says Astha us very naughty, see she is playing with her alone, now give me, I have to play with her. Shlok takes the baby. The baby does susu wile Shlok is holding her and everyone laughs. Astha teases him. Shlok gives the baby back to Jyoti. Jyoti says you have teased me in childhood, now my daughter will tease you. Astha says this is just beginning, this will happy many times. He says I will change and come. Astha sends Kavya and says I will see Shlok and come.

Jyoti talks to Pari and says there is someone who is eager to lift you, but I m also eager to see you in his arms, do you know who is he. Anjali brings tea for Niranjan. He starts taunting her and scolds her for lying to him that she got the file, then how did Jyoti see the papers. He says don’t test my patience else you know it. He says be careful and about Jyoti, Abhay will be out in two days and Jyoti has to leave this house going with him, she should be infront of our eyes and not related to this house, tell her that you don’t like her being here, do as I say. He says I don’t think you will do this. She gives him tea. He drinks it and looks at her. She thinks how can he be so stone, that his heart did not melt seeing the babt, he wants to kick her out of the house.

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