Strange Love update Sunday 7 November 2021

Strange Love 7 November 2021:The Episode starts with Ankush getting angry on Mala. He falls and they have a romantic eyelock. He asks him not to touch his belongings and leaves. Mala thinks why does she love him so much when he gets so angry. Rashmi talks to Pradeep to listen to him. She says she will explain him in his serial ways. She says she saw a spicy scene, between Indrajeet and Sapna, I saw them so close. Pradeep is shocked. He says it means Sapna PA is dreaming to become wife from PA and asks her plan, whom to say this, Thakur Maa? She says no, I will use someone else in this game. He asks whom will she give this breaking news. She asks him to enjoy the suspense and leaves.

Shontu asks Poornima what to make in food as Ahilya is not at home. Poornima asks him to ask Sapna. Rashmi comes to her and says Sapna is busy with Indrajeet, she is with him all the time. She says I feel good seeing her, like Barkha is back. Poornima gets shocked. Rashmi says I m saying what I have seen just now, Sapna is his PA and has to make his boss happy. Poornima gets angry.Shontu calls Shlok and says Ballu come soon, your world is going to catch fire. Shlok asks what is he saying. Shontu says its sad news, but I hope you manage yourself. Shlok says I m coming in few days. Shontu sys my to be Bhabhi can get your Bhabhi. Shlok asks what nonsense. Shontu says since Indrajeet’s hand fracture happened, Sapna is taking care of him. Shlok says its her work, I will talk later. Mala thinks Ankush can’t see she is incomplete without him, and thinks to talk to him again.

Ankush asks why is she staring at him. She asks can’t he talk to her with love. He says I can’t, will you run to Aai and tell her to beat me, silly girl. She asks again. He says if you ask me 100 times, I will tell 101 times that I don’t love you. She asks does he not value her. He asks her to go, else he will say something and she will cry. She asks again and he insults her, saying you did some magic on Kalindi so you are here, else I would have made you, go now, don’t ask me anything again. She says fine, I will relieve you of your trouble, you got so much love and you don’t value it, when you lose this, you will realize your loneliness. He asks her to go.Pradeep asks Rashmi to say it now. Rashmi eats Rasgullas and says she has to add buildup to maintain suspense. Pradeep asks will she tell him today. She says yes, I told everything to Poornima, that Sapna is trapping Indrajeet in her sweet talk, Poornima will kick out Sapna now. Pradeep says but there is no drama in this. Rashmi says Poornima will say something and Indrajeet will not like it and stop her, then Mahabharat. Pradeep asks her does she feel this. Rashmi says relations change with time, he will stop Poornima, did you not see how much he changed, he supports Sapna, why will he support his sister now, we will fuel this fire. Pradeep asks how does she do all this and smiles.

Indrajeet talks to Sapna about work and he gets discomfort while managing files with one hand. Astha goes to help him and Poornima walks in. She sees Astha close to him, and gets angry. Rashmi and Pradeep look on. Poornima asks what is she doing here, go from here, they are there for Indrajeet. Indrajeet asks Rashmi to go and help Sapna in kitchen, till Ballu comes. He says Sapna has lots of work pressure. Poornima thinks what happened to him, I have to kick out Sapna doing anything. She says I just came to say…. Indrajeet stops her and says we will talk later, go now, I have much work, leave me alone. Rashmi asks Poornima to come and let him work.Astha says I will prepare for dinner and leaves. Rashmi asks Poornima to calm down, as anger is not a solution. Pradeep gives her water and signs Rashmi to give along the tray. Poornima throws it, and says she will not sit calm, I can’t bear anyone insulting me, and Indrajeet is blind and unable to see the truth, he favors Sapna all the time, when he has blood relation with me, I m his sister, I will make Sapna leave. She goes. Pradeep and Rashmi smile. He says your magic worked. She says see what happens next, Indrajeet and Poornima will fight over Sapna and then we will control here.

Kavita sees Niranjan’s pics and says my happiness is in the memories of the past, mum can see darkness in my past, and I can see colors in it. She says if there is anything in my life, then its just these memories. Its morning, Astha prays to Lord in a temple, and feels she is unable to take her parents’ blessings on her birthday and wishes the happiness to come back in her family, and save them from all sufferings. She says its so many months and everyone is in tension.Anjali prays at home. Sojal brings some gifts and reminds Anjali that its Astha’s birthday today, we can’t give her much, but you can give this, we will go to temple and distribute sweets. Anjali cries and says Astha is risking her happiness for us, and see I m unable to wish her on her birthday. Sojal says its bad time and it will pass. Anjali says lets go temple and do a puja for her, wishing happiness for her. Astha takes juice for Indrajeet and wishes Shlok to be with her. She prays that Shlok gets saved by Ahilya’s doubt. She comes to Indrajeet while he is getting ready. She says sorry, I got juice. He says yes, keep it ready. He is unable to wear the arm sling, and asks Sapna to help. She helps him and Indrajeet stares at her. Shontu looks on standing at the door.

Shontu seeing Astha and Indrajeet. He says something came for you and she goes, asking Indrajeet to have juice and medicines. Kalindi tells Avdhoot that this money can’t help Niranjan and Anjali, she came to know about us that we sold jewelry. She calls Anjali and says about Astha’s birthday and asks her to take care. Ahilya comes to the hospital and asks for a lady named Savitri. The lady says sorry, no one is here by this name. Ahilya says thanks and thinks Ballu lied to us about his mum, my doubt got sure now, is he the reason that we did not get the tender, I have to reach the root and tell Indrajeet that Ballu cheated us, I promise I will not leave Ballu for this.Astha gets flowers from Shlok wishing her happy birthday and smiles recalling their old moments. Sajna ve…………plays………………… She gets Shlok’s message with wishes and smiles. Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon…………….plays…………….She thinks he remembers my birthday at this hard times too, I miss him a lot. Indrajeet comes and says this is for me, its my birthday. He wishes her. She says Bittu, my neighbor’s son has sent this for me, as I used to give him tuitions and he has crush on me, he loves me a lot. The kids come and wish her happy birthday, asking what gift she wants. She says I wish Lord always helps me and keep my family happy. Mishti asks does Lord make wishes true.Astha says yes. Indrajeet says rubbish, Lord does not do anything, we have to do everything by our hardwork. She says I believe Lord helps us always. Shantanu asks for party. Astha asks them to go homework else…. They say else Ballu will scold us. Ahilya calls Indrajeet and says her doubt was right, Ballu has given the tender details to Niranjan. He says what.

She says I m sure he works for Niranjan and I feel Sapna is also with him. He says but I have checked her phone. Ahilya sees Ballu and is shocked. She goes to see. Shlok is with an old lady and talks to her, and says sorry to sent you to Mausi, but I have to go for work, else they will be annoyed, but they are very good. He sees Ahilya and smiles. He takes the old lady out. Indrajeet asks Ahilya why did she get quiet, you said you saw Ballu there. She says he is here, I was so wrong, I m feeling bad that I doubted on him, he is here with his old mum. He says oh, okay, fine take care. Astha hears the conversation.Rashmi looks on and thinks I have seen Sapna hiding and hearing the talk. Shlok pays the man and thanks the lady for helping her. He says thanks for helping me. Its Apsara and she removes the old getup. She says its fine that she can help him, as he and Astha made them independent, and they are earning today because of him. She gives him best wishes and leaves.

Ahilya calls Indrajeet and says she met with her friend, now she is leaving. She gets hit by a speeding car and some a bit hurt. She asks the driver not to tell Indrajeet and take her to her friend’s house, she will go Pune tomorrow. Astha wishes Shlok is fine and calls him. Shlok says I love you so much. She says even I love you, what happened there, did Ahilya see him, she called Indrajeet. He says I love you lots. She says don’t joke, tell me what happened.She says I love you 10, tell me now. He asks how did she like the gift. She says you are my gift, when will you come back. He says very soon and ends the call. Rashmi hears this. Astha smiles and leaves. Rashmi says she is so shameless girl, so clever, she is after Indrajeet and saying I love you to someone on phone, I should inform Poornima. Avdhoot says Niranjan did not get any guarantor and lets see what happens. Kalindi gets worried. He says Astha will do something with Shlok’s help, there will be some solution, call Mala for breakfast. Kalindi calls out her name. He gets Mala’s letter. Kalindi reads it that Mala left the home.

Ankush hears this and is shocked. He says you made her go as she did not have blood relation with you, how did she go. Kalindi says maybe she did not understood my love being with you, how to get her back, by which right. She goes. Ankush sits to have food and says its good. Avdhoot goes to Kalindi. Indrajeet hears the kids talking about giving surprise to Sapna, but they don’t have money. Indrajeet asks what are they talking. Shantanu says we were doing planning for Sapna’s birthday.Indrajeet says do execution, I will give money, leave everything on me. Shantanu says thanks, we want a kids party, we will invite our friends too. Indrajeet says your idea is good, we have a small suggestion that this should be surprise party, Sapna should not know about this, and we will have to send her out of home. Shantanu says we will manage, by giving her long shopping list and she will come till evening. Indrajeet says fine, all the best.Shlok tries taking loan and the man says you know how Agnihotris name is ruined, and getting loan is tough. Shlok says I also helped you in your bad time. His friend says I can just give 5 lakhs. Shlok says fine, and thinks atleast he got a start with this small amount, Indrajeet start counting your days towards ruining.

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