Strange Love update Saturday 6 November 2021


Strange Love 6 November 2021: The Episode starts with Mala and Ankush having a talk. She gets Avdhoot’s call and is glad that Niranjan got the tender. She gets tensed and tells Ankush that Niranjan does not have money. She tells about Astha’s problems not ending and he calls her Kalindi Junior. He laughs and they have an argument. Ahilya recalls how Indrajeet lost the tender and Niranjan got it. The says she will not let Niranjan win easily, she will ruin him that he won’t have any support, she will make him come on road and shed blood tears, else her name is not Ahilya. She gets a call and asks is my work done, fine, come and meet me. She ends call and says she is burning in revenge fire, Niranjan’s victory is her failure, which she can never bear. She says she will ruin him.

Niranjan talks on phone asking for the loan amount they can get. He ends the call and Anjali asks did bank refuse to give loan. He says yes, we have to arrange money, I can’t let the tender go off my hand, I will call Shlok. He says his phone is off. She says call Astha, she will explain Shlok, also congratulate her for getting tender and plot. He says fine and calls Astha. Astha asks how is he, you might be very happy to get tender, congrats, I m very happy.He says congrats to you too, I wanted to talk to you there, but.. She says I can understand. He asks about Shlok. She says he went out, is there anything. He says we have to get money for institute and have to deposit in 7 days, we can’t get loan, as Indrajeet ruined our name, no one is ready to help us. He says how can I lose courage when you all are with me, this tender will make us back in business. She says don’t worry. He asks her to tell everything to Shlok. She says fine and asks about Anjali.

Anjali talks to her and Astha says she is strong being her daughter, and asks her to take care and not worry. Anjali asks her to take care of herself and Shlok.Niranjan says I was thinking to meet my old friends, maybe they can give guarantee for me, as I helped them before. Anjali says if you feel so, go ahead. He asks what is she thinking. She says why don’t we go to temple, I had mannat for tender. He says fine, we will go to temple and also meet Avdhoot to take his advice, very soon Indrajeet will realize his mistake and I have my family and no one can fail me. He holds her and she smiles.

Pradeep makes Rashmi have the sweets and says Indrajeet did not get the tender, and Ahilya has scolded him a lot, she went out. Rashmi asks did she leave home. He says no, she went for some time. She says I wish she left forever and I would have been in her place. Pradeep says it will happen, we will win every lottery by Patil. She says yes and they eat sweets.Astha talks to Shlok on phone and asks him where is he. He says I came to temple, is everything fine. She says Baba called and said about getting loan for tender amount deposit, talk to any friend and try to arrange money. He says he will meet him. She says no, just arrange money and ends the call. Ahilya gets the tender file and quotation difference details. She gives the man money and checks the quotation. She asks how can this happen, just 50 paise difference, like Niranjan has seen Indrajeet’s presentation. She says how can this happen, its coincidence or something else, did anyone spy on us and gave all details to Niranjan.

She says who can it be, it means he has kept an eye on Indrajeet, but who, Sapna or Ballu, they both are new in my house. Did either of them cheat us, I have to find out the root of this cheat. Indrajeet recalls Ahilya’s words and cries. Astha looks on as he drinks wine. He says I m so helpless, no one is there who can understand my pain, I had to win for Ahilya, and I made perfect presentation, and even then I lost. Astha thinks she is glad seeing his state and stops as he asks her what is she seeing.She says nothing, I came to ask are you fine. He says you might be feeling weird that why this small failure has hurt me a lot, I wanted to get the tender for Ahilya, but I made her lose, you might be thinking why I m saying this to you. She says yes, I m linked just professionally and you are sharing personal things, its strange. He says yes go and leave me alone. She leaves. He says why was I sharing this with Sapna, maybe as I don’t have anyone to share my pain.

Anjali and Niranjan pray and she asks him not to worry as Bappa will make her all wishes true. She gets hurt and he holds her hand to help her in walking. Ahilya sees them, with Varad and Sojal and gets angry. Niranjan makes her sit and sits in her feet, caring for her feet, while Anjali asks him to let it be. Ahilya looks on angrily as they smile and look a happy family. Anjali says she is fine. Niranjan says lets go home. She says but we had to go to Kalindi. He says he will go later and asks Varad to call taxi. They all leave in the taxi and Ahilya fails to get them. She thinks she will erase his smile soon, he is very happy with his wife and children, she promises she will never let him be happy.

Ankush laughing and coming to Mala. He says its just serial going on and laughs telling her about live show in hall. She is stunned. He says if there is so much melodrama, then whats the need to watch on tv. She asks what happened. He says nothing, Kalindi and Avdhoot are talking about Astha’s problems. She says I have seen first brother who is laughing on sister’s problems. He asks her to be in her limits and goes. Astha talks to Shlok and says Ahilya did not come home, when she comes, I will tell her. Ahilya comes calling out Ballu’s name and asks Astha about him.

Astha says his mum’s health is unwell, so he had to go Mumbai. Ahilya asks which hospital. Astha says city hospital. Ahilya goes and Astha prays to Bappa. Anjali calls for Kalindi and Mala answers her call. Ankush says why don’t you say she went to arrange loan amount. Anjali asks is this true. Mala says yes, but don’t feel bad. Anjali says bad times show who is ours and who is not, say my thanks to Kalindi and tell her I will meet her soon. Mala ends call and argues with Ankush.Ahilya comes to Indrajeet and he apologizes to her again. She says its fine and shows him the file, Niranjan’s tender details. She asks does he know its just 50paise difference in quotations. He says what, how is that possible and checks the file. She says it can’t be coincidence, I feel there is someone planning against us. He says but its just you and I know this. She says yes, but someone is doing this, I feel Ballu or Sapna maybe have done this. He says Sapna can’t do this. Astha hears this. Ahilya says then it has to be Ballu. Astha gets tensed. Ahilya says did Ballu cheat us. Indrajeet says I will find out. Astha goes away and calls Shlok. She asks him to be careful as Ahilya is doubting him, and they can keep an eye on him.

She says I don’t wish we fail in our aim. He says don’t worry, take care, I will come soon. She ends the call. Everyone sit for dinner and kids ask for Ballu. Astha says she will make them eat and kids refuse. They leave from the table. Ahilya asks them to come back and not disrespect the food. Astha says its fine, I will take their food to room. Poornima says she can’t bear so much sweetness and asks for juice. Ahilya says she is going to Mumbai for some work, and Astha makes the juice fall on Poornima’s hand while listening to Ahilya. Poornima asks Astha is she blind, and Indrajeet asks is this way to talk. She says sorry and he asks her to have food. She says she is not hungry and leaves.Ahilya asks Shontu to clean the table. Indrajeet says what happened to Poornima, anyways why are you going to Mumbai. Ahilya says I have some work, I will come back and tell you for what I went. She leaves. Indrajeet apologizes to Sapna on Poornima’s behalf. Astha says its fine, I did not feel bad. Shlok thinks no one is of any help. I could not arrange money, don’t know how to get money. Niranjan calls him and takes his welfare. He asks about money arrangement. Shlok says I could not, I understood a big truth, when you have money, everyone roam around you, and when money goes, people change.

Niranjan asks him not to lose his strength. Shlok says yes, I have sent you some details. Indrajeet gets ready and receives a call from Ahilya. Astha hears him. Indrajeet asks why did she go Mumbai alone, I know you doubt on him, but you can do this being here. Astha gets tensed and thinks she has to tell Shlok everything, I hope he is safe. Asthas ays she will get juice for him and goes.Astha calls Shlok and tells him everything, and she sees Indrajeet coming after her, by seeing reflection in the painting glass. She ends th call and joins the kids to play with them. Indrajeet looks on and smiles. He slips by the ball and falls off the stairs. He gets hurt and they all rush to him. Poornima asks Astha to call doctor. Astha calls the doctor. Indrajeet is treated and gets a hand support, and she talks to him about Ahilya. She asks shall I inform Ahilya. He says no, she has gone for some imp work, we should not tell him. She thinks Ahilya should come here then it will be good for Shlok.

She gets a call and he looks on as she keeps disconnecting. He asks her to take her call. She asks Shlok till when is he coming. He says he is going for some meeting with investor, and he has to arrange money. He says I miss you, I love you. She says ok, fine. He asks her to reply. She smiles and he asks is anyone there. She says yes. He insists. She says I love you and ends the call. Indrajeet looks at her. She says its my neighbor’s son Bittu, he loves me a lot and was adamant to make me say I love you. He bends to take water and could not. She helps him and makes him drink water.

Rashmi looks on from the window and Astha asks him to rest and goes to get soup. She forgets her phone there and leaves. Indrajeet sees her phone and takes it, recalling Ahilya’s doubt on Sapna too. He says my heart says Sapna can’t do this, but Ahilya doubts, I can’t take risk, let me check this. Astha stands outside and looks on. She has all clear contacts of Indrajeet, Thakur Maa and official names. She brings the soup and keeps it. She thinks he will not doubt on her again, and she has left phone intentionally by deleting all personal contacts and sms, as he will check it.

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